Unhappiness essay

unhappiness essay

How to be perfectly unhappy

The brain function of long-term users of drugs can change pervasively. For instance, long-term use of Ecstasy can result in sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and memory deficits. It is quite a serious issue to write. Thats why its necessary to use only truthful information. Apply these facts along with the suggested topics on drug use and its consequences to outline a high quality text. But to complete the writing you should make use of our guide on expository essays. Anderson,., coleman,., ford,., gorsuch,., kaplan,., Kleber,., woody,. From Theory to Practice: The Planned Treatment of Drug Users. .

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This in turn would increase the possibility of engaging in sexual behaviour involving greater exposure to risk. Psychosocial dysfunctions such as withdrawal, apathy, developmental lags, and depression are among the mental health hamlet problems most commonly associated with adolescent substance abuse. Youth who abuse substances are more likely than youth who desist from drug use to fall prey to mental problems. These include suicidal thoughts that can lead to suicide or attempted suicide, apart from other mental health problems such as personality disorders, conduct problems, and depression. For instance, interference with psychomotor skills, learning, and short-term memory are mental health problems commonly associated with Marijuana use. The possibility drug addiction is never considered by somebody who uses them for the first time. However, almost invariably addiction is a consequence of using drugs hypothesis that have a habit-forming quality. Addiction leads in turn to loss of judgement and control; stopping use of the drug can cause severe physical and psychological symptoms. These could manifest as stress, unhappiness, irritability and anxiety, among other symptoms. Some drugs could also induce withdrawal symptoms such as bone pain, diarrhoea, flu, tremors and, in rare instances, seizures.

While a clear causal relationship between substance abuse and delinquency cannot be established — or for that matter, even a causal relationship between delinquency and alcohol and drug use year — there is no denying the fact that the two behaviours are linked. Such linkage between substance abuse and delinquency often leads to youths associating with negative peer groups, in addition to problems in the youths domestic and academic environments. Drugs can have a negative and harmful effect on a persons perception, concentration and motor functions, making drugged driving a major cause for concern. Driving under the influence of drugs can cause potential harm to the driver as well as others, owing to the increased possibility of accidents. For instance, a drivers mental faculties, under the influence of Marijuana, can stay impaired for as long as three hours after ingesting the drug, which can stay in the drivers system for as long as 24 hours. Roughly 15 of teen drug users (or one in six such individuals) have confessed to driving under the influence. Behaviour patterns of teens influenced by drug abuse also make them vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases such as hiv/aids. This may be due to injecting drugs and sharing used needles. Alternatively, it could result from lack of judgment or controlled impulse while under the influence of drugs with mood-altering properties.

unhappiness essay

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Cognitive and behavioural problems may also interfere with the academic performance of youth who use alcohol and drugs. The academic performance of youth engaging in drug essay and alcohol abuse is also impacted by behavioural and cognitive problems concomitant with such substance abuse. Teenage drug abusers tend to alienate themselves from peers, and the related stigma is accompanied by the youths essay disengagement from community events and school. Teens who eschew drug use are best advised to keep a healthy distance from those who use drugs. As endorsed by experts, such youth are more likely to become drug users themselves if they associate with drug abusing peers and are exposed to the latters delinquent behaviour. There is a perceived correlation between substance abuse and delinquency. Quite often, drug-abusing youth face consequences such as arrest and adjudication, in which case the juvenile justice system intervenes.

Psychology discounts sociologys ability to provide an adequate explanation as to why even under similar environmental, social, and cultural circumstances, some people abuse drugs while others dont. Social interaction among humans is also affected by drug abuse and can have a radical effect on your childs relations with friends, family members and others. The entire family of a drug-abusing youth is affected psychologically, financially and emotionally. Teenage drug users tend to distant themselves from members of their family as well as from activities involving such family members. Additionally, they set a poor example for younger siblings. Drug use impairs their decision-making ability and judgment, thereby inducing hostility towards their family members and even causing them to steal money from their family members to buy drugs. There is an observed decline in the academic performance of teen drug abusers, who also reveal a greater propensity to absenting themselves from school and related activities. A higher drop-out rate has also been found among drug abusers, according to relevant research.

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unhappiness essay

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Defining drug abuse must acknowledge social context. Negative behaviour is connoted by the term drug abuse, according to an article from DrugLibrary. However, sociology views behaviour as being positive or negative based on the social context of such behaviour. The same behaviour could take on a negative or positive hue, depending on the social circumstances. There are various sociological factors such as the socio-economic status of a person — that could influence drug abuse.

For instance, having to cope with adverse environmental or social conditions could drive a person to abuse drugs. A drug abuser might be encouraged by mass media or his/ her peer group, either of which might in some manner validate his behaviour. The psychological perspective explaining the causes of drug abuse focuses on a drug abusers inner motivations rather than his/ her social circumstances. Psychology does not allow for the possibility that a drug abuser might deliberately opt to abuse drugs, even to the extent that his/ her behaviour could result in ruining their personal relationships or financial stability. The drug abusers behaviour could also lead to their imprisonment, hardly a desirable option. Instead the psychological perspective stresses that the drug abuser behaves as they do because of a biological predisposition to an addiction that is beyond their control. According to the website of the california state University at Northridge, length drug abuse is attributable to several environmental and cultural factors that, however, fail to account for all instances of drug abuse.

Let's be carefully aware of this point and take better care of our parents to repay their efforts to teach. Toefl example Essays, advertising, living abroad, teacher evaluation. Compete or cooperate, has the media paid too much attention to celebrities? What would you change about your home town? How do movies or tv affect people? Why go to university?

Admissions Essay for Entrance to Theatre Institute. Hope for The future, career Plans For Master's Degree copy. Expository Essay on Drug Use m Blog 13 Facts on Drug Use and Its Consequences for an Expository Essay. June 17, 2016, essay writing Help, if you are writing an essay on drug use and its consequences, you might be in need of facts. Below are some facts that can help you support your claims: Both psychology and sociology seek to explain drug abuse, and each has their distinct perspective on the subject. The phrase drug abuse implies excessive use of a controlled substance, resulting in negative consequences. While sociology emphasizes the possible influence of environmental, cultural and social aspects on drug abuse, psychology seeks to establish factors that exist in a persons sub-conscious mind as influencing drug abuse. In fact, psychological and sociological factors may account for the prevalence of drug abuse.

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From our teachers at school, we can learn sophisticated knowledge. But how can our teachers tell us how to communicate with others, how to deal with strangers, how to behave in different barbing occasions, and how to make important decisions of our daily life? Only our parents, who will spend their whole life loving us, caring for us will tell us how to steer our own boats in the ocean of life without selfish consideration. Admittedly, our friends and school teachers could provide us with valuable advice now and then, and maybe it will be easier for us to follow their suggestions. Their effects on us cannot be neglected or replaced by our parents. And parents might spoil their children or even interfere with children's privacy because of love. To be honest, the roles of these two kinds of people cannot be replaced by each other. However, it seems to me that only our parents, who will spend their whole life with us, will be our best teachers, not only for now but also for our whole life. All in all, if all the factors are contemplated, we can easily reach a conclusion that, parents are not only our first teachers but also our best teachers.

unhappiness essay

Based on such a deep understanding, our parents will teach us what we are interested in and what we are not. For instance, they can often buy books on our favored topics such as sea animals and astronomical objects. Little by little, we can mature our minds and broaden our horizons in our favorite fields. (Or are we prospective artists, scientists, teachers, or even businesspeople? Our writing parents might tell that at our early ages. Consequently, they will give us specific encouragement and abundant resources in our favored fields. Sometimes, our parents can even point out a direction to our future professional goals. Will other people do that for us based on such a solid understanding of us?). In the second place, our experienced parents are our best teachers of today's complicated society.

that many of the worlds problems could be solved by leading a simpler life, however we as Americans may have gotten the quest confused with the goal : in other words we have gotten bogged down with just trying. Are parents best teachers? Different people will give different responses to this question from their own characters, emotional concerns and even educational backgrounds. However, when it comes to me, i believe that parents are our best teachers for the following reasons. In the first place, parents are the people who are closest to us and who understand our real needs best. From infancy on, our parents have witnessed every step in both our physical and mental development. They share every hint of happiness or unhappiness with us and they even know what a little gesture of us might indicate.

Greek philosophy centered on moderation in obtaining happiness thus the desire that guaranteed the gathering of things produces will only lead to unhappiness because it causes a per son to become greedy. Greek philosophy acknowledged those that constantly desire things as falsely happy and in so doing distanced that from it s own ideals. Neoplatonism agrees with the Greeks in that worldly goods do not bring happiness, however it follows a different line of reason. Neoplatonism states that worldly objects can never bring happiness because the owner constantly lives in fear of their loss. The philosophy also states that greed is against divine will. Neoplatonism then goes on to see god as the fountain from which all good flows. Thus if something goes against God it is not good an d therefore can t make a person happy. In conclusion it appears that with so many reasons why things would make a person unhappy less people would desire these things.

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Earthly And Fortuitious Things Essay, research Paper. Who desires Earthly and Fortuitous Things can not be happy. Chesher tue thur : 11:00-12:15, by Brett Caloia, the thesis can be argued in one of two ways. The first being the Greek philosophy which states that, the only thing that can make a person happy is wisdom because wisdom allows a person to make the best decisions for himself. The neoplatonism argument states that, earthly things could never bring happiness because these things are transitory. Those that own transitory things would constantly fear loss ; as a result those who live in fear can never really be happy. One constant that seems to run through most philosophical theories business is that worldly goods can never really bring happiness, but in fact begets greed because the desire can never be satisfied. The Greek concept of happiness revolved around wisdom and their search for knowledge. The ideals for Greek society therefore distance themselves from the accumulation of material goods preferring instead the search for wisdom and truth as things that can guide a person through a life well lived.

Unhappiness essay
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Save money custom essay completed within two weeks 10 55 page. The biggest influence in my life is someone often taken for grante d but always there, no matter how bad things get: my mother, teresa.

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  2. S.A deployment of missile in Poland. We are your personal assistant in writing an expository essay on drug use. Thats why you must rely on us and apply the facts from the article in your paper. These could manifest as stress, unhappiness, irritability and anxiety, among other symptoms. They share every hint of happiness or unhappiness with us and they even know what a little gesture of us might indicate.

  3. Obviously, they become rich but there is no one who shares their success; what they receive is unhappiness. However this viewpoint may be a result of my greed and unwillingness to accept my greed induced unhappiness. Truly as the sun can rot or mend, love can make one bestial or make a beast a man. An essay on marriage by pamela white hadas. The missile defense essay delves into various aspects of the missile defense system of a nation. For example, russia recently expressed unhappiness over.

  4. Unhappiness can be short lived if you stop concentrating on it and its effects on your life recently. In Praise of, unhappiness. The hero and The Only One. God is elbowing his way into the front stage of the world theater again. Esl forum Preparation for and help with the toefl test and essay samples collection.

  5. Example of essay questions in science. Was a compare and Contrast Map Sony boombox operates on, single paragraph essay. First thing is to load your Bitstamp account. Unhappiness by hermann (Hermsteinn). Sorted by: New most Popular.

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