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bpl homework help

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Bibek debroy (Free market economist). Saraswat (technocrat, missile scientist and Ex-drdo chief.) Special Invitees Union ministers for Transport hrd social Justice pm can invite other experts as and when needed. Part-time members Tech experts from research institutes. Governing council Chairman: Prime minister Chief ministers of all states lieutenant governors of all Union territories. Ad hoc Regional councils Will have cms of states that fall in the region. Theyll be dealing with specific issue concerning a group of states for example irrigation, naxal-problem, infrastructure etc.

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In this playground, government needs to become an enabler rather than a player. And thus Niti aayog was born. Niti aayog: Structure, membership Niti aayog: Structure, composition, membership Position Planning Commission niti aayog Born 1950, march 15th died in 2014, august after Modi became. 2015, january 1st Chairman Prime minister same vice Chairman Last airman was Montek singh Ahluwalia (Cabinet minister rank). Free market economist Arvind Panagriya. He was the Chief economist of Asian development bank, and the the brain summary behind Rajasthans land-labour reform. Ceo member-Secretary (IAS) Sindhushree khullar (IAS) A secretary level bureaucrat with fixed tenure. Sindhushree khullar is the first ceo. Ex-officio members Finance minister Planning minister pm can nominate four-Union ministers. Modi has nominated following: Home finance railway agriculture full time members 4-7 full time members, who enjoy minister of State rank.

Only in 2013- reforms done like reducing number of Centrally sponsored schemes (css 10 flexifund to states, direct transfer of money to state consolidated fun etc. But its too little too late. Shortcomings in planning commission new bodies sprung up like pms economic advisory council, pms project monitoring group and so on more brains more lack of coordination. Hence modi felt that pc is beyond fixing- just like gotham city and Delhi city. For so many years, government worked as the provider of first and last resort. But, book today indian industry and service sector has reached on global scale, a neo-middle class has emerged. Times have changed, from being a underdeveloped country in 1950s India has become a major economic force. Hence our needs have changed- from mere food security to profitable agriculture.

bpl homework help

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Faulty policies for msme, industrialization, factory-labour law problems. Office manned by generalist ias/ies with short tenure; panel members filled with academicians and jholachhap ngos. Need subject specialists with international exposure like rajanbhai. Designed css with One size fits all approach and a few extra crores to ne/J K/Hill-states and lwe. But for long, it did not use pilot projects / sample testing / interaction with states. Hence, iay, icds pdf etc. Programs failed to show tangible result despite pumping crores. They tried to bypass state governments via ngo-funding, drda. Hence States unenthusiastic about implementing Central-schemes named after you know who.

Reduced poverty by doctoring the bpl-line. Tendulkar line says 27 crore bpl, if we use ranga line then 37 crore bpl. Planning commission brags reducing poverty line on Tendulkars parameters. Toothless body, cant hold accountable for failing to achieve targets. Hopes that cag and Public accounts Committee will take care accountability part. But pac too is pretty much toothless. Failed to implement land reforms.

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bpl homework help

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epicfail due to global slowdown after Asian financial crisis. 10th 02-07 8 gdp growth rate, double per capita income in 10 years. 11th 07-12 Theme : inclusive growth. Rangarajan framed it with targets: 8-10 growth rate, 70 million new jobs, lower assignments imr, cmr, tfr etc. 12th 12-17 Theme: Faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth. Target growth rates: 9 gdp, 4 Agriculture, 10 Mfg.

10 essay reduction in poverty, create 50 million new jobs. Get imr:26, mmr:1000,Child Sex ratio: 950, tfr:.1 Increase mean school years, forest cover, infrastructure investment, rural tele-density. Planning Commission: Criticism/Anti-Arguments Achieved 9 gdp growth-rate during 2005-07, thanks to American boom prior to sub-prime crisis. But almost all nations of world experienced high growth. So 9 gdp did not come from Monteks magic wand. Post sub-prime crisis, failed to evoke the animal spirit in Indian economy. Gdp-fell, inflation rose during 2008-13 nonstop.

Holidays 66-69 Holiday declared thanks to epicfail of 3rd fyp. 4th 69-74 Ashok rudra-Alon Manney growth with stability and self-reliance. Garibi hatao came here, says LucentGK epicfail due to bangladeshi refugee problem and drought. 5th 74-79 bramaniam and later redrafting. P.Dhar Originally it was a 10 year long term perspective plan with focus on poverty removal and self-reliance rollingPlan 78-80 Morarji desais Janta government came up with Rolling plan system well measure progress every year and make new plans accordingly for next year.

6th 80-85 poverty removal (Garibi hatao irdp, nrem, trysem etc. Garibi hatao came here says Ramesh Singh 7th 85-89 Pranav mukherjee focus on employment. Jawahar rozgar Yojana started. 2 Annual plans 89-91 Political instability at Centre. Hence only annual plans. 8th 92-97 John. Pv narasimha rao- lpg reforms 9th 97-02 Growth with social justice and equity.

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2015, jan, government notified the formation of Niti aayog. National Institution for Transforming India. Five year plans in India, plan, period theme/Model/target 1st 51-56. Harrod Domar Model, main focus: database Agriculture, irrigation and power. Got more gdp growth than its original target. 2nd 56-61 halanobis Model, socialist model, rapid industrialization, heavy industries. 3rd 61-66, sukhmoy chakraborty and Sanddy. Also called Gadgil Yojana. Failed to achieve its target due to droughts and wars with pak-china.


bpl homework help

1938, nehrus Congress plan. But not implemented due to ww2. 1944, bombay plan by noted industrialists such as jrd tata, gd birla, kasturbhai lalbhai. 1944, sriman Narayan Agrawals Gandhian plan. 1945, mn roys peoples plan with socialist leanings. 1950, jayprakash Narayans Sarvodaya plan based on Vinoba Bhaves philosophy 1950,March. Cabinet resolution to form Planning commission. National development council (NDC) made by cabinet resolution. Modi shuts down planning commission.

this article helpful? How can we improve it? Timeline of planning in India, five year plans: from 1st to 12th. Planning Commission: Criticism/Anti-Arguments, niti aayog: Structure, membership, niti aayog: functions, mandates. Functional Comparison: Niti vs pc, niti aayog: Criticism/Anti-Arguments, allocation of funds to States? Timeline of planning in India 1934, visvesvaraya plan in this book the planned economy of India. He was an Engineer, Ex-Diwan of Mysore and Bharat Ratna recipient.

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Bpl homework help
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