Subsea engineer resume

subsea engineer resume

Cv, subsea engineer - oil Offshore marine

(USI) is a leading Newfoundland and. Labrador based provider of specialized services and staffing to oil and gas, mining, hydro-electric and other heavy industries. Established in 2002 and based. Johns, nl, usi has been, and continues to be, involved in the major Canadian east-coast projects. We bring experienced professionals—from technicians and planners to cost control, contract administrators, project managers and engineers —and tailor specialized staff, services, and solutions to meet. Read More, job Opportunities, we are currently seeking skilled professionals in the following areas: Position, engineering Technician, location.

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Position : ndt (Multi-discipline) Technician Duration : From June 20 Employer : M/s. B put ndt services Thuvakudi, trichy. Position : ndt (Multi-discipline) Technician Duration : From June 20 Employer : M/s 'c' premier nde services Thuvakudi, trichy. Position : ndt (Multi-discipline) Technician Duration : From may 20 Works Involved * Ultrasonic testing for weld joints and lamination checking on plates, thickness survey carried out on the vessels, columns, heat exchanger for corrosion survey. Corrosion thickness survey of pipelines, boiler drums and storage vessels for its frequency of inspection as per customer requirements. Carried out Radiography man technique to find out deposit and corrosion checks on pipe lines and Equipments in plant. Also carried out Radiographic examination for new weld joints in fabrication of piping, equipment's, header pipe joints, water wall panel tubes economizer coils. ut / mt / pt on Wartsila made diesel Generator components at their various customers - textile mills and cement factories at their premises during maintenance. Familiar with Codes standards 1) asme sec v 2) asme sec viii 3) asme b31.1 4) asme b31.3 5) aws.1 6) api 650 7) api 1104 8) abs. The Upstream Advantage, upstream Solutions Inc.

Client : iocl (Indian Oil Corporation Limited) at Trichy works involved Ultrasonic Inspection on pipe line, tank, bullet, process piping, pressure piping and sphere weld joints and also hardness test. Client : Ramakrishna Engineering (P) Ltd at Chennai works involved Ultrasonic inspection dye penetrant inspection on missile, drdl (Defense research development Laboratory) jobs rocket booster. Client : hvf (heavy vehicle factory) at Chennai works involved Ultrasonic lamination checking on raw materials pipe scanning, radiographic Technique pipe joints, magnetic particle inspection for bevel angles dye penetrant inspection for fillet weld pad supports. Ultrasonic Inspection on turret weld joint. Client : southern Alloys foundries at Chennai works involved Ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection on casting jobs by using prod method and also carried out Radiographic technique on casting job by using co-60. Client : audco india ltd at Chennai works involved ndt inspection on forging shredder materials casting job. Client : Manali petro Product Ltd at Chennai works involved ndt inspection of process piping, pressure piping, on stream pipeline and corrosion survey on piping, dead legs, fittings, vacuum tower, knock out drum, stripper, collection and test separators and spheroid. Employer : M/s Supreme excel ndt services Thuvakudi, trichy.

subsea engineer resume

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Client : Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd Project : sea drill west Sirius 8(11-1085). Location : Jurong Shipyard, singapore. Client : Trans Ocean Project : joides Resolution. Works involved Ultrasonic inspection on rig components weld joints. (For Cross Checking On call based) pdf And also complete various major projects. Experience in india employer : M/s irico ambattur, Chennai. Position : ndt (Multi-discipline) Technician. Period : From August 2005 to february 2007.

Client : Balfore beatty - gammon joint Venture Project : C-1286 boon lay extension Track work. Location : boon lay mrt extension, singapore. Works involved Ultrasonic inspection (Tandem Technique) on train track weld joints also mpi inspection. Client : wilhelm (S.E.A) Pte Ltd Project : Cylinder. Location : tuas, singapore. Works involved Positive material Identification (PMI) on cladded surface material and also various materials like inconel 625,. S material etc., (on call based).

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subsea engineer resume

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Owner : murphy / equipment atlantia, client : Dyna-mac Engineering Pte Ltd, project : Thunder Hawk (FPU5500). Location : Gul road, singapore. Work involved Ultrasonic inspection on erection joints (Hull Weld joints) pipe joints. Client : pec (Plant Engineering Construction Pte Ltd). Project : Utilities Supply to banyan. Location : Jurong Island, singapore.

Works involved Ultrasonic inspection radiographic technique on pipe line. Client : y mc Dermott Asia pacific Pte Ltd. Project : su tu vang Switch gear ccr building. Location : Kensteel Engineering Pte Ltd, singapore. Works involved Ultrasonic Inspection and Magnetic Particle inspection of Structural Welded joints on the plate, node, beam, columns, Brazing, Flange, web and Monorail.

Carrying Ultrasonic Inspection on new weld joints for flaw detection. Carrying Magnetic Particle Inspection on new welded joints for surface flaw detection. Carrying dye penetrant Inspection on Pad eyes pad supports. Conducting Radiographic Test (profile shoot) and weld joints. reviewing Isometric Drawings and preparation of ndt / inspection reports. maintaining and handling ultrasonic flaw detectors usm-35, usk 7s usk.

maintaining and handling Radiographic equipments Tec hops with accessory's units. In addition to the above, worked at various major plants for various projects as below. Owner : blue sky offshore, client : ppl. Project : P-2018 / baker Marine Class 375 Jack up Rig. Yard : Jurong Shipyard, singapore. Works involved Ultrasonic inspection, magnetic Particle inspection radiographic technique on Structural (Hull Weld joints) pipe weld joints.

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Position : listing ndt engineer, period : From march 2007 to till Date. Experience details, owner : saudi aramco. Client : Jurong Shipyard, project : heavy lift Jack up Barge 11-1090. Position : ndt engineer, yard : Jurong Shipyard, singapore. Details of work performing. Working activities involving ndt inspection of structural pipe weld joints. Chord rack, bottom plate, inner Bottom plate, transverse Frame, docking Plug, dock plate night (Hull Weld joints). Performing visual inspection and survey on new weld joints for ndt.

subsea engineer resume

Ultrasonic testing of tie in joints in trench for pipe and weld. Magnetic Particle testing in Butt Weld joints. Liquid Penetrant testing in Pipe joints, Cladded Materials etc. Hardness testing in vessels, pipe joints etc. Ultrasonic thickness survey in pipeline, vessels etc. Positive material Identification (PMI) testing of Different Materials by using x-met3000TX. Maintaining report status of all ndt work. Daily submitting the business ndt reports to client and marking the repair location on the weld joints for re-welding. Employment details, present Employer : M/s Masterscan Engineering Pte Ltd., singapore.

starting at the bottom from an entry level position and working up to a more senior role. Most onshore maritime jobs will require a university level degree or similar. Summary of Major job Execution : having 07 years (with abroad) experience in the field of Non Destruction Testing inspection related to construction, structural fabrication, oil gas and petrochemical plant. Maintenance inspection for monitoring corrosion survey of process piping of live plant. Experience in structural, pipe lines and refinery piping doing Ultrasonic Testing, radiography testing, magnetic Particle testing liquid Penetrant Testing on weld joints. Huge experience using Angle Probes on Butt weld joints. Ultrasonic testing in Structural piping. Radiography technique in Structural pipe weld joints by using Gamma ray.

And for the removal of old platforms at the end of their working life. But now, increasingly, we are helping the industry to push back its own boundaries. By enabling it to operate further and further from the coast, for example, and in ever deeper water. Opening up opportunities at these extremes, where conditions are often very difficult, has required an exponential increase in the scale and complexity of the necessary infrastructure. This means that you will face new and even greater challenges, demanding your ingenious solutions and contractor mentality. Maritime covers any activity or object relating to the sea, particularly where it is in connection with business marine trading or naval matters. This includes ports, ships, vessels, and offshore oil rigs (along with their crew and activities).

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Cranes for Offshore and Marine, admin T14:53:3800:00, in fuller the news. Clients served melcalworldwide, something is wrong. Careers, it is our people who enable us to meet our challenges and deliver on our promises. A career at melcal means being part of an international team: we will provide you the framework to thrive in your role, bringing your passion and strengths to meet our challenges. You can submit your Resume/CV for the following openings: Sales Engineer, project Manager, hydraulic Engineer, next exhibition. Hmc has built itself a solid global reputation in the offshore industry. Originally for the transportation and installation of fixed oil and gas platforms, standing on the seabed.

Subsea engineer resume
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  4. (USI) is a leading Newfoundland and Labrador based provider of specialized services and staffing to oil and gas, mining, hydro-electric and other heavy industries. 83833 CV/Resume/Work Experience for Inspection/Expediting Welding Inspection, technician level Rope Access, Engineering nde/ndt, plant (Refinery, gas.) Chemical Plant, health & Safety Emergency response, plant (Refinery, gas.). Consub holds specialist expertise in the field of valves and offer our services in a unique and flexible way. We recognize that there are many situations on projects or within an operations environment where there is a need for valve expertise but not necessarily on a full-time basis. If you feel that you can add to the performance of heerema marine contractors, you are welcome to upload your resume and your motivation letter or to sign up for our Job Alert.

  5. M, find Jobs in Dubai, india, malaysia, abu dhabi. Jobs in Oil, gas, it, power, banking, finance. Engineers and professionals apply online now. Maritime covers any activity or object relating to the sea, particularly where it is in connection with marine trading or naval matters. This includes ports, ships, vessels, and offshore oil rigs (along with their crew and activities).

  6. It is our people who enable us to meet our challenges and deliver on our promises. A career at melcal means being part of an international team: we will provide you the framework to thrive in your role, bringing your passion and strengths to meet our challenges. Abbreviation: Explanation: Alternative: Applicable to percent : Expression (d)gps (Differential) Global Positioning System : Survey positioning (k)Hz (kilo) Hertz. Content filed under the E&I Offshore drilling operations taxonomy. 83738 CV/Resume/Work Experience for Drilling roustabout candidate/job seeker, oil and gas cvs & resumes for hire database search.

  7. At xmd we have optimized the manning process through elimination of unnecessary. And time consuming processes. With the initiation of this efficient automation. Earthworks advertises worldwide careers jobs and employment opportunities in Energy, upstream Oil Gas Reservoir Engineering Petroleum Engineering Production Engineering Subsea facilities Services Well Logging Boreshole seismic Acquisition Processing ta, geology geophysics Earth Science geoscience : uk, europe, usa, canada, australia, new. Helped a talented engineer from a non Oil & Gas company join one of the Premier Offshore subsea installation Companies in the world and get an 8K increase! Jobs for quality control/Quality Assurance Engineer at Gulf Oil & Gas.

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