Earthquake essay in english

earthquake essay in english

Earthquake, essay for Students in, english

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Earthquake, in, pakistan, essay

The world responded and haiti became the business destination for soldiers, journalists, physicians and all sorts of technicians working to rescue victims and help haitians survive. But in this year, misery has persisted - and yet the haitian people press. Let us not expect someone to come and say, let there be light in haiti for the light. We want the haitian society to be reunited with all its safety strength - the strength which allowed it to set free from slavery - and to draw on its integrity, dignity, courage, respect, responsibility and determination to fight against misery. In doing so, haiti will be revaluing its motto: LUnion fait la force. In the year to come, let us make the earthquake the event which shakes and wakes our sleeping solidarity and consciousness. usf-, filed under: Arts and Sciences, world Languages. School of Humanities, credits, author: Vickie chachere, contact.

It was three minutes to. On that tuesday, a nice day, when in 35 seconds much of haiti was reduced to rubble and my city became a cemetery. The enemy fuller was terribly harmful, completely invisible, truly unpredictable, and absolutely invulnerable. The adversary used our own shelters and shields to defeat. Most of us thought that it was the end of the world. The victims were the children, the fathers, the mothers, the teachers, the workers, and government members, good ones and bad ones. The houses, the schools, the churches and the office buildings could not resist; even the haitian palace collapsed.

earthquake essay in english

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By jean François Dujour, as we remember haiti today, we thank all the golf countries that responded and served in the humanitarian assistance effort. It seems strange that a year has passed already - the images of my nations terrible devastation are as fresh today as if it had happened just an hour ago. January has always been a memorable month in the history of haiti. It was on Jan. 1, 1804, haiti became a nation. Then haitian people did not profit from this victory, they could not afford to practice the very slogan that brought them independence, lunion fait la force (translated: Unity makes Strength). Since then, haitian people have continued to struggle to redress their country and its constant ruin by leaders, misfortune, poverty and disunity. But out gender of pride, the haitian people have worked for 205 years to become the worlds first free black nation, to create farms that produced food, cities that produced commerce and schools that produced educated young people - often for the benefit of the world. Fate is unfamiliar to any human science.

12, 2010, and the earthquake which devastated haiti, killed more than 200,000 people and shattering its schools. Dujour was teaching a class at his school in léogâne, haiti, when the earthquake struck. I thought it was the end of the world, he later recounted. This fall, dujour returned to usf to pursue a masters degree in French and told his story of surviving the earthquake to wusfs University beat. Dujour now is playing an instrumental role in the patel Centers ongoing work with training teachers in haiti as the nation attempts to rebuild its school system. Dujour composed the following essay for usf news to mark the first anniversary of his homelands devastation. Earthquake anniversary: a day to reclaim its Unity and Strength.

Essay on earth quake - how to compose a perfect

earthquake essay in english

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Academic Writing (second edition). New York: St Martin's Press. A brief guide to Writing from readings. Top Usage notes you can find Usage notes on Academic Writing at the following entries in the macmillan English Dictionary : cause example" significant compare list related summary definite paraphrase result topic evaluate prove top Next in the series Editing your writing: sentence structure. Synonyms: composition, article, piece, theme, exposition, more. Collocations: dated, uk: essayed a leap, sprint, smile, an interesting, engrossing essay (on essay writing, questions, more. Free title page bibliography page proofreading revision 10 days -.95/page7 days -.95/page4 days -.95/page48 pollution hours -.95/page24 hours -.95/page12 hours -.95/page6 hours -.95/page 1 page - 250 words2 pages - 500 words3 pages - 750 words words words words.

Jean François Dujour was teaching a class at his school in léogâne, haiti, when the earthquake struck. He review narrowly escaped the collapsed building. Photo: usf news, haiti one year later: usf student remembers devastating earthquake, tampa, fla., editors note: jean François Dujour first came to the University of south Florida in the summer of 2009 as one of a group of teachers from haiti and the dominican Republic. The program, funded by the. State department and carried out by the patel Center for Global Solutions, had an eye on haitis future. The investment in the teachers - through increasing their understanding of democratic principles and enhancing their English skills- had the potential to touch generations of haitian and Dominican children to come. But then came jan.

Activity 2 look at the words below, and put them in groups according to whether they are general vocabulary, general academic vocabulary, or subject-specific vocabulary. accident alternative clever fundamental inflation microorganisms need ongoing phonetics specific Some words have a general meaning in everyday life but also have a very specific meaning in a particular subject area. For example, market, margin, capital, and demand are used in the area of economics with very specific meanings. Top Low-frequency vocabulary outside the most frequent words of English and academic vocabulary there are many words that you may not ever need to know and use, for example ameliorate, fountainhead, and harrowing. These words are called low-frequency vocabulary and the usefulness of these words depends on your needs. In the macmillan English Dictionary, these words have no stars because they do not occur often in written and spoken English.

Some words are so rare that they are not included in this dictionary. You can often guess the meaning, or part of the meaning, of such words by looking carefully at the context in which they occur. Top Answers Activity 1 consequently stating results in the same way expressing similarities on the other hand expressing contrasts for instance giving examples because providing reasons otherwise expressing conditions in conclusion concluding statements in addition adding further support Activity 2 accident general vocabulary alternative general. Academic writing p Allen and Unwin eStudy pages day,. X., McMahan,., and Funk,. (1997) The Practical Writer's guide. Needham heights, ma: Allyn bacon.

Earthquake management essay : Essay editing abbreviations

Learn their meanings and how to use them well before you try them in your own work. Top What words should you learn plan to prepare for academic study? When thinking about academic writing, we can divide vocabulary into three general categories: general vocabulary : this means the golf very common words that we find in all types of written and spoken English. The entries in the macmillan English Dictionary are marked with three stars if they are very frequent and the explanations of words are written using these general English words. Examples of these words include before, go, read, write, and you. general academic vocabulary : this means words used in common across a wide range of academic subject areas. This includes words such as analyse, function, identify, and significant. subject-specific words : this means words which relate to an academic subject area such as economics, for example current cost accounting, sustainable management, and business cycles.

earthquake essay in english

In these examples, while links two contrasting ideas, and therefore links a cause and a result. Below is a list of common linking devices that have been grouped under their usual function: Sequencing ideas firstly, secondly. Finally first of all next lastly Expressing conditions if unless when whether Expressing contrast but however nevertheless yet Adding further support besides also furthermore moreover Stating results thus as a result so Expressing similarities likewise similarly Providing reasons in order to so as not. When you have finished, look at the answers. Consequently in the same way on the other hand* for instance because otherwise in conclusion in addition writing * be careful with on the other hand. It should always be preceded by a statement that begins with on the one hand. Linking devices vary according to their position in a sentence, frequency, and punctuation. Supplement this list by noting new linking devices when you are reading academic texts.

your main ideas and restate the thesis statement. It should not contain new ideas as this is not the place to develop your argument further. Some people find it easier to write the body of the essay first and then go back to write the introduction and conclusion last to ensure that the thesis statement and conclusion accurately reflect the content of the essay. Top, linking parts of your essay together. Linking devices, or discourse markers, are used to ensure that your essay is coherent and cohesive. For example: wellington is the city of government and diplomatic activity in New zealand, while auckland is a centre of business. wellington is in a high-risk earthquake zone and therefore has a strict building code.

It should contain your thesis statement or claim, an expression of intent or promise plan to the reader that states your main idea and sets up an expectation of what the reader will find in the essay. You should state clearly what your position is on the topic of the essay. The introduction may also outline the key points of each of the paragraphs that follow in the body of the essay. The body is a series of paragraphs that build your argument. Each new idea should have its own paragraph. Paragraphs often begin with a topic sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph. It needs to be supported by evidence and explanation, and followed by a comment or a link to the next paragraph.

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Academic Writing: structure and plan vocabulary by, averil Coxhead, academic Writing tasks aim to find out how well you can research a topic, argue a point of view, evaluate evidence, and organize your thinking. In this series on Academic Writing I would like to provide general advice about different aspects of academic writing and what resources you can use for more specific advice. Structuring an academic essay, linking parts of your essay together. What words should you learn to prepare for academic study? low-frequency vocabulary, further reading, usage notes, next in the series. Structuring an academic essay, any academic essay should contain an introduction, a body of several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each of these parts has a specific function. Let us look at each of these in turn: The introduction usually begins generally and then moves to more specific details.

Earthquake essay in english
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  4. He also was able to see first-hand some of the work being done by the red Cross to help communities prepare for an earthquake in the kathmandu valley, and even long anticipated.

  5. Photo, essay : For men, their turn to reciprocate on White day photo. Essay : Fish flutter in the breeze for Children s day tradition. So apparently there was an East coast. This entry was posted in, wierd Side, new York city on 8/23/2011 by jaws. In the first part of my essay university essay.

  6. Haiti one year later: usf student remembers devastating earthquake dujour composed the following essay for usf news to mark the first anniversary of his homelands devastation. It should contain your thesis statement or claim, an expression of intent or promise to the reader that states your main idea and sets up an expectation of what the reader will find in the essay. You should state clearly what your position is on the topic of the essay. For the recent devastating earthquake with epicentre in, wenchuan county, see 2008 Sichuan earthquake. 1st 1786 Garzê earthquake. Japan travel updates after the 3 11 earthquake.

  7. Essay examples for college. Custom, essay / New, essay. This is a very good, yet complicated idea for your earthquake essay. Earthquakes and volcanic activity. Discuss in your earthquake essay, how the volcanoes influence trembles of the earth.

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