Autobiography of a nation

autobiography of a nation

A nation of Lords: The autobiography of the vice lords

61 Isolation of Lloyd's Plantation. 62 beyond the reach of Public Opinion. 53 Religion and Politics alike excluded. 64 Natural and Artificial Charms of the Place. 65 The "Great house. 67 Page x Etiquette among Slaves.

Thomas Jefferson - autobiography

48 Departure of Grandmother-author's Grief. Author's Father shrouded in Mystery. 51 my mother-her Personal Appearance. 52 Her Situation-visits to her boy. 53 Cruelty of "Aunt Katy"-Threatened summary Starvation. 55 my mother's Interference. 57 Her love of Knowledge. 58 Penalty for having traumhaus a white father. A general survey of the slave plantation. Slaveholding Cruelty restrained by public Opinion.

37 First Knowledge of being a business slave. 38 Old Master-Griefs and joys of Childhood. 39 Comparative happiness of the Slave-boy and his White Brother. The author removed from his first home. The name "Old Master" a terror. 43 Home Attractions-Dread of being removed from Tuckahoe. 44 The journey to col. 46 Scene on reaching Old Master's. 47 First meeting with my Brothers and Sisters.

autobiography of a nation

Autobiography: The Story of my experiments with Truth

There was little necessity for doubt and hesitation on the part. Douglass, as to the propriety of his giving to the world a full account of himself. A man who was born barbing and brought up in slavery, a living witness of its horrors; who often himself experienced its cruelties; and who, despite the depressing influences surrounding his birth, youth and manhood, has risen, from a dark and almost absolute obscurity, to the. 33 pdf Character of the district. 34 Time of Birth-my grandparents. 35 Character of my Grandmother. 36 The log Cabin-Its Charms.

Nevertheless, i see, with you, many reasons for regarding my autobiography as exceptional in its character, and as being, in some sense, naturally beyond the reach of those reproaches which honorable and sensitive minds dislike to incur. It is not to illustrate any heroic achievements of a man, but to vindicate a just and beneficent principle, in its application to the whole human family, by letting in the light of truth upon a system, esteemed by some as a blessing, and. I agree with you, that this system is now at the bar of public opinion-not only of this country, but of the whole civilized world-for judgment. Its friends have made for it the usual plea-"not guilty the case must, therefore, proceed. Any facts, either from slaves, slaveholders, or by-standers, calculated to enlighten the public mind, by revealing the true nature, character, and tendency of the slave system, are in order, and can scarcely be innocently withheld. I see, too, that there are special reasons why i should write my own biography, in preference to employing another to. Not only is slavery on trial, but unfortunately, the enslaved people are also on trial. It is alleged, that they are, naturally, inferior; that they are so low in the scale of humanity, and so utterly stupid, that they are unconscious of their wrongs, and do not apprehend their rights. Looking, then, at your request, from this stand-point, and wishing everything of which you think me capable to go to the benefit of my afflicted people, i part with my doubts and hesitation, and proceed to furnish you the desired manuscript; hoping that you may.

Personal Memoirs of Ulysses

autobiography of a nation

Kansas Flag, facts, maps, & points of Interest

The nature and character of slavery have been subjects of an almost endless variety of artistic representation; and after the brilliant achievements in that field, and while those achievements are yet fresh in the memory of the million, he who would add another to the. The reader is, therefore, assured, with all due promptitude, that his attention is not invited to a work of art, but to a work of facts-facts, terrible being and almost incredible, it may be-yet facts, nevertheless. I am authorized to say that there is not a fictitious name nor place in the whole volume; but that names and places are literally given, and that every transaction therein described actually transpired. Perhaps the best Preface to this volume is furnished Page vi in the following letter. Douglass, written in answer to my urgent solicitation for such a work: rochester,. Dear friend: I have long entertained, as you very well know, a somewhat positive repugnance to writing or speaking anything for the public, which could, with any degree of plausibility, make me liable to the imputation of seeking personal notoriety, for its own sake. Entertaining that feeling very sincerely, and permitting its control, perhaps, quite unreasonably, i have often refused to narrate my personal experience in public anti-slavery meetings, and in sympathizing circles, when urged to do so by friends, with whose views and wishes, ordinarily, it were.

In my letters and speeches, i have generally aimed to discuss the question of Slavery in the light of fundamental principles, and upon facts, notorious and open to all; making, loyola i trust, no more of the fact of my own former enslavement, than circumstances seemed. I have never placed my opposition to slavery on a basis so narrow as my own enslavement, but rather upon the indestructible and unchangeable laws of human nature, every one of which is perpetually and flagrantly violated by the slave system. I have also felt that it was best for those having histories worth the writing-or supposed to be so-to commit such work to hands other than their own. To write of one's self, in such a manner as not to incur the imputation of weakness, vanity, and egotism, is a work within the ability of but few; and I have little reason to believe that I belong to that fortunate few. These considerations caused me to hesitate, when first you page vii kindly urged me to prepare for publication a full account of my life as a slave, and my life as a freeman.

Antislavery movements - united States. Slaves' writings, American - maryland. Revision History:, celine noel and Wanda gunther revised teiheader and created catalog record for the electronic edition., natalia smith, project manager, finished tei-conformant encoding and final proofing., lee ann Morawski finished tei/sgml encoding, apex Data services, Inc. Finished scanning (OCR) and proofing. Cover Image Spine Image Frederick douglass. Frontispiece Image title page Image title page verso Image my bondage and my freedom.

Part.-life as a freeman. By a principle essential to christianity, a person is eternally differenced from a thing; so that the idea of a human being, necessarily excludes the idea of property in that being. Page verso Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, by frederick douglass, in the Clerk's Office of the district court of the northern District of New York. Page iii to honorable gerrit smith, alight token of esteem for his character, admiration for his genius and benevolence, affection for his person, and gratitude for his friendship, and amall but most Sincere Acknowledgment of his pre-eminent services in behalf of the rights and liberties. Page v editor's preface. If the volume now presented to the public were a mere work of art, the history of its misfortune might be written in two very simple words-too late.

Russell means : Russell means Freedom

Abolitionists - summary united States - biography. African American abolitionists - biography. Slaves - maryland - biography. Fugitive slaves - maryland - biography. Plantation life - maryland - history - 19th century. Slaves - maryland - social conditions. Slavery - maryland - history - 19th century.

autobiography of a nation

All em dashes are encoded. Indentation in lines has not been preserved. Running titles have not been preserved. Spell-check and verification made against printed text using Author/Editor (SoftQuad) entry and Microsoft Word spell check programs. Library of Congress Subject headings, 21st edition, 1998. Languages Used: English lc subject headings: douglass, Frederick. African Americans - maryland - biography.

Encountered typographical errors have been preserved, and appear in red type. All footnotes are inserted at the point of reference within paragraphs. Any hyphens occurring in line breaks have been removed, and the trailing part of a word has been joined to the preceding line. All"tion marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. All double right and left"tion marks are encoded as " and " respectively. All single right and left"tion marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively.

850k, academic Affairs Library, unc-ch, university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2000. This work is the property of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching reviews and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. Source description: (title page) my bondage and my freedom. Part.-life as a freeman (spine) my bondage and Freedom. Frederick douglass xxxii, 33-464,., ill. New york and auburn: miller, orton mulligan. New York: 25 Park row.-auburn: 107 Genesee-st. Call number E4499.D738 (Rare book collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).

Nelson Mandela Online -"s, biography, autobiography

My bondage and my freedom. Part.-life as a slave. Part.-life as a freeman: Electronic Edition. Douglass, Frederick, funding from the national Endowment for the humanities supported the electronic publication of this title. Text transcribed by, apex Data services, Inc. Images scanned by natalia smith and david Faflik. Text encoded by, lee ann Morawski and Natalia smith. First edition, 2000.

Autobiography of a nation
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