Aim hypothesis method

aim hypothesis method

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Hail almost always falls to the shower or at the same time with him and never after. He falls for the most part in the summer and during the day. Hail at night - a very rare phenomenon. The average duration of hail - from 5 to 20 minutes. Hail as usual, going to the place where there is a strong bolt of lightning, and is always associated with a thunderstorm. Without lightning hail does not happen! Hence, the reason for the formation of hail, we need to look for. The main drawback of all existing mechanisms for the formation of hail, in our opinion, is the lack of recognition of the dominant role of the lightning discharge.

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Why not disturbed the fragile power balance?2. With the recognized modern general theory 1, 6, 21, hailstone could emerge and no lightning or thunder storm. For the formation of hailstones with a larger size, small ice must climb a few kilometers up (at least 3-5 km and fall down, passing a null isotherm. While this should be repeated until it was formed in a sufficiently large amount of hail. Still the same, the greater the upward flow velocity in the cloud should get, the bigger the hailstone (from 1 kg to several kg) and for the consolidation of it should remain in the air for 5-10 minutes. In general, it is difficult to imagine that in the upper atmosphere will focus as huge ice blocks weighing 2-3 kg? It turns out that the hailstones were still large in cumulonimbus cloud rain than seen on earth because of it melted when falling through the warm layer of the troposphere. Because meteorologists often confirm: ". Hail usually falls when severe thunderstorms during summer, when the temperature at the earth's surface is below 20 oc however, does not indicate the cause of the phenomenon. Of course, the question is: what is the effect of a lightning storm?

The world Meteorological Organization in 1956 gave a definition of what plan a hail: "Hail-precipitation in the form of spherical particles or pieces of ice (hailstones) with a diameter ranging from 5 to 50 mm, sometimes more, falling separately or in the form of incorrect complexes. Hailstones consist only of transparent ice or of a number of layers with a minimum thickness of 1 mm, alternating with translucent layers. Hail is observed usually in strong thunderstorms ". Almost all of the former and contemporary sources on the subject indicate that the hail is formed by a powerful concentrate the cloud at strong upward air flows. Unfortunately, most forgotten about lightning and thunderstorms. And the subsequent interpretation of the formation of hailstones, in our view, It is not logical and ofessor Klossovskij carefully reviewed the appearances of hailstones and discovered that they also have a number of spherical form other geometric forms of existence. These data indicate the formation of hailstones in the troposphere on a mechanism. After reading all of these theoretical perspectives, caught our attention several intriguing questions:. Composition of the clouds, found at the top of the troposphere, where temperature is approximately 40 operating system already contains a mixture of super cooled of water droplets, ice crystals and sand particles, salts, bacteria.

aim hypothesis method

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It is thunderstorms produce tornadoes, heavy downpours and gusts. Hail usually falls when severe thunderstorms in the warm season, when the temperature at the earth's surface not is below 20 C ". It must be stressed that even in the middle of the last century, or rather, in 1962;. By ludlam also proposed a similar theory 16 provides the education prerequisite hailstones. They also discussed the formation of hailstones in the super cooled part of the cloud of small book water droplets and ice crystals by coagulation. Last operation must be strong lifting and lowering of the hailstones several kilometers, passing a null isotherm. On the type and size of hailstones and modern scholars say that the hailstones during his life repeatedly to get up and down the strong convection currents. As a result of the collision with the super cooled drops of hailstones increase their size.

So, if the speed of the upward flow in a cumulonimbus cloud rain reaches 40 km/h, they cannot keep the hailstones formed, therefore, passing through a warm layer of air at a height.4.6 km, they fall out of the clouds. Otherwise, the updrafts lift the small hailstones up to layers of air with temperature from-10 c to-40 c (height between 3 and 9 miles a diameter of hailstones begins to grow, reaching sometimes several centimeters. It should be noted that in exceptional cases the speed of ascending and descending cloud flows can reach 300 km/h! And the higher the speed the upward flow in a rain cloud, cumulonimbus, the larger the hail. For the formation of hailstones the size of a golf ball more than 10 billion needed super cooled water drops, and hailstone cloud must remain at least 5-10 minutes to reach such a large size. It should be noted that a single drop of rain is about a million such small super cooled droplets. Hailstones with a diameter of more than 5 cm in cumulonimbus clouds, which are very powerful rising air currents.

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aim hypothesis method

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Based on this, a comprehensive study and finding reasons for the formation of its using modern physic-chemical methods of research, as well as the fight against this terrible phenomenon are current challenges before mankind around the world. What is the mechanism of hail Formation. In advance, i note that there is still no proper and positive response to this question. Despite the creation of the first hypothesis about this back in the first half of the 17th century with Descartes, however, scientific theory hail processes and practices impact on Physics taxi and meteorologists have developed only in the middle of the last century. It should be noted that even in the middle ages and in the first half of the 19th century there have been several assumptions of different researchers, such as, bussengo, swedes, Klossovskiy, volta, rayee, ferrell, gan, faraday, zonke, reynold, etc. Unfortunately, their theory did not receive their confirmation.

It should be noted that recent views thereon do not constitute scientific validity, and there is still no comprehensive views on the mechanism of hail formation. The presence of numerous experimental data and a set of literary materials, dedicated to this topic were given the opportunity to assume the next formation mechanism of hail, which was recognized by the world Meteorological Organization and continues to operate so far (to avoid controversy. Cooled liquid droplets in the clouds are found even when the temperature is 40 c at a height of about 8-10 km). But these drops are very unstable. Raised from the earth's surface the smallest particles of sand, salt, combustion products and even bacteria with super cooled drops disturb the fragile balance. Cooled liquid drops that came into contact with solid particles, turn into an ice embryo of hailstones. Small hailstones are in the top half of almost every cumulonimbus clouds rain, but most often such hailstones when approaching the earth's surface are melting.

Hailstones, as usual, are different in size. Meteorologists and other researchers draw attention to themselves the largest. Curious to know about absolutely fantastic hailstone. In India and China it was found falling from heaven ice blocks weighing 2-3. Even say that in the year 1961 in North India heavy hailstone killed the elephant.

In year in the small town of Gopalganj district of Bangladesh dropped hailstones weighing 1 kg, resulting in the deaths of 92 people and several dozen elephants. Even the hail entered into the guinness book of records. In 1988, the 250 people in Bangladesh were victims of hail. And in 1939, hailstone was found with a weight.5. More recently in the city of sao paulo of Brazil has such a large dimension of hailstone, a bunch of which were extracted from the streets of with help heavy equipment. All these data suggest that the damage to human life with hail is important, other than the extraordinary natural phenomenon.

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The victims of essay this terrible event began and the people themselves. (Here it is necessary to consider that in those days the pound as a unit of weight has several meanings). It was a terrible natural disaster, one of the most barbing disastrous hailstones that hit France. In the eastern part of the State of Colorado (United States) annually about six hailstones, each of them brings great losses. Hail most frequently occur in the north caucasus, azerbaijan, georgia, armenia, in the mountains of Central Asia. With 9 on June 10, 1939, in the city of Nalchik fell hail size about an egg, accompanied by strong rain. The result was destroyed over 60 thousand hectares of wheat and about 4 thousand hectares of other crops; 2 were killed thousands of sheep. When it comes to hail, first of all, note the size.

aim hypothesis method

Knowing the objective world, and acting in accordance with it, the man subdues nature forces them to serve its purposes and turns from a slave nature in the lord of nature and ceases to be powerless before nature, becomes free. One of those scourges is e fall of the hail, first of all, destroys cultural combines of plants, kills livestock, as well as the man himself. The fact of the matter is that a sudden and large influx of offensive hail eliminates protection against. Sometimes the surface is covered with minute read barrage with a thickness of 5-7. In the area of Kislovodsk in the 1965 year was hail, covering the ground layer in. Normally hail covers the 10-100 km distance. Let us remember some terrible events of the past. In 1593, in one assignment of the provinces of France due to the raging winds and lightning knocked out the sparkling castle with a huge weight of 18-20 pound! This has caused great damage to crops and destroyed many churches, castles, houses and other structures.

well-known theory of hail showers, in this paper we propose an original and simple method to prevent hail with the use of a lightning rod. Lightning rod in turn, can prevent together with hail and lightning discharge. Keywords: keywords, hailstone, zero temperature, evaporation, cold, lightning, Storm. Cite this paper: Ismailov sokhrab Akhmedovic, The mechanism of hail Formation and a method to Prevent It, Physical Chemistry, vol. Introduction, people are often confronted with terrible natural phenomena of nature and constantly fight against them. Natural disasters and the consequences of catastrophic natural events (earthquakes, landslides, lightning, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail) attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world. It was not by chance that unesco had established a special Commission on account of natural disasters-undro (United Nations Disaster Relief Organization-disaster response by the United Nations).

However, recent research in our laboratory has focused on developing a method for tracking the degradation of ftacPs directly using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight (maldi-tof) mass spectrometry. The aim of my research is to utilize maldi-tof and other analytical tools such as Total OragnoFluorine-combustion Ion Chromatography (tof-cic) to correctly assess the environmental fate of ftacPs. Away from the lab, i enjoy running, golfing, biking and anything that involves being outdoors. Ismailov sokhrab Akhmedovic, institute of Petrochemical Processes, Academy of Sciences of azerbaijan, baku, azerbaijan. Correspondence to: Ismailov Sokhrab Akhmedovic, Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Academy of Sciences of azerbaijan, baku, azerbaijan. Email: Copyright 2014 Scientific academic Publishing. Abstract, the new hypothesis about the building mechanism of hail showers is made under atmosphere conditions. It is suggested, contrary to other famous theories that hail showers building is stipulated by the generation of high temperature in lightning strike in atmosphere. Quick water evaporation along and around the discharge channel leads to its rough freezing with the advent barbing of hail showers of different sizes.

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Developing a direct Method to analyze the degradation of Side-Chain Fluorinated Polymers. PhD 2009-Present, mSc Chemistry - 2009 (University of guelph). BSc Honours Chemistry - 2007 (University of guelph). Fluorotelomer-based acrylate polymers (FTAcPs) are a class of side-chain fluorinated polymers that are used extensively as oil and water repellents in textile, upholstery and carpet industries. The estimated annual production of ftacPs exceeds 10 million kilograms, and generates an annual market share of roughly.7 billion. Although ftacPs have found widespread usage in the fluorinated industry, their environmental fate remains uncertain. It has been suggested that the ester linkage bonding the fluorotelomer appendage to the polymer backbone may be susceptible to hydrolysis. This is of concern as this would produce a polyfluorinated intermediate followed by the subsequent reactions yielding perfluorocarboxylates (pfcas). Presently, the sole method to investigate this potential pathway has been to monitor the concentration of pfcas and ftohs as an indirect determination of polymer degradation.

Aim hypothesis method
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  6. A case study in null-, hypothesis, procedure; or, a quorum of the procedure, namely, estimating the probability of the experimental outcome under the assumption that a certain hypothesis. In physics, the hypothesis often takes the form of a causal mechanism or a mathematical relation.out of the theory than you put in; see barrow, 1991) of the hypothesis. The aim of my research is to utilize maldi-tof and other analytical tools such as Total OragnoFluorine-combustion Ion Chromatography (tof-cic) to correctly assess the environmental fate of ftacPs. Hypothesis, has the business Cycle Changed Since 1945? The new hypothesis about the building mechanism of hail showers is made under atmosphere conditions. Methods is based on the influence on cloud processes with the aim of suppressing the growth processes of hail.

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