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Notation of functions (sin, cos, tg, ctg, min, max, exp, extr) - roman font. The same rules are applied for writing of superscripts and subscripts: standard 10 pt, large index 12 pt, small index 8 pt, large symbol - 16 pt, small symbol. Matrices and vectors, times New Roman, straight, bold (with no vector sign "arrow. Individual variables are allowed to be typed in the text mode to meet requirements specified for the formulas. Separating character for decimals is comma. For figures and graphs, times New Roman font is used. Writing style for variables should conform to the main text.

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Papers are accepted in electronic form (e-mail: ). Materials are submitted to the editorial staff on request after the procedure of reviewing in a printed form signed by the authors. A resume set of documents should include: The text of the paper with make-up figures and tables; The forms with information about the authors (for each author several employers can be specified by the author; Files with pictures to the paper in their original format (preferably. Paper layout is performed in the word editor for Windows (version not earlier than 2003). The body of the paper is typed in Times New Roman font, size 12 pt regular, single line spacing, top margins are 20 mm, the others are. Indention is. An abstract (150-250 words in length) is printed in Times New Roman font, size 10 pt regular, single line spacing, justified alignment. The title of the paper is printed in Times New Roman 12 pt bold, single line spacing. Section name is printed in Times New Roman 12 pt bold, single line spacing, not separated by blank lines. Formulas are entered in Microsoft Equation. Style options: Text, times statement New Roman, straight; Functions, variables, and numbers : for Latin letters - times New Roman italic font, for Greek letters - symbol straight, for Russian letters, numerals, and brackets - times New Roman straight.

In conclusion it is necessary to summarize the main results, comment on them and, if possible, to indicate the areas of future research and application. A list of references is recommended: for a review paper - at least 50 items, for full-text paper - not less than 15, for a brief write paper - at least 8 references (at least half of them should be references to the publications, included. The length of a review paper is coordinated with the editors beforehand. The length of full-text paper, including illustrations, tables and references, should not exceed 8 pages of typewritten text (figures and tables included font 12 pt, single- spaced. The length of a brief paper is up to 3 pages, font 12 pt, single-spaced. The length of an abstract is limited by 50-100 words. No rubrication is required. A brief paper is intended to bring the new scientific results obtained by the author to the scientific communitys knowledge in short and with a strict deadline.

for presentation

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An abstract is intended for general public. It is necessary to set forth the scientific content of the paper limited by 150-250 words in the form of a brief abstract: the subject, the purpose of work, the method or methodology of work, a brief description of the experiment, obtained results, recommendations for. Keywords should be connected with the information presented in the paper. The main keyword is given first, the total number of keywords - not less than 5 and not more than. The introduction should contain a meaningful statement of the issue in question, a brief analysis of the solutions known from scientific literature (with references to sources a criticism of their shortcomings, scientific novelty and advantages (features) of the proposed approach. The main body of the paper should represent exact statement of the problem being solved, obtained assertions and conclusions are to be set forth and explained in detail (proved the results of experimental studies or mathematical modeling should be given to illustrate the statements made. The main text of the paper needs to be split up into meaningful sections.

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for presentation

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The finished presentations can be shared via email or by embedding into your the website or blog. Creaza, this app is aimed squarely at children. Creaza is an animation tool targeted specifically towards school children. It helps you design creative storytelling experiences through highly engaging animations and video presentations. It has 30 built in ready to use themes along with a number of editing tools that can be used to further enhance the look and feel of your animations. Conclusion, the tools you have will make or mar your animations; just like wordPress is to blogging and im creator is to web design, the above are some quality tools for creating beautiful animations.

Words : Joseph o, joseph o is an web design blogger and enthusiast. He writes for HindSite Interactive, a top us web design and development agency. Do any of these tools float your boat? Give us your thoughts in the comments below! Scientific reviews, full-text and brief papers are published. Papers are accepted in Russian and English languages. A full-text paper should have a well-defined structure, including an abstract, keywords, introduction, several substantive chapters and a conclusion.

The quality of PowToon animations is immaculate and a number of leading brands use it for creating their animations and video presentations. Mixeek has a broad range of animation features. Mixeek is a very useful web based animation tool that can be used to create flawless animations with a wide range of effects. It is an online tool that is completely based on html5 and runs very smoothly on most browsers. Although it is not the simplest of animation tools available, but the options it offers are extremely flexible and its animation features are rarely found in other free tools. Prezi, prezi has free and paid-for versions, but the free version is highly capable.

Prezi is a stylish online animation tool that creates beautiful presentations through unique animations and graphics. You can create stunning presentations with Prezi by adding images, videos, objects or simple text, and animating them using a wide range of effects. The finished presentations can also be shared directly from Prezi on all major social networks. Prezi supports all the major mobile and desktop platforms and allows you to run your presentations as executable files as well. It comes both as a free and paid service, but even the free version has all the options you need. Empressr, this presentation tool can also be used to create animations. Empressr is an online multimedia presentation designing tool that offers a wide range of design templates and editing features along with a simple user interface. It's a very good tool for corporate presentations and offers a variety of animation effects ideal for business presentations and meetings. It also lets you import content from websites like flickr to further beatify your presentations.

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Goanimate is an ideal tool for creating highly engaging and attractive animations for students, teachers and corporate professionals. It is a comprehensive online animation and video presentation solution that makes animation designing an extremely enjoyable experience. It offers a wide writing range of pre-designed animations tailored for different industries and users. It has assignment a very simple user interface and is ideal for creating high quality animations in quick time. PowToon, create impactful animations with PowToon, powToon is the perfect online application for creating storytelling animations, academic presentations and infographics. It offers a variety of animation effects that users can activate by selecting from a dropdown list. To make things even simpler, powToon has a number of free templates that can be used to create animations and presentations with minimum of effort.

for presentation

Video is a completely web-based application, users do not need to download any software and can simply create their animations in their internet browsers. This is not an entirely free tool but the amount of time it saves and the quality of output it produces makes it a very good deal indeed. Vcasmo, create stunning hd animations with this tool. Combine hd images, sound clips and videos to create stunningly beautiful presentations and animations through Vcasmo. Vcasmo creates extremely high quality animations that are perfect for corporate and business presentations. It's an html5 based application that is compatible with all major mobile platforms and allows embedding presentations into any blog or website. It is available both as a free and paid service. Goanimate, its simple user interface makes creating video on goanimate a doddle.

The ewc presenter is not just an animation and multimedia presentation tool. It is any designer's dream application. It walks you through the whole process of creating stylish animations through its extremely simple user interface and a long list of animation effects. You can start off with a blank slide and design it from the scratch or choose from a wide range of templates tailor-made for different industries and users. You can add different objects to your slides by using drag-and-drop functions and add a variety of animation effects, from a dropdown list, to your text content, images and objects. And just in case you face any difficulty in understanding this simple application, you can refer to its detailed tutorial videos that will guide you at each step of creating your animations. The ewc presenter is an html5 based application that runs smoothly on all major mobile and desktop platforms, so you don't have to worry about any device compatibility issues for your animations. Make web Video, make web Video does exactly as it says on the tin. Make web Video is a specialized online tool for creating high quality animations and hd video presentations in a matter real of minutes.

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Creating animations has always been considered as one of the most complex aspects of graphic design that requires specific software and technological expertise. It is a time-intensive activity that requires heavy software and high speed computers. However, over the past few years, the emergence of different online presentation and animation tools have simplified the process of creating animations. Most of these web-based tools are very easy to operate and can create animations that are perfectly suitable for everyday applications. Here we've gathered together some of the best. Read all our animation-related golf posts here. Ewc presenter, more than an animation tool, this is an all-round presentation app and more.

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  3. Each section begins with the presentation section concerned, then the language formulas appropriate to giving a presentation. Key phrases for, making a business, presentation.

  4. Vcasmo creates extremely high quality animations that are perfect for corporate and business presentations. Esl powerPoint lessons for download, teach English vocabulary with ppt. Phonics Games videos Online - teach your Child to read with Phonics - phonics Games Online, phonics Worksheets, Phonics Video tutorials. Heres my suggestion: do what you need to in order to feel confident and comfortable giving the presentation. Preparation for a presentation.

  5. As a manager of a business, your employees will not be same page as you 100 of the time. Rules for presentation of papers journal Scientific and Technical Of Information Technologies, mechanics and Optics. Create the slides you need for your presentation, supported by our colorful, energetic templates, and you ll never have to worry about the professionalism or flair of your workshops again. Create Animated Videos and Presentations Custom avatar, presentation marketing, and for presenters to quickly add animated avatars and comic effects into powerPoint, keynote, google doc and other presentation software. More than an animation tool, this is an all-round presentation app and more.

  6. Presentation was well structured. I taught high-school level English for many years and over that time listened to hundreds of speeches. I would highly recommend this product for anybody looking to do an animated presentation. Latest date for presentation. You also might like. Useful Communication tools to foster Common.

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