Advantages of being a writer

advantages of being a writer

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Be a vieux terrible! When I was young, i read keats On Fame which suggests that its better not to chase after fame but to bid adieu, then, if she likes it, she will follow you. Stupidly, i believed it but now i know you have to grab fame by the hair and drag her with you. Cons, rejection, waiting to hear back from an editor can be almost as long as waiting on the nhs, the only difference being the pain is spiritual rather than physical. I prefer not to send out stories indiscriminately because the more knockbacks you get, the more they dent your confidence. After all, you have to reject half your own work, so why subject yourself to more rejection? You have to be your own salesperson.

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Of course, there are expenses like going to literary events and buying books but, to me, the real danger is feeling you should go on courses. As Edward Albee essay said, Creativity is magic. Dont examine it too closely. The amount of garbage taught out there is mind-boggling. Those screenwriting classes that claim there are seven basic plots. If you believe that, youve lost the plot. You can write till youre 90 (if the lack of success doesnt kill you first!). If you start writing late, you may think youve missed the boat, but you havent and, if you get in that boat, rock the boat. Naturally, publishers and theatre companies are looking for the next wunderkind but never mind. You can be a wunderfrau. So theyre looking for the latest enfant terrible so what?

A lot of writers go into schools and try to promote writing as a word potential career choice but, if there is a true writer in that class, shell be the one rolling her eyes and thinking if you were great as a writer you wouldnt. Writing is the only path there is for non-conformists and, in my case, im so non-conforming I nearly didnt conform. I remember the time i was sacked from teaching English in Warsaw. Id recently written my first article ever for an expat magazine and the school principal said, we really think you should be a writer. I knew he was totally right, but did I go home and be a writer? No, i went straight round the corner and joined another school. It costs you practically nothing (except blood, sweat and tears). All you need is a cheap computer and off you.

advantages of being a writer

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This piece is about the summary pros and the cons (and thats not assignment short for prostitutes and con artists, though there are plenty of both in the literary world so here goes: Pros, you can experience more in life. What people dont realise is that writing is not about inventing life; its about reinventing what you have already lived. You get to explore things under the guise of research and the best bit of being a writer is that its a passport to bad behaviour. Youre supposed to shock people, épater les bourgeois, which is great fun. And if youre a quick writer, you dont have to labour at the laptop. Look at Jack kerouac he spent seven years on the road and three weeks on On the road. In spite of the lack of royal grants, it is a terrific feeling to be, as Jack london called it, a brain merchant. Its a perfect fit for your personality. The best writers are monastic hedonists.

And if you resist, you're either ungrateful or obtuse. Which is why every writer has perfected the 'nod and smile and tell them you'll look into it'. Writers: what else do you love or hate about the job? Jason Pinter is the bestselling author of five thrillers (the most recent of which are The fury and The darkness as well as the ebook exclusive faking life, which have nearly.5 million copies in print in nearly 20 countries. His first novel for young readers, zeke bartholomew: Superspy!, was published in november 2011. Visit him at m or follow him on Twitter). All of us writers question why we write. Which is fine we spend so much time examining our characters motives, we might as well look at our own.

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advantages of being a writer

Lesson 4: How Professional Writers

Or at least until your sixth glass of wine. Not so great, when nobody comes to your event. And you sit there alone, in a bookstore or elsewhere, awkwardly chatting with the proprietor who trying desperately to make eye contact with everyone who wanders by as though that will make them feel sorry for you and inspire them to buy 36 copies for. I once made the mistake of doing a signing at my old college bookstore. On a thursday night.

Sadly i forgot that, when I was in college, i'd rather be tearing open up a brand epidemiologist new case of pbr instead of waiting to get a book signed. Great, stumbling upon a great idea, that 'lightbulb' moment when an idea invades your brain and you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is what you're immigration meant to write about next. Not so great When everyone thinks they've come across your next great idea we've all been there. A family dinner, drinks with friends, and someone (it's only one if you're lucky) insists that they've got the greatest story the world has ever known and that it is your duty to drop everything and write about. my dry cleaner lost one of my shirts - you should use that in your next book!

In the note, the reader told me how much he disliked my work, and that he'd actually taken the time to re-edit it for. The copy of my book was filled with red pencil markings, as this clearly sane person had taken hours upon hours to re-edit every page of my book for content, grammar and characterization. To a writer, this is like going up to a stranger and telling them that a) they could use some plastic surgery, and b) that you'd like to perform it yourself. Meeting readers, similar to the above, but includes the warmth of a handshake, maybe an autograph or picture, leaving you with the same smile you give the people who enjoy your work. Considering the majority of writing is done in solitude, the personal connection means everything. Meeting crazy people, writers, for the most part, appreciate everyone who takes the time to read them.

Then there are those who assume everything you write was written just for them. They spend 20 minutes telling you their life story at a conference or bar, ask you to meet them alone for a drink when you're in town for an event (not creepy at all and send angry follow-ups declaring that you've sold out and don't. One time i got an email from a reader saying she was looking forward to meeting me at a book fair. She asked if I would like to stay at her place. She told me that I should reconsider because she looks, "like one of the Olsen twins." Not a selling point. When people come to your event. Even if it's a launch with friends and family and other people you've guilted/berated into coming, it's like a second birthday party with memories that will last forever.

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And then you open it and you're about as enthusiastic as Michael Bluth when george michael starts dating Ann (aka egg, Bland, yam, etc). This can't be it, can it? If you're lucky, they'll go back to the drawing board. If not, your final cover looks like one of these. Fan mail, when someone takes the time to find your email address (or snail mail your publisher!) and sends you a presentation note saying how much they like your work, it's that fine line between serenity and bliss and a great cup of coffee. Not so great, hate mail, when someone takes the time to find your email address (or snail mail your publisher) and sends you a note saying how much you suck. One time i got a package containing a tattered copy of my third book along with a handwritten note.

advantages of being a writer

And i've never lived in Brooklyn. Great, your first book contract or byline. I got the call at my office when a publisher had made an offer. Working in a cubicle within earshot of 20 or so people was the only thing that prevented me from whipping out my awful involvement version of the Electric Slide. I got the final call from my agent that we'd accepted the negotiations at dinner with my mother and sister. Not only was I proud of myself for keeping at my writing (I wrote two books that were rejected before my first sold but it was validation that I was actually good at something I truly loved. Not so great, when your cover sucks, book writers have all been there. That breathlessly excited email from your editor containing an attachment, informing you that this is the concept that everyone at your publisher absolutely loves. (Nobody's ever gotten an email that says, "Here's your cover.

glass in your honor. One agent gave me editorial feedback, i signed with him, and he's been my agent for about eight years now. Not so great, the reactions when you tell people you're an aspiring writer. If you're john Grisham. James, i'm sure they're thrilled for you and are glad you can finally buy a round. When you're 23, most people picture you at a cafe in Brooklyn wearing the same hooded sweatshirt for the fourth straight day, staring at a computer screen with the intensity of a roman general while drinking enough coffee to cure narcolepsy. Writing, at first, is never glamorous, and when I first started writing seriously i hated talking about it and only opened up with serious prodding. I didn't want to think of myself as a writer until I'd actually been (legitimately) published.

It wasn't very good. It was a hammy coming-of-age story (originality alert!) about a college freshman who finds himself (of course) with the help of some kooky friends, a terrific girl, and a couple of plot twists that could be seen from orbit. At the time i owl knew the publishing industry as well as i knew the shrimping industry, so i wrote about a dozen queries to agents and editors and received, i believe, three rejections in total. I never heard from the others. Each letter (remember letters?) felt like a punch to the gut, and I remember thinking (like any writer who didn't know a lick of the craft yet) that these troglodytes didn't recognize my clear genius. Here's the thing: they were all totally right to reject. Great, landing an agent, after the calamity that was my coming-of-age novel, i wrote another.

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Being a professional writer is a strange and wonderful thing - kind of a combination of philosopher and hobo. It permits experiences that a fortunate few will ever get to have, and many more that would make most normal people wonder why on earth someone would purposefully subject themselves to such emotional torment. In light of this incredible cross-section of joy and despair, inspiration and rage, and coffee and even more coffee, here are seven great things about being a writer, and seven more that make us wish we'd all just gone to law school like our parents. Great, the paper very first time you get paid for your work. Proof that someone feels your contributions are actually worth something beyond a mildly pleasant, "Oh, good for you!" If you're lucky, you'll get paid in actual currency. The first time i was paid to write, i wasn't paid in money, per se, but with a gift certificate to a restaurant from an online zine which had accepted a short story of mine. If I recall, the gift certificate didn't quite cover dinner for me and my-then girlfriend, but the feeling of being about to knock about 50 of the check was incredible. Not so great: The first rejection(s in college, i wrote a novel.

Advantages of being a writer
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  3. And believe me, the moment you get the call. People often assume that the advantages of being a novelist far outweigh the. Of all the drawbacks of writing novels, the threat of writer s block is a constantly. The benefits of being a writer. Writing is a passion with so many d rawbacks- Writers block, constantly thinking of ideas, dealing with rejection. The joy of playing all those roles, that is the great advantage of being a writer.

  4. So i wanted to see what the benefits were for being a writer to gi ve me the pick- me-up I needed—and to stop me from accidentally stabbing. Some of the benefits of being a successful writer: you can make money from your wr iting. The potential markets are enormous as you can now write for. Being a professional writer is a strange and wonderful thing - ki nd of a combination of philosopher and hobo. It permits experiences that. Many people dream of being a writer and seeing their books on the shelves of Barnes noble.

  5. The pros and cons of being a writer. sometimes I think writin g is like living with a terrible boyfriend who drains you financially and tortures you. His Top 21 List of the amazing benefits of living The Write r s Life. Is the best training i know for becoming a successful author of books. Being a writer comes with perks, like working independently, endless potential for income, and the fulfillment of producing something creative and unique.

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