Ted talk on giving presentations

ted talk on giving presentations

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Yolanthe's call to action logo, this process is takes a couple of hours. Although sometimes I do this by myself, but I prefer to do it with the client so it is a co-creation. I also help the speakers to cut unnecessary words. Once the text is in good shape, my client reads it so we can find the words that present pronunciation, intonation or stress problems. For the dutch those are words with three or more syllables, and words containing -th-, short vowel sounds and end diphthongs. What is your background?

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More and more ambitious people are realizing they need to prepare thoroughly. And that is where i come. When I start and working with a world client they usually have prepared a written text. Typically it will have been translated from Dutch into English and will have hugely long sentences with many connecting words. I ask them what their core message is, what they want the audience to come away with and then together we restructure the talk. I help them find words and expressions that fit what they want to convey and have them use rhetorical devices to create a strong opening. That's usually a bold statement or a question. We give it a clear opening, body and closing. I also help them to trim their ideas using the law of three main points. More ideas usually don't stick.

This results in the frequent use of filler words as the speakers struggle to find the word they want. Typically they have not looked up the most appropriate word and can't spontaneously think of one because they are nervous. Or they have the right one but pronounce it so its meaning is ambivalent or unclear and sometimes funny or embarrassing. For example, the English word 'focus' may sound like 'f*k us'. These speakers like to wing it as there seems to be a taboo on sounding overly prepared, or as they think 'american'. The desire for spontaneity is often cited when discussing whether to prepare or not. Since informality is the predominant style, the speeches unfortunately frequently fall flat when presented online to an international audience. How do you work on presentation skills?

ted talk on giving presentations

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Of course if you're in The hague and in need of help with, reviews as she puts it, 'optimizing your English' you know who to contact. Could you describe for us what you do? I am a presentation skills and speech coach helping non-native speakers of English with the preparation of their speeches, talks or presentations. Since i primarily work in The netherlands, i address the specific challenges Dutch speakers face when they are presenting on an international platform such as tedx. Can you tell us about the dutch v anglo-saxon presentation styles? The public speaking culture in The netherlands is very different from estate the Anglo-saxon speakers' culture in terms of criteria, style, preparation and use of voice. Generally there are two styles. Formal lectures read to the audience from a script. More informal presentations where the speakers translate their Dutch into English as they go along.

Who is this fascinating woman? One of delightful bonuses of having a website is getting to meet extraordinary people living vital lives from all over the world. I met Yolanthe through a typo in my newsletter. She emailed to let me know and several more exchanges later agreed to an interview. Here it is, thanks to a left out letter. The questions i asked her are bolded and her answers are below. I hope you enjoy.

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ted talk on giving presentations

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Defeating the next global virus outbreaks depend on international cooperation to track down and stop cybercriminals. Thats why mikko is calling for the creation of an international collective of law enforcement to fight online crime. To understand why mikko received a standing ovation, you have to see the talk itself. Its now live at m/Hypponen, after you watch mikkos talk, be sure to check out his journey to meet the creators of the pc virus: Enjoy! Cheers, sandra, tags mikko hypponen ted talk, rate this article 0 votes.

An interview with Yolanthe Smit, presentation skills coach, The hague, netherlands. Not that long after completing this interview Yolanthe passed away after being knocked off her bicycle in The hague. TedxThe hague posted this tribute to her memory in honor of the extraordinary dedication and hard work she had put in to make tedxThe hague successful. Although the interview has been edited to remove essay links that no longer work, it contains gems of wisdom and her indomitable spirit shines through. S he teaches presentation skills to non-native english speakers, is multi-lingual, co-organizes tedx events, adores opera and her cat, practices yoga, is passionate about modern technology thesis and toastmasters.

Blogwerk announced that there will be a teonference in Zurich on March, 2nd, 2010 (see also in the commentaries). Put a big red x into your calendars! The, tED conference brings together some of the most prestigious thinkers in the world to share Ideas Worth Spreading. Its an honor just to be selected to participate in the conference and even greater honor to be asked to give a talk. Al Gore, bill Clinton, richard Dawkins, bill Gates, richard Branson and several Nobel Prize winners are among those who have given a ted talk each of which is 18 minutes in length.

At last weeks ted global my colleague mikko hyppönen, f-secures Chief Research Officer, gave an awesome  talk on computer crime issues. He became only the second presenter to give a ted talk about computer security. The first one was Ralph Langner, who spoke about Stuxnet in ted at Long beach in February 2011. Photo: James Duncan davidson / ted. Mikko has been described in us government documents leaked by wikileaks as an infosec rock star and in his talk he highlighted our collective role as the first generation that got online. He described his journey to find and meet the creators of the first pc virus.

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Either it was completely missing where there should've been some illustration or it was all bullet points and little visuals. And some talks could've been shorter for what the speakers had database to say. Apart from that, chapeau to yves Bennaïm and his team of organizers. What are your thoughts on teeneva? What are you taking out of it? What did you like especially, what could you do without? During the afternoon, peter Hogenkamp.

ted talk on giving presentations

And this talked summed up pretty well what ted is all about: Without the people surrounding us, we are nothing. Life is about interaction, not about sheer survival. One of the really cool things about this ted conference was meeting all the different people, everybody with a very distinct background, often completely different from my own. Talking to these people with their goals and ideas can points be quite inspiring, since they offer new scopes and angles on things. So, what can be improved? All in all, i though teeneva was pretty well organized. For the next conference, however, i would include less videos (max. Two or maybe ted should offer videos which have not yet been shown on the ted site to conference organizers. Also, some of the talks were limited in quality by the visual presentation.

the sound is good. These are just some of the talks held here today, the live presentations are rounded off with all-time faves from the ted archives like this classic Hans Rosling presentation (be sure to watch it till the end, it's well worth it). My intermediate conclusion: teeneva is well-organized and well-executed, with a lot of interesting people attending. A lot of output will be coming from it (judging from the sheer mass of Tweets during the conference) and I would really like to see another ted x session being held in Zurich. The day after: The rest of the story after I have slept it over. The afternoon in Geneva went down in similar fashion with more talks on sport and its rehabilitatory power for refugees, matter and anti-matter (of which i understood only about half (probably the matter part motorbike travels through Asia and ted itself. Xavier Rosset who talked about his 300 days alone on a remote island in the tonga archipelago.

Jan-Mathieu donnier and his presentation about his business: 360 3d video imagery (please check out his. Streetview site, an alternative take on google's project). Pretty mindboggling input, just like the gesture-based computer interface Frederic Kaplan introduced. Quite complementary was the talk by François Bugnion about the birth of the red Cross and the geneva convention. My favorite talk so far, however, was. Louis Palmer 's tale of his trip around the Globe in the. He talked about the reaction to his voyage in different countries: China was very welcoming and interested in solar energy while australia didn't really seem to bother. And in Japan he wasn't even allowed on the road: Swiss license plates are obviously not compatible with Japanese traffic rules.

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I am sitting in the auditorium of the. Museum of Natural History in Geneva as I'm writing this. Today sees the first installment of a ted conference in Switzerland. Teeneva is one of a string of independently organized conferences which comprise what one would expect from a real ted conference: (mostly) fresh and inspiring talks on Technology, entertainment and Design. All of the speakers are somehow database related to some Swiss scene, business or institution. In my eyes, the conference is well-balanced, some techie stuff (which still was interesting for the clueless guy that i am and some ideas from the "social" sector (sustainability, humanity, that sort of stuff). On the tech side, i was especially awed.

Ted talk on giving presentations
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Each student whose, writing, portfolio receives an assessment of Resubmit also receives information designed especially for her, specifying workshops. Webinar explores how introverts can excel at giving presentations to a group of people.

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  1. Ted conference in Switzerland. More informal presentations where the speakers translate their Dutch into English as they go along. And here s three of speakers i ve coached to improve their presentation skills for. UnCon 2014 Session: How to give. The representatives also emphasized the significance of visual assistance in presentations.

  2. The team presentations to the clients usually go through three stages of evolution: simplistic, complex and simple. Announcing the speaker lineup for ted2013. Or giving ted talks. It did help me to study good speakers, what they do, why they are successful, look at their presentations (at conferences or videos) and try to reproduce them. I am sitting in the auditorium of the museum of Natural History in Geneva as I m writing this. Today sees the first installment.

  3. Power Tips for Business, presentations - practical useful Tips, tutorials, tools, templates, Graphics diagrams for your Business marketing. The Science of a great. Ted, talk : What makes a speech go viral. Ted, global my colleague mikko hyppönen, f-secures Chief Research Officer, gave an awesome talk on computer crime issues.presenter to give. Ted, talk about computer security. A, tED talk is not a book.

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