Resume evaluation matrix

resume evaluation matrix

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Andrew Corporation, richardson, tx january 1994- july 1997 Setup a departmental intranet for maintaining departmental project documentation. Setup and administered an Internet firewall to allow departmental personnel to have access to the Internet. Ported a proprietary operating system to a powerPC (MPC860) processor, code was written in assembly and. Designed and coded the interrupt and system call mechanism. Wrote ethernet driver and ported Epilogues tcp/IP product to the. Wrote tools to set up tcp/ip routing tables and debug networking problems.

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Primarily concentrated on the tcp/IP stack and an ethernet driver. Alcatel Network systems, richardson, tx december 19 Wrote low level device drivers for a wireless protect switch. Work was done using a microtec C compiler on Sun workstations. Target was a motorola 68040/68360 running a psos operating system. Nortel, richardson, tx july 1997 - december 1997 Worked in WorldCom support for the supernode data management (SDM) system. Sdm is a unix (aix.2) based fault Tolerant front mother end into nortel's dms family of switches. Applications are client/server using dce for security. I did System administration on the aix servers and hp clients. Installed and configured a dce cell to allow secure communications between machines on the network. Smu school of Engineering, richardson, tx august 1995- july 1997 Work as a part time instructor at southern Methodist Universitys School of Engineering. Taught courses in their unix system Administration program and taught an Internet class in their networking program.

Andrew Corporation, richardson, tx march 19 Worked on a satellite network control (SNC) System for abc television. This is an word snmp software package written to run on an nt network. The systems function is to control and monitor video transmissions to the affiliate sites. I did the network design using tcp/ip and Netbeui, set up the nt domain and ras controllers. Installed and configured OctopusHA for disk mirroring and application fallover. I set up protocol analyzers to capture satellite telemetry data to analyze proprietary protocol that had to be incorporated into the snc. Went to customers site for installation. Wrote embedded software for a token Ring to wireless lan bridge.

resume evaluation matrix

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Did Linux administration on the host and target systems. Fujitsu, richardson, tx feb 20oftware maintenance on C code on a psos environment. Spectrapoint a motorola/Cisco company, richardson, tx april 19 Programmed layer 2 bridging and vlan ethernet support for an lmds product. Vlan trucking was supported using 802.1Q tagged frames. Wan connectivity was supported using rfc1483 encapsulated atm. Connectivity was tested with Cisco revelation equipment. The target was an mpc860 running VxWorks operating system with code written.


Wrote administrator programs in C to parse setup Config files and to allow easier administration of the load balancing features without having to use iptables command. Debugged rom startup code to bring up Linux kernel. Samsung, richardson, tx june 20 Wrote linux device drivers for an embedded application on an mpc8240 processor. Used MontaVista.0 (Linux kernel.4) Linux distribution. The driver provided layer 2 networking between mpc8240 and Intel ixp1200 processors using a pci bus to connect them. Used an Abatron bdi2000 and Visionice for debugging. Andrew Corporation, richardson, tx may 20 Wrote software for embedded satellite antenna controller using embedded linux (MontaVista and lrp) and embedded dos. Designed and wrote socket communications between the two computers.

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resume evaluation matrix

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Assisted application programmers with their Linux questions. Setup and maintained the linux development environment for the group. McKesson Automated Prescription Systems, Alexandria, la mar 20 Worked on automated prescription equipment for pharmacy automation. This is an embedded Linux project on an arm processor. My job was to build the linux operating system for the application program to run. This included downloading the linux kernel and patches, and building a base kernel. I modified the device drivers as needed, and built the patch for the hardware.

I was responsible for building the root file system that ran out of a ramdisk. Wrote writing all of the startup and shutdown scripts. Wrote a shared library nature in C that allowed the application program to access features on the hardware, such as erasing and writing to on board flash. Xyterra computing, Scottsdale, az nov 20 Worked on router using PowerPC hardware and Linux.4. Downloaded kernel and patches and built customized kernels. Set up server load balancing and firewalling using Linux Virtual Server and Netfiltering / Nat functionality.

Worked with the hardware engineer during board bring. I modified and debugged the User bootloader (ubl u-boot, and Linux kernel to operate on the custom board. Built the custom root File system and rc startup scripts. Developed a packaging system for updating software on customer sites. Sci sanmina, huntsville, al sept 20 Worked on a 2 line lcd display using a ks0066U driver chip for a dot matrix lcd display. Developed a menuing system to control the vis-net Intercom hardware.

Debug tcp issues on a xilinx MicroBlaze processor running uClinux. Andrew Corp, richardson, tx oct 20 Worked on several embedded Linux products using x86, ppc, and Coldfire processors. The coldfire ran uClinux. Primarily built custom kernels and wrote device drivers for custom hardware. An spi interface to an sd card to add local file system and an spi to an ad converter. Worked with the hardware engineers in debugging their new designs. Wrote application program for the Antenna display unit that uses a socket interface to communicate with an outside antenna controller.

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The current system uses vxWorks and nonstandard hardware which obsoletes quickly. The new design provided more open hardware and software to minimize life cost of the system. Ported C code from vxWorks to linux. Had literature to add Information Assurance (IA) functionality to the port. Debugged a linux touchscreen driver for the beagle board (ti omap 3530). Commscope, richardson, tx july 20id the board Support Package (BSP) for the ipatch Network manager business product. The board uses a ti omap (AM1808) processor.

resume evaluation matrix

The software was written in c and ran on either text an embedded Linux system on an arm processor or on bare metal with no os on a powerPC processor. Used jtag and logic analyzers for debugging issues. Drs power Systems, milwaukee, wi jan 20 Responsible for Information Assurance (IA) and Cybersecurity implementation of the embedded Linux based power control systems used on us navy ships. The power control system consisted of a large rack containing multiple embedded Linux custom boards, plcs, a nas, and other network attached devices. This rack was considered a secure enclave. Communications with with the rest of the ship was through the linux boards were i implemented network firewalls. Used Nessus to conduct vulnerability scans and Kali linux for penetration testing. Uma technology partners, dallas, tx feb 20 rearchitected the landing Signal Office display system (lsdos) for the naval Air Warfare center in lakehurst New Jersey. The lsods is a redundant system that provides data to the landing Signal Officer to enhance safety of aircraft landing on aircraft carriers.

unix workstations over tcp/IP networks on Ethernet and token ring lans for software development and testing purposes. File sharing over the tcp/IP network was with nfs, ibm's ha-nfs, and afs. Connected unix workstations, pc's, and lan's to ibm mainframes using. Sna protocols (LU2 and LU6.2). Internet protocols: tcp/ip, dns, http (Apache, ncsa, cern smtp, pop languages : Shell, c, pl/m, forth, fortran, basic, assembler (8086, 8085, Z80, Z8000, 6502, 6800, 68000, 80960, pdp-9, pdp-11, powerpc, and sel810B) operating systems : unix (aix.2, aix.2, aix.2, system v, hp-ux. Hardware : Arm, powerpc, x86, coldfire, ibm risc 6000, ibm rt, ibm pc, ibm ps/2, hp9000, sun communications protocols: tcp/ip, sna, arinc 429, Frame relay, lapb, and mil std 1553 experience drs signal Solutions, germantown, md dec 2016 Present Software maintenance on existing radio tuners.

Have used many different vendors In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE) and logic analyzers. Extensive experience in integration and debugging of hardware and software designs. Primarily work in developing and porting protocols such as tcp/ip, vlan bridging, Frame relay, and atm (RFC1483). Have written Ethernet drivers for embedded Linux, vxWorks, and proprietary operating systems. Have implemented Firewalls thesis on embedded Linux systems for military, information. Assurance (IA) and Cybersecurity requirements. Unix / Networking / Internet: Extensive work as a unix and Network system administrator. Have set up Internet. Dns servers, mail Servers, tcp/IP routers, and Web servers.

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How satisfied are you with sas documentation overall? Do you have any additional comments or suggestions regarding sas documentation in general that will help us better serve you? Resume Embedded Linux Software Engineer (972) 200-9523, e-mail, download, resume http m linkedIn, embedded, software / device drivers / network protocols. Bs, electrical Engineering/Computer Option - louisiana tech University. Hacking and Penetration Testing - collin College - oct 2016. Electrical, engineer with 24 years of experience primarily in the computer, avionics, and data communications industries. Real, time Embedded Applications : have several years experience designing, coding, and testing real time embedded applications. Well versed in all aspects of hardware/software interfacing.

Resume evaluation matrix
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  1. You may also use the "Search" feature to more quickly locate information for a specific form number or form title. Documents sas/iml software, which provides a flexible programming language that enables novice or experienced programmers to perform data and matrix manipulation, statistical analysis, numerical analysis, and nonlinear optimization. Resume of roberlythe (972) 200-9523. Embedded software / device drivers / network. Matrix is committed to keeping our clients and readers informed and in compliance.

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