The best sales presentation ever

the best sales presentation ever

Sales, speaker: how to prepare for a successful sales

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They repeat this story every chance they have — from Dreamforce keynotes and customer events to sales presentations and marketing ads. In fact, the english Dreamforce keynote deck becomes the newest First Call Deck for the entire company every year right after Dreamforce. The entire company is bought into this narrative and story, which is the true magic. Brownies, recipes, the best fudge Brownies youll ever make pinky swear! Like you, ive made my share of brownies over the years some good and some bad. While the good ones were just that, they were never what Id call the ooey gooey type of brownie i was constantly in seach. Until, i cracked open my, mrs. Fields cookie book and decided to try the, super Fudge Brownies recipe. These brownies are seriously the best brownies ive ever made! Holy cow, these brownies are so moist its not funny! Super Fudge Brownie is a very appropriate name!

At times, they can present almost the entire keynote through the lens of a real-life shredder customer. Customer evidence — DF16 Keynote These customer stories not only become some of you most valuable marketing assets, but they prove to your audience that your product can take them to the promised land and overcome your villain. Make sure your entire company knows your go-to customer stories — make them widely available and train your team on how to use and tailor them. The Art of Repetition Crafting this strategic narrative, though, is just the first step. What makes Salesforce the king of this story arc is their dedication to repeating this narrative. As I mentioned before, you can see the industry transformation slide salesforce originally designed in 2003 and how they continue to use this same slide every single year. If you watch the last seven years of Dreamforce keynotes, you will the see the same strategic narrative told every single year with slight adjustments or additions — and the industry transformation isnt the only slide with a new variation every year.

the best sales presentation ever

How to Craft Winning, sales

Introduce your Product as the tool to battle the Villain Now its finally time to introduce your product and position it as a tool for the heroes (your audience) to use to overcome the villain and make it to the promised land. Now with multiple products and business units, this is where salesforces story would start to diverge as they dive into individual product lines. Salesforces overarching product, though, is their customer success platform — a platform to help you connect to your customers in a whole new way. Customer Success Platform — DF16 5. Present evidence / Customer Stories Galore salesforce, the customer Success Platform, is one of the most unabashedly customer-obsessed companies. They bleed for their customers and devote serious attention to how they utilize their customers as their best marketing asset. You see this from Dreamforce keynotes to customer films to 100-foot window decals. If youve ever been to Dreamforce, you know this the second you step into downtown San Francisco — there are hundreds of customer"s from ceos of Fortune 500 companies sprawled across the city. Customer hero banners outside Dreamforce Their keynotes always include customers presenting on stage alongside marc, customer films, and multiple in-context customer stories or demos throughout the presentation.

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the best sales presentation ever

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You can read more about the no software logo in this excerpt from Marcs book, but the most important aspect of the logo was how it differentiated the salesforce brand — they were markedly different from the other software providers of the time in their product, business. Its also key that Salesforce holiday showed they were in a war against the legacy software industry as a whole, not a direct competitors brand. When you define a villain, you invite your audience to essay join forces with you in this war — you invite them to be a part of something bigger than simply purchasing your product to solve a problem. Paint your Vision, after developing your villain, its important to tease out the future state of what could be — the Promised Land as Andy calls. Its important to do this before you start digging into your product and features.

As Andy notes: Remember, winning is not having your product but the future thats possible thanks to having your product. Salesforce today does this brilliantly. Salesforce lays out the reality of the connected customer in todays world. This always-on connectivity and data causes an incredible gap between you and your customer, though, which needs to be filled in order to make it to the promised land of 1 to 1 relationships with your customers. The salesforce Promise Land 4.

Thank you slide to all their customers, partners, and employees, salesforce dives directly into their industry transformation slide below. This slide, now over 14 years old, is one of the most famous Salesforce slides ever made — and its still being used to this day. Salesforce opens every keynote and presentation with a version of this slide. You can always recognize this slide as it visually depicts the computing transformation thats taken place over the last few decades. Below is a short presentation of how it has evolved over the years from 2009 to this very week at Dreamforce 2017.

They begin by framing the tectonic shift taking place in their industry. They first were preaching the shift from mainframes to servers to the cloud — over the years they have added social, mobile, iot, and now machine intelligence shifts to this slide, but the premise remains the same. Dont focus on the problem from the beginning — frame your audiences state of mind to understand the tectonic shifts happening in the industry that make what you are about to talk about. Salesforce shows that this shift is inescapable and needs to be addressed 2. Develop a Villain, every story needs an antagonist, a villain. Early in their life, salesforce developed the no software logo and movement. It was initially polarizing, but it painted Salesforce as the hero pitted against their villain, traditional software.

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The narratives built in these positioning discussions became the basis for the Dreamforce keynote, which would eventually trickle down to every sales presentation rep and sales deck across the company. And Salesforce is the king of narratives and keynote presentations — from. The social Enterprise and the salesforce1 Platform to the customer Success Platform and their current Blaze your Trail messaging. With Dreamforce this week, i thought it only fitting to write a follow-up to Andys posts showcasing the same five elements of a brilliant product marketing and sales narrative from Salesforce. (I left Salesforce in 2015, and all the information shared here is publicly-available information from former. Dreamforce keynotes and presentations from other former Salesforce leaders.) 1. Industry Transformation, andy asserts, name the undeniable shift in the world that creates first both (a) big stakes and (b) huge urgency for your prospect. After kicking off all presentations with their infamous Safe harbor statement and.

the best sales presentation ever

After reading his latest post on Drift, i decided it was time to book dust off this draft and finish. After reading both of Andys articles, i couldnt help but see the similarities to how. Salesforce has structured their sales decks and keynote presentations for the last 10 years as well — I would argue it heavily influenced both zuora and Drifts approach considering zuoras ceo tien zuo was the 11th employee at Salesforce and their first cmo. Because of this, i wanted to follow Andys structure and dig into salesforces strategic narrative in their famously effective sales pitch. The 5 Elements of Salesforces Strategic Narrative. I began my career in Content Marketing. ExactTarget, the leading digital marketing platform, which was purchased by salesforce for.7B in 2013. I stayed with Salesforce through the acquisition and spent my last year at Salesforce working on their corporate marketing team focused on cross-cloud product marketing and positioning. During that time, i got to see some of the magic behind Salesforces industry-leading product marketing and messaging.

a restaurant-slash-boutique — save it as a bookmark in Maps. ICloud stores the locations youve bookmarked, so theyre easily accessible on all your devices. So whether you plan a trip from your Mac or get turn-by-turn directions from your iPhone, youll stay fully informed, no matter what device youre using.5. Last September, Andy raskin wrote an amazing post breaking down the. Zuora sales deck as, the Greatest Sales Deck ive ever seen. Last month, he followed up that article with another post entitled, the Greatest Sales Pitch ive seen All year where he broke down the, drift sales deck and pitch. After reading Andys article on zuora last year, i started writing this article, but never ended up finishing.

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The best sales presentation ever
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  6. Maps take a whole new turn. Offering a host of innovative features, maps makes finding and getting to your destination faster and easier than ever. This slide, now over 14 years old, is one of the most famous Salesforce slides ever made — and its still being used to this day. Salesforce opens every keynote and presentation with a version of this slide. The best fudge Brownies, youll, ever, make pinky swear! Like you, ive made my share of brownies over the years some good and some bad.

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