My dream house writing

my dream house writing

Writing about my dream house

But was disappointed to see roller operator sitting on the roadside. He told me that the bed was still too muddy, but the real thing was that his machine was not starting due to bad battery. We tried a jump start with my car, but it did not help. Made calls to site supervisor as he has a diesel powered suzuki jeep, but he was absent today. The owner of road roller was also not present in the area and he said that would be reaching in two hours. Went to pwd market and brought an electrician with a very heavy battery, but his battery had very little charge.

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The apj purchaser gave a cheque of Allied Bank, which G-10 Markaz branch refused to cash because it was way beyond the essay allowed online transfer limit, though the account had the balance (stupid limit). Have to take risk and accepted a crossed cheque. After all a bounced cheque can get the issuer behind bars, so i hope that my ordeals just ends here and cash comes through by next tuesday. I would have straight away refused the deal, but purchaser's uncle came out to be an acquaintance. When I was thinking of getting out of bed early Friday, wife told me it's raining outside and I said to myself what else could go wrong. Last week i had been praying for rain as wanted to drench the plot but it remained very warm and sunny. A full day had already been wasted because of the stupid water supply staff, the road roller operator refused to press the bed being two muddy. But as soon as I left I-8 and moved on Islamabad Highway in the direction of Rawat, there were hardly any signs of rain. So the rain was only in Islamabad. I was so happy and thanked Allah for not sending rain to media town.

The stupid purchaser gave time of 11:30 am for plot transfer. I left my construction site unattended and the muppet turned up at 3:40 pm from Peshawar and that too with a dd in the name of Mohsin Hassan Gilani. I had specially asked the agent and written. Bold caps my full name for the dd (Bank demand Draft but the idiot gave totally wrong name to the purchaser. I wonder why my parents gave me such a difficult name which everyone misspells and I have suffered a lot several times because of the poor clerks who cannot write it correctly both in Urdu and English. All these estate business agents are really big frauds and totally cheats and incompetent lot. They purchased from me and sold to another guy and made 110,000 bucks extra. They always take the seller taken for granted knowing he needs money big time and would do what they like. .

my dream house writing

Essay on my dream house

They are just good at what they have been doing since childhood and soil testing, compaction, raft foundations is too much for most of them. Almost every tom, dick and harry who visit the excavated site come biography and say oh that was not needed, you have made a huge unneeded expense on digging up the site, now how will you refill it? I had been hearing from many people that house building can make you a crazy psychos. Now i understand how it grinds. But then I see all around, the endurance of fellow humans who have undergone such a treacherous task and still surviving. I think every journey you take from your home for some work is so eventful that you can write a blog post mini daily. Now tell you another ordeal which I faced today. I sold my tiny plot in G-14/1 to start construction.

The roller operator said that his machine will be stuck, while site supervisor was saying that it would not as the soil was sandy and there were too many stones and water will be absorbed in an hour. The operator waited till lunch time and then again refused to do the job saying there was water. I am getting sick of muppet after muppet appearing clueless about how to proceed further on compaction job. The biggest shock came from my contractor when he asked me that how much we are going to fill and if we fill up to road level and compact it we will need 20 dumpers of gravel, something like 200,000 rupees just for gravel for. The way he is doing the work without any brain, it seems that he will spend my one million rupees just on foundations. I have arranged two meetings between the contractor and the architect and my soil analyst has talked to him several times and still he does not know what. One of the most important lesson from this story is that never follow a proper path or never adopt proper procedures in doing anything in pakistan, because you will be stuck big time due to empty brains all around you.

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my dream house writing

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Water tankers were arranged from pwd, but later site supervisor came and promised to water the bed, so the order was canceled. I took a risk on supervisor's requests. On Thursday i have to go to federal government Employees housing foundation epidemiologist (fgehf) in connection with the sale of a plot as funds are now badly needed, so it will be a lot of traveling between Islamabad and Media town and after the roller has. I have realized that 100 kilometers drive in city is much much more tiring than six hours drive on highways. October 7, 2010, another jinxed day.

The roller came to the site and refused to go inside the plot saying it was too much over watered. The water guy had promised yesterday that he will drench the site by 7 am, but when I reached around 9 am, he had just finished watering. I fail to understand that why people commit things which they cannot do or deliver. For example here you tell a guy 20 times that will he show up at 8 am sharp next morning and he will swear upon anything saying that even if heavens fall he would show up definitely. The next morning you go at 8 am and there is no trace of the guy. So far I have only found the building material dealer so quick that orders have been delivered super fast according to the time. Rest of the departments are really never wrecking.

Also paid sanitary store bill. As of today 152,000 rupees have been spent on construction project and all I have is a dug up plot, a temporary site store room, water connection (so-called electricity connection (in papers). October 6, 2010 with the grace of Allah, many hurdles were crossed today. I thank Allah for a great day as all the things which were stuck and hit by snags, suddenly fell in line with so much ease and convenience. Learned to be more patient and consistent and keep trying while continue to seek guidance and blessings of Allah. Started the day around 8:30 at site.

For next 90 minutes, had no clue about road roller and water and was thinking about to abandon the road roller project and go ahead with normal compaction. At around 10:00 am went with contractor in search of a road roller and after asking couple of excavator guys finally found one parked silently amid shopping plazas behind United bakery in pwd housing scheme. Called the cell number written on the roller and it was booked right away for an advance payment of (4,000 pkr 20 liters diesel price) at a nearby real estate dealer office. The guy with whom I spoke on phone came to site to see if the roller could work there or not. The nearer the roller is to your site, the less expensive it will be and I was lucky to find it so near, while everyone was telling us that we should go to rawat, tarnol or Pirwadhai for it-a long travel for them to reach. Then went to building material dealer in Police foundation colony. Ordered 35 bags of cement, gravel and sand for starting the construction of underground water tank.

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Iesco guy said that in seven to eight days connection will be given. Traveled back to media town and then had a meeting with the architect at pwd society. After several calls and running around, got the tap water running, but the supply was short lived only for 40 minutes. Then a laborer spotted seepage into the whole of underground tank from the water supply line. Called the lineman and he said he had called it a day and will check back tomorrow. I ate two bananas and glanced through some unread pile of magazines as I called and text-ed many people checking the availability of a road roller. Meanwhile a steel bar dealer and a salesman for termite treatment company visited me while i was camping in my car. Also visited the building material supplier and paid his bills.

my dream house writing

So left it as a last option and tried to war search more, but so far in vain. Went to Chaklala garrison iesco office to collect demand, not. Had to queue up for about 20 minutes at garrison gate. Do not understand why do not they move iesco office out in civilian area. The iesco staffer asked me to get six copies of the demand note from Shaheen Market and come back. He then kept one copy in his file and told me to submit 25,500 rupees in Allied Bank, old Chungi Branch, Chaklala Scheme iii. Went to bank and thanks God there was no rush at all and it took just three minutes to submit the fees.

have to go to bank to deposit installation charges. A temporary store has been built near the construction site with mud and bricks to store cement and provide accommodation to a full-time security guard. I hope that once this compaction thing is done, things would start moving at a pace. October 5, 2010, soil analyst on last visit on Monday recommended compaction by a 18 tons road roller which has vibrator after amply watering the bed. The search started right away. Today morning I started around nine and reached the site and checked possibility of running tap water supply, but the underground lines were still damaged at several points. Then along with my contractor we went to dha phase one, picked up a guy who joined our search for a roller. In Rawat we found one, but it was 12 tons and no vibration.

On the rear (western) side of the plot a two-feet wide retaining wall was encountered, which the developers claim that is eight feet wide at the base and rises up to 40 feet and the peak height was 45 feet from the ground level. But stone wall is a negative and it should have been a concrete wall. The developers claim that it was absolutely safe and built according to standard practices and there was no chance of its settling down or cracking. Meanwhile, i applied for water, electricity and gas connections. Water line is connected, revelation though the supply is still erratic as water lines were damaged during underground power cable installation work by Islamabad Electricity supply company (iesco according to the developers. The repair work is going on and meanwhile water for construction purposes is being provided through tankers. Electricity connection normally takes three weeks, but the process was accelerated, courtesy by a friend. On October 1, i applied for natural gas connection, well in advance because the gas company normally takes at least six to 12 months to provide a gas connection. I have to arrange enough water, through the tapped supply or tankers to flood the bed and after it is well drenched for couple of days, and then hire a road roller for compaction.

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Building a house is plan a huge task which demands time, energy and strong nerves. This is what I feel after I started construction of my house at Media town Rawalpindi on September 28, 2010. I am indebted to Mr Mujtaba Shahid who guided me from first steps and he continues to give advice and his time. I am really on a very tight budget as the investments which I had made in real estate have rally gone at the lowest ebb. A bad time to sell, but have to build now as later hike in construction material is imminent, especially in the wake of massive monsoon flooding in pakistan which has affected 14 million people. I got the possession of plot (2800 square feet) in April 2010 and contacted Jamshed and Associates for designing and layout. The process was finalized by july after several sessions and heated discussions with Mr Najib kayani and within the family. Then I decided to have the soil of the plot tested and here the things really became challenging as the soil analysis revealed lose fill and recommended six-feet-deep excavation and then refilling it up to three feet with compaction.

My dream house writing
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  4. Building a house is a huge task which demands time, energy and strong nerves. This is what I feel after I started construction of my house at Media town Rawalpindi on September 28, 2010.

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