Mums returning to work resume

mums returning to work resume

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A: Optometrist Sarah Townsend, a council member for the college of Optometrists, says: "It's surprising how many eye health myths still seem to be widely believed. "Parents shouldn't worry about their children sitting close to the tv - children may find it more comfortable to read or watch tv close-up as they have very good focusing ability, but it won't do them any harm. "Similarly, reading in bad light is also highly unlikely to cause any permanent damage because your eyes adjust and your pupils enlarge in order to collect the most light. It could, however, cause eye strain, which can be uncomfortable. "Another common myth is that wearing glasses or contact lenses will make your eyes weaker, but this is also false. "However, some so-called 'myths' are partly true - for example carrots are a source of vitamin a, which is important for the eyes, although the college recommends a balanced diet to maintain good eye health.

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If they're not ready to return to paid work, they might consider doing voluntary work to maintain their abilities. They also need to think about the skills they possess, including those gained from being a parent. Trying use a keeping-in-touch day, where a parent on maternity or additional paternity leave is paid to work for the odd day during the leave, can also make the final return to work easier. Parents also have the right to request flexible working, although employers don't have to agree. Getting the work-life balance right is also vital, says Liston-Smith, and it can really help for mums to share chores with their partner if possible - that said, last year's survey found only 27 of parents shared housework and childcare evenly with their partner. "If you have a partner at home, it's sensible to have constructive conversations about how you share the domestic workload she says. "While you're on maternity leave you're probably more involved with housework than ever, but when you go back to work that has to be managed as essay a household - it can't really stay as just being your job. "But it's important to be level-headed about it, and use your best delegation skills with your partner!" : For more information about the work and Family Show, visit. Ask the expert, q: "There are so many old warnings around about children's eyes, like how reading in bad light or sitting too close to the tv will damage their eyes, or eating carrots will improve their vision. Are these sort of tales true, or just myths?".

The survey found 32 of mums took between one and six months off, 30 took seven to 12 months, and 23 had more than two years away from work. Jennifer Liston-Smith, head of coaching at Myfamilycare, which provides work and family solutions for both employers and employees, says: "If a woman's taken a long period off work, she has to show she's got up-to-date skills - there's a very definite confidence hurdle. "She may be questioning whether it'll work for her and can she balance it all, and the world is looking at her and asking if with she can do it, has she got up-to-date skills?". She says leading employers see the benefit of being family-friendly and having mothers return to work, explaining: "They know parents are likely to have developed more perspective, responsibility and loyalty. "They quite like to employ parents because they tend to be good at prioritising and multi-tasking, and will probably be motivated and loyal if the employer can help them make it work.". She says that issues such as the gender pay gap suggest "on the face of it, it would appear it's harder for women but she points out that many women who've taken time off to have children and returned to work are very proactive and. Working and being a parent means, of course, that parents have two roles, and Liston-Smith stresses: "A lot of people feel they're happier as parents if they've got their own identity and are able to use their talents and training at work.". Women thinking of returning to work need to consider their long-term vision and where they want to be in 10-15 years.

mums returning to work resume

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"What is new is coping with the dual role of working and being a parent. Guilt gets a lot of press and it's definitely an emotionally turbulent time.". She says many women rethink their values and priorities after having a baby, and find it hard to move from being at home with the baby for months and then leaving them real for up to 10 hours a day. "For many women though, there's no choice she points out. Indeed, the 2013 annual survey of working mums by found the main reason for mums returning to work after having children is money (94) - although 75 want to work to boost their self-esteem, and 75 enjoy their job. So if you can't avoid the need to return to work, the only answer legs is to try and reduce the stresses that go with it - garner stresses that being happy about childcare, making sure it's right for you as well as your child,. "Anything that can reduce your stress levels helps make the return easier and more sustainable in the long-term she says. Tweaking things a little at work if necessary, such as reducing working hours, or cutting commuting by requesting a couple of days working from home, are also steps which can be of huge benefit. From the employment perspective, part of the problem with returning to work after having children can be the length of time a woman has been off.

Parenting is hard enough, but it appears many mums are making it even harder on themselves - by succumbing to 'work guilt'. While new figures show 64 of mums are now in employment, research suggests more than three-quarters (80) of these feel guilty about going back to work after having a baby, worrying about leaving their child in the care of others. But, as Mandy garner, editor of, rightly argues: "Guilt is a bit of a useless emotion if you can't do anything to change things. "Finding the right childcare to fit around your work patterns, negotiating flexible working or finding a new flexible job, and planning ahead for emergencies, like who takes time off when a child's sick - these are all things you can do to help reduce the. Such thorny issues are among those that will be tackled at the work and Family Show (ExCel London, february 21-22 where working parents will be offered advice and information from employment experts and employers. Garner will be speaking at the show about the best ways for parents to find a job. She says: "It's very hard to go from an extended period of doing something entirely different from your day job to returning to work. "Many women find their confidence is affected, but once they're back at work they usually pick up the reins pretty quickly. After all, it's often something they've done for many years.

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mums returning to work resume

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I'd like to discuss some of my past successes and achievements, both from my previous work history and my time out of the workforce.". Be confident when making these statements and the interviewer will have confidence in you report as well. After biography all, what's really important to the interviewer is whether you are the right person for the position and are willing to put the appropriate time and effort into making it a success. The most important to thing about returning to the workforce is the excitement! Your life is about to change for the better. But with change comes uncertainty and anxiety. If you start to feel discouraged go search Pinterest for new outfit ideas.

Dream about what life will be like when you are at work. Dreaming about what your next job will make it seem more possible and keep you positive. Best of luck in your job search! Many mums who return to work after having a baby feel guilty and find being a working parent tough. Employment experts discuss return-to-work problems - and solutions - with Lisa salmon.

Be sure your cover letter is top notch. Check all grammar (use the app, Grammarly! Also, try to find the name of the company's recruiter or hr manager to personalize the letter. It shows you made an effort to get to know the company and checked out their company on LinkedIn. Bridge the gap in Person or On Paper. Here's how to address your professional gap in your cover letter.

The recruiter may be curious so be honest and to the point about your gap in employment. You can say something like you left the workforce to care for family and since they are older now you are eager to return to the workforce. During phone interviews and face-to-face interviews, acknowledge your gap in employment in a matter of fact way. You could say something like, "you may have noticed a gap on my resume. After the birth of my second child, i made the decision to stay home with my children. I'm the type of person who puts 150 percent into everything. At that point, i felt that those efforts were best focused on my family. Now that my children are older, i'm at a point where i'm once again able to commit 150 percent to an employer.

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Instead, organize your resume by work experience and related skills instead of including a chronological listing of your work history. This way you can highlight activities and skills from your time away from work including volunteer work, fundraising efforts, continuing education, and contract or freelance work. . While these skills are pertinent and certainly transferable to the revelation workplace, remember that you are applying for a job. The majority of your resume should focus on specific work experience, achievements, and successes. Submit a cover Letter That Shows you did your Homework. Your cover letter is designed to grab the reader's attention and entice them to read your resume. It's also super critical to moms looking to return to work because it gives you the opportunity to share your story. You want to share why you're interested in their company, what skills you have that would make their company more successful, and your specific accomplishments.

mums returning to work resume

You could use internal this time performing a contract job or freelance work to help fill your gap. . In today's economy, many companies are open to the idea of contract workers, especially for big projects or to help launch new initiatives. This way of working allows you to keep your skills fresh or it could help you learn a new skill set to be used in a new career! Also, you could use volunteer work to help fill your professional gap. To do so keep a detailed list of the projects you have worked on with your school's pta, school fundraisers, or charitable organizations. Make a special note if you were in a leadership role like a large event or project. How to manage the gap on your Resume. Even though you don't want to hide the period of time you were out of the workforce, you don't want to highlight it either. Err on the side of caution and avoid addressing your mom duties with cute descriptions like "domestic goddess" or "Smith Family ceo.".

it's never too late to reach out. Are you unsure what to talk about? Besides sharing what you have been up to take the opportunity to catch up on the company's latest news, changes in the industry, or what former clients are doing. When you keep these relationships fresh they will be better resources and references when you are ready to return to work. Find ways to fill your Professional Gap. Returning to work won't happen instantaneously. It takes some time to find the right job!

In these professional groups there will be suggested resources that you'll want to research later. Talk to your network about returning to the workforce. You need to get the word out! You don't need to post something on social media unless you feel comfortable doing. But start telling people you're looking to return to the work. Before first sharing this great news get clear about what kind of job you're looking for. This way you're prepared to answer questions about your job search. Reconnect With your Professional Contacts.

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Getty Images / Robert Daly, let's say you are one of the 44 of working moms business who left their job to care for their family and it's time to head back to the workforce. There are some things you can do to better your chances of landing in the right role that will make returning to working motherhood worthwhile. Here are five things you can do when you're thinking about returning to the workforce. Get Back in the game, it's time to get caught up on your industry news. Check out journals or books from your library. Find articles and popular websites that would get you up-to-date. If you're unsure where to start looking for resources log into linkedIn to see what groups your connections are.

Mums returning to work resume
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  1. Notify your Student Advisor that you are returning. Talk to a re-entry counselor, and they will work with you to help you achieve your goal of earning a degree. Consider a functional format for your resume. In this article, you will find resume tips for moms and dads returning to the workforce after an hiatus. Many mums who return to work after having a baby feel guilty and find being a working parent tough. From the employment perspective, part of the problem with returning to work.

  2. Workshops on labour market trends. A variety of resource materials and services are available. If there s a professional gap in your resume don t fret. The majority of your resume should focus on specific work experience, achievements, and successes. Prepared a resume including referees? Mums who return to work part time can request to have their full-time position preserved until their child s fifth birthday.

  3. Do you think famous mums set an unrealistically high standard for real mums, who dont have a team of stylists, pas etc? Would I take the mums out of their pots if stored in the shed? Both ways have worked fine and year after year I have returning show of rainbows of mums. Returning to work also may increase your income and benefits over time. We can also help you handle the hard questions, explain gaps in your resume, or request a job accommodation.

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