English b paper 2

english b paper 2

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Why do we humans so often fight wars and tell lies? Peace and truth began to seem more important than making war or making money. What are these bins used for? Do you have such bins in your school / yard / street? What does your family do with the rubbish? Who takes the rubbish out?

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"Peciple who've never hurt bank him?" asked the master. "That's right i said, pleased that he seemed to understand at last. "Soldiers have killed thousands of people in recent history." he shook his head and looked sad. 't think you must be — what was your word? Ah, yes — lying. How could you and your countrymen kill so many other Yahoos? And why would you want to?" I smiled as I replied proudly, "Sir, you don't know much about European war. With our guns and bullets and gunpowder we can destroy a thousand ships, a hundred cities, and twenty thousand men. You see,—" "Be quiet!" he ordered. I know Yahoos are badT but I didn't realize they could possibly do such terrible things." After these conversations I began to wonder whether the hoirys were right.

"a king or his lords may want more land. Or there may be a difference of opinion between two countries: for example, whether uniforms should be black, while, red, or grey. Sometimes we tight because the enemy's too strong, sometimes because he isn't strong enough. Sometimes our neighbours want the things we have, or have the things we want. We often attack our best friend, if we want some of his land. There's always a war somewhere. For this reason, being a soldier is one of the best jobs you can have." "A soldier repeated my master, Tm not quite sure what that is "A soldier is a yahoo who works for his king and country. His orders are mini to kill as many people as he can i answered.

english b paper 2

English b hl ib paper 2 example essay

In their language there was no word which meant telling lies, and my master had great difficulty in summary understanding. 1 tried to explain, "Oh he answered, still unsure. "But why does anyone tell a lie? There's no reason for doing. We use language in this country in order to understand each other, and to give and receive information. If you don't tell the truth, how can people understand each other?" I began to see how different houys' life was from what I was used. "But tell me he continued, "about your country." I was delighted to describe recent English history to him, especially some of our most successful wars. "But why does one country attack another?" he asked. "There are many reasons i replied.

Houys huz — also lived on the island. Houys means a horse. They looked like horses. These creatures were kind and friendly, didn't tell lies, and they liked to get along with their neighbours. They were the masters of the yahoos, b) read the text and name three things Gulliver's master didn't know. My master looked quite worried. "What is lying?" he asked.

Reviewing the, english, b Paper 2 2018

english b paper 2

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The porters moved to a small town. It takes John Porter two hours to get to london to his office. A) At first he wasn't used to b) Then, he got used to,., c) Now be is used. Alice decided to get fit. It was difficult for her to keep to a healthy diet and do sports every day a) At first she wasn't used. B) Then, she got used.

C) Now she is used. Match the descriptions and the characters. Yakifos ljb'hu; — creatures who lived on the island. Their heads and chests were essay covered in hair, and legs and arms as well. They walked sometimes on two, and sometimes on four legs, and could climb trees. They had human faces. They were unfriendly, envious and greedy.

2- soon Jane got used to these strange sounds. Why don't you use a dictionary to check the spelling? It took me a long time to get used to their language. Do you mind if 1 use your computer? I don't think i can get used to a situation like that,.

The young people were used to wasting time. It was a traditional English private school for girls. A) At first she wasn't used to strict discipline / to wearing a uniform. B) Then, she got used to strict discipline f to wearing a uniform. C) Now she is used to strict discipline / to wearing a uniform. Mike went to canada a month ago. It was very cold and frosty there, a) At first he wasn't used. B) Then, he got used.- c) Now he is used.

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If we took care of our planet, we wouldn't have so many environ mental problems. Sentences you agree t disagree with. Try to explain. If people hadn't polluted the planet, many species of animals wouldn't have disappeared. If countries had spent plan more money on scientific research, scientists would have solved some environmental problems. If people had dreamed more about space flight, they would have found another planet to live. If people hadn't invented different machines and developed industry, the environmental problems wouldn't have appeared. I am used to getting up early.

english b paper 2

Islands; Bermuda, iceland, but: we use "the" with the group of islands: The bahamas, the British Isles. Cities / Towns: Moscow, london, paris we use "the" with the names of Oceans: the pacific (Ocean the Indian (Ocean) rivers: the volga, the Ob, the Thames seas: the Black sea, the north sea, the balric sea channels: the English Channel lakes: the Ontario, the. But: no article in the names with "lake". If we cut down fewer forests, the air would be clean and fresh. If we didn't pollute our rivers and lakes, they would he full offish. If we were clever and careful, we wouldn't live among litter and waste. If we planted more writing new forests, we would save wild animals.

Unit 2 Section. We don't use any article with the names of: Continents: Europe, asia, north America, australia. Countries: Russia, spain, Sweden, new zealand. But: we use "the" in the names with "Republic "Federation "State "Kingdom the russian Federation, the usa, the United Kingdom (the uk). Mountains: everest, Elbrus, but: we use "the" with mountain chains: the Alps, the Urals, the caucasus, the pamirs.

I would spend my type holidays in the usa if I havehadwould have enough money. They like notare not likedo not like water sports. The weather today is even badbadderworse than yesterday. How muchmany people can you see outside? They were swimming in the seasee. Let's meet again next weakweek. We ate breakfast and thenthan we left the house. I haven't been to london forsince three years. I writewritesam writingis writing a test at the moment.

English, b hl paper 2?

Test your knowledge on grammar and vocabulary. After submitting your answers, you will see how well you have done in the test. Choose thesis the correct answer. I boughthave bought a new bike yesterday. If you don't hurry up now, you have beenarewill be late for school. Can you tell me wherewearwere the station is? Do you know the man whowhich is talking to your brother? I haven't been on holiday forsince 1996. I don't have muchmany money.

English b paper 2
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Carried forward after my divorce). we are encouraging students to consume unhealthy food, but since they are going to do it anyway, why not do this for studying benefit?

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