Essay on planning

essay on planning

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Manpower planning continually monitors what qualifications, skills, expertise and experience are required currently and in the future to enable all departments to meet there goals and objective without staffing crises or emergencies. Attracting talent: The ability to attract and retain talent is rapidly becoming one of the key issues for human resource managers. One of the ways of attracting the broadening talent pool is by diversity. According to Thomas (1992 a strategy to promote values, behavior and working practice which recognize the difference between people and there by enhance staff motivation and performance and release potential, delivering improved service to customer. (1992).beyond race and gender: Unleashing the power of your total work force by managing w York: amacom.) In my company i use diverse work force firstly it reduce the cost of the workforce. Diversity allows me to have one skilled person rather then two unskilled employees and also enhance employee relationship.

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In a role culture, organisations are split into various functions and each individual within the function is assigned a particular role. The role culture has the benefit of specialisation. Employees focus on their particular role as assigned to them by their job description and this should increase productivity for the company. Task culture a task culture refers to a team based approach to complete a particular task. They are popular in today's modern business society where the organisation will establish particular 'project teams' to complete a task to date. Staff feels motivated because they are empowered to make decisions within their team, they will also feel valued because they may have been selected within that team and given the responsibility to bring the task to a successful end. Person culture person cultures are commonly found in charities or non profit organisations. The focus of the organisation is the individual or a particular aim Forward and backward looking cultures. The human resource planning process ( desmond w erance, 1994, business a students guide, second edition pitman publishing. ) As the above example illustrates, words implementing changes involve either moving existing staff to other posts, or recruiting new staff cannot be undertaken effectively overnight.

It's about recruitment and retention also about training and development. Reward planning connected to group and working in delivery tactic. Organisational Culture culture is about how the organisation organises itself, it's rules, procedures and beliefs make up the culture of the company. In this section we are business going to briefly look at six types of organisational cultures. Power Culture within a power culture, control is the key element. Power cultures are usually found within a small or medium size organisation. Decisions in an organisation that display a power culture are centralised around one key individual. That person likes control and the power behind. As group work is not evident in a power culture, the organisation can react quickly to dangers around it as no consultation is involved Role culture common in most organisations today is a role culture.

essay on planning

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An excessive pursuit of fit' with the status quo will inhibit the flexibility of approach that is essential in turbulent conditions. ( Armstrong, michel (2009 armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice, 11th edition, isbn ) Linking business and hr strategy resource strategies are concerned with two-way relationship between overall business strategies and strategies in separate resource areas such as people, information, finance and technology. Human resource strategy is vital element to the business strategy and also vital element of the resource base. Every organisation runs two strategies side by side long term and short term. Long term strategies has direct link with the organisation's objectives and future aims and short term strategies are there to achieve the desired goals in the changing environment or deviation from the organisation's goal. ( Johnson, Scholes and Wittington (2008 exploring corporate strategy text cases, 8th edition, isbn: ) h r strategy components: h r strategy can be divide in three basic elements Staff as a resource In other words staff as a resource is called the hard approach. It helps in classify the people based core competence for possible future strategies also target setting and performance evaluation of individuals.

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essay on planning

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Developing people's awareness: to realize what they do in there job. Targeted training and development: to achieve added value and develop competences by targeted training. Organizational learning: ability of the organization to continue regenerating from a verity of knowledge, experience and skills. General strategies describe the overall system or bundle of complementary hr practices that the organization proposes to adopt or puts into effect in order to improve organizational performance. The three main approaches are summarized below. High-performance management, high-performance management practices include rigorous recruitment and selection procedures, extensive and relevant training and management development activities, incentive pay systems and performance management processes.

High-commitment management as described by wood (1996) A form of management which is aimed at eliciting a commitment so that behavior is primarily self-regulated rather than controlled by sanctions and pressures external to the individual, and relations within the organization are based on high levels. High-involvement management As defined by benson et al (2006 high-involvement work practices are a specific set of human resource practices that focus on employee decision making, power, access to information, training and incentives.'putting essay to gather an hr strategy an organization can divid hr strategy. For good hr strategy these hard and soft elements are very important. Also when considering how to integrate business and hr strategies it should be remembered that business and hr issues influence each epidemiologist other and in turn influence corporate and business unit strategies. It is also necessary to note that in establishing these links, account must be taken of the fact that strategies for change have also to be integrated with changes in the external and internal environments. Fit may exist at a point in time but circumstances will change and fit no longer exists.

Core skills are not considered stable. Core skills should be changed in reply to changes in the environment of the company. Should be bendable and change over time. As a business evolves and adapts to new conditions and opportunities, so core competencies will be updated and changed. (m dynamic capability, is defined as the firm's ability to integrate, build, and reconfigure internal and external competences to address rapidly changing environments.

In other words it is more flexible approach of resource-based or The ability to replenish competences to fulfil the congruence with unpredictable environment or Emphasis is on adapting, integration internal and external organizational skills, resources and functional competences to match the supplies of changing environments. Dynamic capability can help in, social organizational skills like helping in activities of new pattern, spotting dysfunctional practice and avoid tactical blind spot. ( teece,.,. Shuen, 1997, "Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management. Strategic Management journal, (18:7.509-533 ). Developing strategic capabilities, for an organization to develop the strategical capacities it is the most important to identify its basic competence so the organization can then take advantage from them to gain strategical advantage. Way of developing, staffing policies: to develop particular competences by making and changing staffing policies like promoting.

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Intellectual: intangibles (patents, trade name). Types of resource and competences: threshold resource: threshold resource are those which are needed for the minimum requirements of the customer (logistics, to book meet at the end customer with the product to come). Unique resource: this kind of resource emphasizes on competitive advantage and speaks about to the core competence. Core competencies, core competences can be defined as opportunities to accomplish competitive advantages in the environment of firms. The first point for the analysis of competences keys is to acknowledge that the competition between firms is so much a running for the strengthening of knowledge, as it is the position of market and a power of market. The senior managements cannot concentrate on all activities of the firm and necessary competences to undertake. So, objective of the management is to draw attention to competences that really to influence competitive advantage. According to rahalad and g hamel (1990) in the 1990s managers will be judged on their ability to identify, cultivate, and exploit the core competencies that make growth possible-indeed they'll have to rethink the concept of the corporation it self.

essay on planning

This points to the fact, that the reach of the resources in an organization, including the human resources which originates her own unique character and a competitive advantage. Sustainable competitive advantage derives from its resources and capabilities a firm controls that are valuable, rare, free imitable and not substitutable. These resources and capabilities can be viewed as bundles of tangible and intangible assets, including management of a business skills, procedures and organizational routines, and information and knowledge control. 1 ( Barney, jay,.1991, firm Resources and Sustained Competitive advantage, journal of Management17:99-120 ) areas of resources there are four areas of resource in business. Physical: land, building, machinery, manufacture capacity, unprocessed material etc. Human: contractors, workforce and there understanding vietnam and skills. Financial: cash, debtor, creditor, stocks, capital, etc.

an example to understand the strategic human resource management. C is among the best football clubs. It is based in Holloway, north London and was founded in 1886. The strategic management of the managers over the league is a tough job. But since the football club has influenced the population in the country, it is not that too much pressure to take some actions to bring back the capital they spent. The arsenal fc increases their profit that is clearly driven by sales of the new driven by sales of the new development. Resource based strategy, to a big part, the philosophy and attempts for the strategical management of the human resources is based on resource based view.

It has been defined as: All those activities affecting the behaviour of individuals in their efforts to formulate and implement the strategic needs of business. The pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities intended to enable the forms to achieve its goals. (1992) Theoretical perspectives for urnal of Management. Pp215-247.) (Boxall and Purcelldispute that strategic hrm is concerned with illuminating how hrm influences organisational performance. They also point out that strategy is not the same as strategic plans. Strategic planning is the formal process that takes place, usually in larger organisations, defining how things will be done. However strategy exists in all organisations even though it may not be written down and articulated.

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Strategic Human Resource planning, introduction: Human resource planning has become the back bone of a profitable organisation. In this new age all the successful organisations do understand the importance of human resource planning. To understand hr planning it is said that It biography is the process by which management ensures that it has the right plan or strategy for there human resources. The purpose of human resource planning is to assist an organization to meet strategic goals by attracting, and maintaining workforce and also to administer them successfully. Basically the human resource planning assists organization to attract, recruit and retain the work force by keeping the overall goal, organisational working practice or culture and the legal requirements in mind. According to miller, 1989 the key word here perhaps is "fit. A hrm approach seeks to ensure a fit between the management of an organization's employees, and the overall strategic direction of the company. Strategic hrm can be regarded as a common approach to the strategic management of human resources in unity with the intentions of the establishment on the future path it wants to take. It is concerned with longer-term people issues and macro-concerns about organization, excellence, society, standards, dedication and harmonizing resources to future need.

Essay on planning
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  3. Essay, writing Help on Planning an, essay can be found here. Review writing plans on how. Plan your, essay and get more information now from 24/7 live chat! Free essay on Urban, planning available totally free at m, the largest free essay community. Human resource planning has become the back bone of a profitable organisation. Essay, samples:Importance of Strategic, planning.

  4. PapersOwl prepared for you planning essay guide with example. Here you find helpful information and practical tips how to plan your essay. Planning essay is a very important stage in writing. Lujing Han 5th period cchs college night Before event: my college application plan is to first of all, take the psat on October 17th in order to practice the. Included: business essay content. Preview text: Strategic planning, as defined in Chapter 6, is the process of planning as to how to achieve the organizational goals with the available resources and is undertaken by the central management of the organization.

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