Disadvantages of mobile banking essays

disadvantages of mobile banking essays

Essay on, mobile, phone Advantages and, disadvantages

Also human error is minimised as robots are more reliable. The biggest change on the Internet is the increase in buying and selling online. The Internet is changing how businesses operate. All of my companies use Internet web sites to help customers either with purchasing products or providing information. This is useful as the Internet is used worldwide and can also help expand and diversify the business by making it known worldwide. Drawbacks of ict in businesses * Redundancies. Some people that do not have enough computer skills to cope in the current workplace. Others worry that computers will replace people altogether, resulting in redundancies.

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Calculating costs, producing adhd invoices, keeping account records and the production of profit and balance sheets can all be done using standard spreadsheet software. Tesco can use this to calculate prices for sales. Communication with customers can now be done via email and the internet. Communication within the company assignment can be done by using an intranet. Eidos uses an intranet within itself to allow its employees to communicate with themselves. Computer Aided Design (cad computer Aided Manufacture (CAM). Cad software enables a designer to create a three-dimensional shaped model of the product, rotate it on the screen to see it from all angles and make instant changes to the design. Eidos uses cad to design many games such as its famous tomb raider series. Products such as phone, which need to be manufactured with this great accuracy, are suited to this method. Vodafone uses cam to enable it to produce phones. The benefits of cad/cam are that design and manufacture can be both carried out quickly and with accuracy - both quality and productivity should improve.

Benefits of ict in businesses * Faster data handling. Data handling is greatly improved by using computer which would help a company like hsbc as they store clients on their database. By performing queries, clients could be found instantly. This is much more efficient than manual filing which would waste time and take up office space. Increasing Office Productivity. Previously everything was hand written on lots of paper which were filed. Now computer technology makes things easier and more productive. Companies like vodafone can now use templates of letters to send hundreds of letters without write having to re-write the entire letter. Companies like ted baker can use mail-merge routines to send personalised letters to selected people in the firm's database.

disadvantages of mobile banking essays

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The details on the card are read by a statement magnetic reader in the atm and the machine counts and issues the money. Hsbc like using atms because they can employ fewer cashiers and offer a 24-hour service. Customers like atms because they are easy to use and efficient. Home banking uses the Internet or the telephone to access accounts. You can make payments and transfer funds into and out of a bank account at any time. By introducing home banking, hsbc can appeal to a wider target market. This first will increase awareness as more people will be able to use the Internet to pay bills and therefore, be able to be more flexible.

An amount of money is debited from your account and credited into the payee's account. At the payee's bank, the amount of the cheque is typed at the bottom using magnetic ink. Cheques are sent to a clearing house, where they are read by a micr. All the day's cheques are processed to find out how much each bank pays the other. Then the cheque is sent to the customers' bank branches, and the amounts deducted from their accounts. Also, the magnetic characters are difficult to forge, and can be read even if the cheque is damaged. This quick system is used by hsbc for more accurate processing than by hand. This is safer security and will raise customer satisfaction as they will feel secure with the bank they have chosen. By putting a card in an atm, money can be withdrawn from an account.

Meaning of mobile banking information technology essay

disadvantages of mobile banking essays

Advantages of cell phones essay

A company like vodafone could easily hold video conferences with world wide female branches. Uses of ict in businesses ø e transfer of information and understanding from one point or person to another. The basic elements in the process of communication are an information source, encoding, transmission, reception, and decoding. Examples of communication are telecommunication via mobile phone companies, such as Vodafone. Work that involves the planning, development, implementation, and administration of systems for the acquisition, storage, and retrieval of data. Examples of data management are companies such as Ted baker using data in databases to keep records on customers and stocks. The process of making a raw material into a finished product; especially in large quantities.

Eidos uses manufacturing to take their games from the primary stage of production to the final stage. Customers at supermarkets by items and receive points on their store card. The card is swiped and the details of the purchases are stored on computer systems. Then the store sends the customer rewards which suit the customers' regular shopping pattern. Tesco uses this scheme via clubcard which is also a form of market research as well as a loyalty card.

using the 'what If' query, hsbc could see what would happen to their investors' money if taxes rose. By changing rates on a spreadsheet, companies can predict outcomes of their business. E-mail A way of sending messages electronically from one computer to another, generally through a modem and telephone line connected to a computer. Ted baker could use e-mail to contact its customers about offers and promotions. This increases the company's target audience and is very quick and efficient as multiple messages can be sent in one 'shot' and the company will know if the message has been received. Most companies use email as a method of marketing.

Cd-rom a computer storage medium which can store large amounts of information; generally used to distribute software or multi-media for use on computers with cd-rom drives. Cd-rom disks look just like music CDs, and cannot be altered by a user. Eidos uses cd-roms to store its games to sell to customers. Ted baker uses cd-roms to store the company catalogue on the products sold. This is very efficient as most computers have cd drives and will be able to support the software without any Internet connections. Video conferencing This is when a conference is held via a telecommunication device, so that directors and others can speak face to face through telecommunication. This allows companies to see who they are communicating with and allows them to speak to people from other countries.

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Spreadsheet The main purpose of a write spreadsheet is to store numerical data, and to make calculations using these data. Spreadsheet programs make financial tasks much easier. A business might use a spreadsheet to calculate the difference between how much money it receives from sales and how much it spends. The most common type of spreadsheet is Microsoft Excel it is widely used by businesses. However, there are other types of spreadsheet programmes like lotus 1-2-3. Benefits of using a spreadsheet programme are: * Visual Aid general (graphs) One of the benefits of a spreadsheet is the ability to calculate easily and quickly the impact of possible changes. A company might wish to identify how much will be involved if rates for taxes would rise.

disadvantages of mobile banking essays

tesco uses databases to contain information on food prices and english products etc. Vodafone uses databases to store its clients to record or modify information on them. Advantages: * Data easily stored and accessed * Data can be modified if needed. Disadvantages: * Data can be corrupted, and it can destroy records, affecting an entire organisation. Hackers can alter data. Word Processing Programmes An example of a word-processing programme is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a word-processing programme which allows you to create and edit text and graphics in letters, reports, web pages, or e-mail messages which can then be printed out. Companies like hsbc could use microsoft Word to send letters to clients and investors about their bank statements. By using Microsoft Word hsbc can stay in contact with the world, which in turn will help the company expand and diversify.

organised store of data or information, which can be manipulated to perform queries. Companies can use queries to search for required criteria,. hsbc could use a database to perform a query to see which customers had not deposited any money for the last four weeks. The most common type of database programme is Microsoft Access. However, there are many other database managers, such as Infodex Pro. Access is more widely used and is therefore, mostly used by businesses. The company may make there own database programme. Lots of companies in industries use databases to process and store information.

The technologies involved in communication tend to be complex. Many businesses and companies worldwide rely on ict to help them with everyday jobs. Many jobs have become easier due to ict, such as adding. Some people would have to manually add figures in their head. Now they can use calculators or a spreadsheet to find out the sum, in a short space of reviews time. Just about everyone is relying on ict in some way. In the sphere of work, computers have many more advantages compared to manual ways of work. Forms of ict in Businesses, many companies have software personalised for them so they can easily use the programme and it is relevant to their industry.

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A wide range of systems is available ranging from basic packages suitable for small businesses through to sophisticated ones aimed at multinational companies. Computer Aided Design, computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computers to assist the design process. Specialised cad programs exist for many types of design: architectural, engineering, electronics, roadways, customer Relations Management (CRM). Software that allows businesses to better understand their customers by collecting and analysing data on them such as their product preferences, buying habits etc. Often linked to software applications that run call centres and loyalty cards for example. The c part of ict refers to the communication of data by electronic means, usually over some distance. This is often father's achieved via networks of sending and receiving equipment, wires and satellite links.

Disadvantages of mobile banking essays
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  6. Extracts from this document. Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Use Of ict in Banking Facilities That have improved due to ict due to ict people can now pay for goods using not only cash but plastic cards, cheques and direct debit cards. The first handheld cellular mobile phone was demonstrated by john. Mitchell and Martin cooper of Motorola in 1973, using a handset weighing 2 kilograms (4.4 lb). The first commercial automated cellular network was launched in Japan by nippon Telegraph and Telephone in 1979.

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