Problem solving statement

problem solving statement

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19 Issue hypothesis Supporting rationale Analysis source Example key issue or unresolved question that elicits a «yes» or «no» answer and upon which specific action depends Statement of the likely resolution of the issue. It includes the reason for answering yes. Elements you have to believe for the hypothesis to be true detailed supporting rationales make the transition to analysis easier. Models that should be explored in order to confirm or refute the hypothesis likely location or means of obtaining data to carry out analysis Should abc invest 20 million in new manufacturing technology? Yes abc costs will become uncompetitive without new investment Competitors manufacturing costs declining Industry leaders are investing in new technology pay off is very short Comparison of manufacturing costs review of competitive investment Cashflow: npv specialist magazines/ reports Manufacturing and customer interviews Accounting Department. Issue analysis worksheet 20 extend the issue analysis worksheet to creatork plan issue analysis work sheet Issue hypo-the sis Support-i ng rationale Analysis source work plan End product Responsibility timing States the analysiss output Identifies the team member who will under-take the analysis Sets the. 21 Synthesis recom-men dations.

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When to use it? decomposes an issue into smaller sub-issues (e. G., measures, criteria) sub-issues answer the question «What?» or «How?» Addresses the entire solution space early in the problem solving process, when you know little about the problem postulates a potential solution and identifies what arguments are necessary and sufficient to prove or disprove. Problem definition Structu-ri ng Prioriti-zi ng communicationstep 3: prioritize think speed: Which part of the tree seems most important to the problem? 15 cut off branches problem statement Issue 1 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 2 keep tightening focus Prioritize your effort on what is most important helps to ask «so what». But also ask what you have forgotten Is the key to working efficiently 16 how to prioritize use judgment/intuition do back-of-the- envelope calculations Involve your team take risks. Polishing Benefit for problem solving. 17 methods for prioritizing take a reasonably quick, informal approach to get started remember that sometimes a «back of an envelope» calculation is all thats needed If new information the emerges, you can always reprioritize and switch your efforts to another part of the tree use. Key ideas presentation example methods percentage of total «X» Estimated potential increase/decrease (sensitivity analysis) simple ratios quick industry benchmarks qualitative input from clients, cds, etc. ease of implementation timing «Quick wins» available resources high/low risk 18 Synthesis recom-men dations. Problem definition Structu-ri ng Prioriti-zi ng communicationstep 4: issue analysis and work plan think efficiency: How and on what should the team spend its time?

Can I pay less for same amount of items? Can i earn more from investments? Can I receive more from work? Can I buy fewer items? Legally Illegally work more hours make more per hour buy lower quality items Shop around for specials food Clothing Entertainment Travel Other Inherit Win lottery overtime Additional job business Higher job level Better paid industry 12 hypothesis-driven tree saving money why? The best way for me to have more money at the end of the month is to spend less through comparison shopping Comparison shopping is an interesting opportunity Changing my lifestyle is not an option savings are feasible to compensate for demanding workload, i need. My profession does not allow me to wear lower quality clothes key spending categories have competition in new formats New formats offer same quality at lower price Opportunity cost of additional time taken up by comparison shopping savings in hypermarkets Price Club Home depot Auto.

problem solving statement

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Statement of fact Not disputable too general 7 good problem solving: oilco refinery what opportunities exist for Oilco to improve performance through overhead rationalization, operational improvements, or asset/ownership restructuring, either as a growth platform or as a low- cost local operator? Oilco should shift to a low-cost local operator approach, cut overheads, redesign operations, and restructure non-core assets to improve profitability by 40 million per year oror specific, action-orie pdf nted 8 Synthesis recom-men dations. Problem definition Structu-ri ng Prioriti-zi ng communicationstep 2: structure the problem think disaggregation and hypothesis: What could the key elements of the problem be? 9 what iogic tree? A problem- solving tool that breaks a problem into discrete chunks long Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 10 two main types of logic trees issue tree issue 1 Issue 3 Issue 2 Hypo-thesi s-driven tree argument 1 Argument 2 Argument 11 issue. How can I have more money at the end of the month without incurring a debt? Can i increase income? Can I reduce expenses? Can I receive a windfall?

Bay lops q 3 Synthesis recom-men dations. Problem definition Structu-ri ng Prioriti-zi ng Issue analysis. Problem solving process structures your work communication 4 step 1: define the problem synthesis recom-men dations. Problem definition Structu-ri ng Prioriti-zi ng communicationthink impact: What is the question you are trying to answer? 5 problem statement characteristics of good problem statement Thought-provoking question, not a fact Specific, not general debatable (not a statement of fact or non-disputable assertion) Able to be acted upon focused on what the decision maker needs to move forward. Clear statement of problem to be solved 6 problem statement example: oilco refinery the oilco refinery is suffering from poor profitability despite a strong market niche position. Should the oilco refinery improve its deteriorating position? Can the oilco refinery be managed differently to increase profitability?

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problem solving statement

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List the problem statement tools and their applications. List the root cause analysis tools and their applications. Explain the difference between short term and long-term corrective action. Explain linkages to fmea. Apply the problem solving process. Explain Plan-do-study-Act, explain the linkages between problem solving, iso 90001:2008 and iso/TS 16949:2009. Who Should Attend: This course is recommended for all members of a problem solving teams.

Duration and, format: 2 biodata days, workshop with examples or actual problems. Bay case competition April 2 agenda 30 min 15 min 20 min Problem solving approach overview Practical exercise. Lets improve the. Bay lops Practical exercise. Lets assess the.

Example float grade1; float grade2; float total; float average; float grade1, grade2, total, average; Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 11, equality and Relational Operators Operators Examples meaning x y x is greater than y x y x is greater than or equal to y 12, example of Equality operational Operators Fig1.14 * A comma-separated list. Int num1, num2; * Cascaded stream extraction operations cin num1 num2; * If statement to compare two numbers input by the user. If ( num1 num2) cout 13, home work Using if statements, relational operators, and equality operators to tell us the relationships two input numbers satisfy. Software development Procedure * Step 1: Analyze the problem * Step 2: develop a solution * Step 3: Code the solution into C/C * Step 4: Test and Correct the Program Problem Solving Using. Download ppt "Arithmetic Operations (L05) * Arithmetic Operations * Variables * Declaration Statement * Software development Procedure Problem Solving Using.

Problem solving workshop, course description: This is a skill-based course that will provide you with the ability to conduct effective problems and root-cause analysis in the workplace. This course emphasizes hands-on training and applies rational, fact based systematic methods in conjunction with experiential learning. Discussion points include: rational, experiential and creative strategies to resolve both common and special cause conditions in the work environment. This course is fully compatible with quality strategies, such as, iso/TS 16949:2009, and other oem specified quality systems. Course, objectives : Upon completion of this session participants should be able to: Define the term technical problem. State the goal of technical problem solving. Explain the difference between prevention and detection. List the steps in the technical problem solving process. Describe how to form a multi-disciplinary technical problem solving team.

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Invalid variable names? Name, date, while, 34, me, data(name) Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 8, naming Storage locations num1 45; num2 12; total num1 num2; Variable names num1 num57 Memory Addressed Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 9, declaration Statements *Declaration Statement The statement for naming a variable and specifying the data type that can be stored in it are called declaration statement. General Form of Declaration Statements data-typevariable-name; data-type: designates a valid C data type. Variable-name: is a user-selected variable name. Examples int total;long int total, float firstnum; double secnum; Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 10, multiple diary declarations * Multiple statement declaration Variables having the same data type can always be grouped together and declared using a single declaration statement - multiple declaration.

problem solving statement

These symbolic names are called variables. Examples of variables: nm1, nm2, total, date, class_name, first_name Problem Solving Using. Rules of Variables * The variable name must begin with a letter or underscore and may contain only letters, underscores, or digits. It cannot contain any blanks, commas, or special symbols, such as ( ), .!? a variable name cannot be a keyword. The variable name cannot consist of more than 31 characters.

Example 1521 (15/2.5 is not correct) Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 4, operations of Characters and Integers * Operations of Characters and Integers c always convert a character to an equivalent integer value whenever a character is used in and arithmetic expression. Thus, characters and integers can be freely mixed in arithmetic expressions. Examples (ascii) A1 b ( ; 65A, 66 B) z - 1 Y for ( 90-1 89; 90 z, 89Y) a b z (122 z) Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 5, exercise/Homework 1 * B-1? ( 65A, 66 b, 66 C) y 1? ( 90 z, 89Y, 88X) a b - 10? (122 z, 121y, 120x) * 19/6?

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sat is a registered trademark of the college board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. All content of site and practice tests copyright 2018 Study mode, llc. Presentation on theme: "Arithmetic Operations (L05) * Arithmetic Operations * Variables shredder * Declaration Statement * Software development Procedure Problem Solving Using. Ming."— Presentation transcript: 1, arithmetic Operations (L05) * Arithmetic Operations * Variables * Declaration Statement * Software development Procedure Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 2, arithmetic Operations Operation Operator Type Associativity Addition BinaryLeft to right Subtraction- binaryLeft to right Multiplication* BinaryLeft to right division/ BinaryLeft to right Modulus binaryLeft to right Negation- UnaryRight to left Problem Solving Using. Ming Zhang 3, integer division * Integer division Rule The fractional part of the result obtained when dividing two integers is dropped (truncated). Example 15/2 7 (15/2.5 is not correct) * Integer Modulus Operator Modulus operator captures the remainder when two integers are divided.

Problem solving statement
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  3. This involves approaching a problem by developing a problem statement developed using the. List the problem statement tools and their applications. Explain the linkages between problem solving, iso 90001:2008 and iso/TS 16949:2009.

  4. Pope games this topic of faeces in problem solving solutions. Mainstay prime mature made the way flag a succinct thesis statement student in 2004 but "I. When the students have finished, they use their problem - solving skills to guess what criteria. The students discuss each statement for five minutes and. The following process for problem solving is much.

  5. Practice your math problem solving skills with our tests. Statement, analysis. A problem statement is a clear concise description of the issue(s) that need(s) to be addressed by a problem solving. Of writing problem statement for. 1 Arithmetic Operations (L05) Arithmetic Operations Variables Declaration. Statement, software development Procedure, problem, solving, using.

  6. Mba strategy gmat, problem, solving. Statement (2) alone is sufficient, but, statement (1) alone is not sufficient. In our earlier statement, "How might i increase the use of problem solving techniques by college graduates of four year universities in America today? Problem, statement, characteristics of good problem statement, thought-provoking question, not a fact. 7 good, problem, solving : oilco refinery what.

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