Bsf bible study reviews

bsf bible study reviews

True to his Word: The Story of Bible Study fellowship (bsf

About half have disagreed with some or all of it and the other half have said its spot. . As mentioned in the article, every bsf group is different, so Im sure these may or may not be issues with every group depending on the leaders and participants. Comments are now becoming redundant, and some of them downright ugly, so ive closed comments on this article. (Just to save you some time, please dont go to another articles comment section and attempt to comment on this article there. It wont be published. I also will not be responding to e-mails/social media messages about this article.).

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Cross-referencing Scripture could help clear up doctrinal issues. The bible tells us that the job of a pastor (and by the extension of this principle, bible teachers) is to give instruction in sound doctrine and judy also to rebuke those who contradict it (. It also says Christians are not to yoke ourselves together with unbelievers ( 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 ). Those who claim to be Christians yet deny the essentials of the faith (the Trinity, salvation by grace alone, etc.) are just as much unbelievers as atheists and agnostics (. It seems to me that there is something foundationally wrong with a bible study in which genuine believers and false converts, people who hold to sound doctrine and people who hold to false doctrine, can sit side by side with neither being offended or corrected. Mature, discerning believers can probably attend bsf without being swayed to believe any false doctrine (and, just to be clear, Im certain its not bsfs intention to teach false doctrine). However, i imagine that those mature, discerning believers would find it difficult to abide by the rules of keeping quiet on issues of sound doctrine as those issues arise. If you have a question about: a well known Christian author/leader, a bible passage, an aspect of theology, a current issue in Christianity, or how to biblically handle a family, life, or church situation, comment below (Ill hold all questions in queue unpublished for a future. The mailbag ) or send me an e-mail or private message. If your question is chosen for publication, your anonymity will be protected. Update: ive received numerous comments on this article.

Or a mormon says, This passage indicates that we can be baptized for the dead. We should all be doing this? These are doctrinal issues, whether bsf sees them as such or not, and summary from a biblical standpoint these members need to be taught that praying to mary and baptism for the dead are unscriptural and sinful. But, according to what ive been told, bsf will not correct peoples false doctrine in order to remain open to people of all Christian faiths. In fact, ive been told its against the rules for members/leaders to even disclose which church they belong. Nor, for the same reason, can anyone recommend (or warn against) any pastor, author, or teacher, despite the fact that his/her materials might be very helpful (or harmful) to someone in the group. Bsf leaders are also told not to use any Scripture other than what is being studied that day, which is most unhelpful, as one of the basic tenets of sound hermeneutics is that Scripture interprets Scripture and that unclear passages are to be understood.

bsf bible study reviews

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This is a problem because there are many churches and denominations which call themselves Christian but whose doctrine is not in compliance with Scripture (for example, catholics, Oneness Pentecostals, mormons, and New Apostolic Reformation). Bsf could be very helpful in this regard if it would require its leaders to hold to sound doctrine (our doctrine colors the way we teach Scripture) and would allow its leaders and members long to discuss correct biblical doctrine, but the way it has been. That mini statement, if an accurate representation of bsfs stance, demonstrates a fundamental flaw in their view of Scripture and its regulation of the church. The bible is doctrine. There is no way to teach the bible without teaching doctrine. What if, during a discussion of that days lesson, one of the catholic members says, This verse seems to say that praying to mary would be wrong. Have i been sinning all these years?

Next, bsf is limited to studies of only ten books/topics. I understand why bsf may have to do this from a logistics standpoint, but if bsf is a womans only form of personal or group Bible study, thats leaving out a lot of the bible. We need all of the bible for all of life. Concerns have also been raised by bsf participants and leaders that bsf may be headed in an Emergent and/or contemplative direction considering bsfs recommendations of materials by authors who subscribe to these false teachings and bsfs increasing use. The message (a very shoddy paraphrase of Scripture) rather than a reliable translation. Finally, my major concern with bsf is that it is ecumenical. It is my understanding that bsf is open to, and led by, people from all denominations (and non-denominations) that call themselves Christian.

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bsf bible study reviews

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Bsf bible study groups are held in various local churches and are open to anyone. I have never participated in bsf myself, but i am somewhat familiar with it through a couple of friends who have been very involved. While i totally support the idea of delving deeply into the Scriptures with other women, there are a few of aspects of bsf that concern. Let me start off by saying that every bsf group is different, so Im sure these may or may not be issues with every group depending on the leaders and participants. First, the amount of time required for bsf homework and other responsibilities may not be a fit for every participant. Some women have the hours required for these things and embrace assignment it, but many do not.

For the women who do not, this can become discouraging. They may come to view studying the bible as a chore. They may sometimes neglect their husbands, children, homes, churches, friends, etc., in favor of completing the assignments. They may even give up on organized Bible study all together, assuming that all classes require the same investment of time as bsf. For these reasons alone, i would probably not recommend bsf for a new believer.

Garth Bolinder (district superintendent, evangelical covenant Church) Mrs. Pamela bunn (former bsf area advisor). Michael duke (Retired President ceo of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.) Mrs. Lois McCall, Emeritus (former bsf teaching leader) countries edit According to the organization's Form 990 for the year ending August 31, 2006, 1 bsf has offices in the usa, australia, united Kingdom, hong Kong, kenya, and Singapore, and has a financial interest in the following. 5 6 It emphasizes salvation by grace through faith ( Eph 2:8) while encouraging a holy ( sanctified ) lifestyle. Any bsf participant who agrees to the bsf statement of faith, when that statement is not in conflict with the church they are a member of, can be called into leadership positions in bsf.

Bsf is careful not to call someone into leadership where the profession of their faith as a member of their church would be conflict with the bsf statement of faith. References edit External links edit. What are your thoughts on bsf (Bible Study fellowship)? Is it doctrinally sound? Is it a good way of studying the bible? According to the, bSF web site, bsf is an in-depth, interdenominational Bible study that helps people know God and equips them to effectively serve the Church throughout the world.

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The aims edit The vision of bsf international reads "Worldwide training centers teaching the bible to produce in all participants a vibrant relationship with God and, in as many as are called, a passion to commit without reservation to lead in the cause of Christ. Board of directors edit In addition to bsf's executive director Susan Rowan, the organization has the following people on its board of directors : 4 Officers:. Bruce Smith (retired barrister chairman. Anthony tan (international businessman vice chairman Mrs. Suzanne Sloan, secretary (former bsf area advisor) Other members:. John Amuasi (nuclear scientist and educator). Steve the gately plan (former bsf business Manager). (former President, gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary ). Mark bailey (President of Dallas Theological Seminary ) Judge ron Rogg (lawyer and judge).

bsf bible study reviews

History edit bsf grew out of a program of structured Bible study that. Wetherell Johnson, a missionary with China Inland Mission, agreed to run for a group of friends in California in 1952. Johnson accepted an invitation to go to san Francisco to conduct Bible classes for the revival converts of Billy Graham warrior 's neo-evangelical crusades." 3 bsf began in 1959. Upon Johnson's retirement, rosemary jensen became Executive director (ED) and served for nearly twenty years. In 2000, she began serving as the head of the rafiki foundation International which has since moved from San Antonio, tx to eustis, fl and Mrs. Jean Nystrand assumed the position. In 2009, susie rowan took over as Executive director.

the same scripture they would be studying if they had remained at home. This enables consistent Bible Study for those whose careers keep them on the. Often the teaching leader and the notes will present historical details obtained from external sources, as an aid to clearer understanding of the context and background of the scripture being studied. Discussion groups are led by Group leaders, who are specifically directed to avoid any formal teaching role (this being left to the. Holy Spirit during members personal quiet times during the week, and the teaching leader in his/her lecture). Group leaders facilitate the discussions, and also perform a shepherding role with group members. They attend a separate two-hour training session each week, which involves group discussion through each of the weeks questions and answers, and generally a sharing of homiletics (see links below) on the passage being studied. Group leaders can pray with their group at the end of their discussion time.

Each study lasts for approximately nine months, and over a nine-year cycle bsf classes cover. Genesis, romans, matthew, life of, moses, john, isaiah, israel and the, minor Prophets, revelation, and. Acts of reviews the Apostles. Beginning in, israel and the minor Prophets will be split into people of Promised Land Part. The bsf system involves four elements; daily questions to encourage personal Bible study, discussion groups (of up to 15 people) for sharing of personal answers to questions, a lecture by the class teaching leader covering the past weeks scripture with applications for daily living, and. Bsf classes and materials are provided free of charge. The same scriptue is studied worldwide on the same week.

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Bible Study fellowship (also known as, bSF ) is an gps international, christian interdenominational or parachurch fellowship of lay people offering a system of structured bible study. It was begun in 1959. Audrey wetherell Johnson, a british evangelist to China. 2, contents, the bsf system edit, the bsf system of Bible study is highly organized and disciplined, and uses the technique of exegesis for expository study of the scriptures. Bsf holds classes for men, women, children and young adults in 35 countries (2006). There are over 1100 classes worldwide. Classes for adult men and women are single-sex, though classes for children (toddlers and infants in day women's classes, and for Grades 1-12 in evening Men's and Women's classes) and young adults (aged 1835) are not.

Bsf bible study reviews
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  1. To review a list of campus events. Almost 60 years ago, five women asked former China missionary audrey wetherell Johnson to lead them. Answer: Bible, study, fellowship bsf, international) is an in-depth, structured, interdenominational. The, bSF system of, bible study is highly organized and disciplined, and uses the technique of exegesis for expository study of the scriptures. What are your thoughts on bsf ( Bible Study fellowship)?

  2. Until Feb 7, 2014, reviews and information. Bible, study, fellowship bSF ) is an in-depth, interdenominational, bible study that has a mens Group meeting Monday evenings at The heights. She then formed a board of directors and incorporated. Bible, study, fellowship-, bSF. Upon Johnson's retirement, rosemary jensen became Executive director.

  3. Springfield Illinois evening Men s, bible, study, fellowship. Welcome to, bsf, buddy! That, i have developed this website, along with my third oldest son Jeremy, to be another resource to others in the bible study. A, review of the. Bsf, bible, study, program (Lesson 12, Pg 3, This has always been the case even from day one.

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