10 minute resume

10 minute resume

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Why did it matter that I took this action? Describe your achievements using verb-based language in a way that shows youve made money, saved money, streamlined a process, and/or positively contributed to the culture of the organization. Strike the right balance between history and forward-focused relevancy. Its important to position yourself as being able to adapt to new challenges. Focus on the last 10 to 15 years of employment history. If you go back longer than 15 years, you might be unnecessarily dating yourself. Graphics, text Boxes, and Tables *Ensure the information in text boxes, graphs, or tables are written into the content of the resume (to make sure that they show up no matter how your resume is being read). Use microsoft Borders and Shading function for borders and color variations.

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Place your contact information in the document body, not in the header or footer. make sure your email address is a live link. If you went to a reputable or well-networked school, and are still just a few years out of school, use your. Use one phone number (ideally a mobile phone number so you can accept texts). Use live social media icons or actual url links to relevant social media pages. Summary section *Include a "job target" heading in the largest page font. Use value statements indicating how your successes will add value to the prospective role. Core competencies *Employ keywords from target job descriptions that reflect relevant accomplishments. Use topical nouns instead of verbs business to highlight your skills and increase recognition by applicant tracking system (ATS) software. Work Experience *When writing your employment history, ask yourself the following: How do i know I did a good job? What did that good job look like?

According to a recent study, recruiters initially spend an average of nine seconds on a resume. So make those nine seconds count. Use white space and a balance of prose and bullets to lead the eye through the document. avoid big blocks of text and long bulleted lists. Use short one- to two-line sentences. Contact Information *make your name bigger than the main font but not the biggest font on the page. Put your name at the top, regardless of whether you center it or right or left align.

10 minute resume

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Use the cover letter to make connections that may not be immediately obvious. No ones resume is absolutely perfect. Youre just competing with other humans, after all. But do the best you can, keep improving, and good things will come). Using the below "cheat sheet" as a guide, you can turn a bleary resume into a robust, purposeful, powerful document. Following this cheat sheet's tips will not only clarify what type of information to include in the various parts of your resume, but also tell why you need to include it and how. Here are the key elements to consider when writing or rewriting your resume. Visual layout and Design *make your resume easy to read.

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10 minute resume

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Content: your Words, your World. Make sure youre using active, powerful words instead of the old stand-bys duties included, or served. Instead, go for words like targeted, launched, or safeguarded. You papers get the idea. If you had several positions with the same company, stack them (and below, show a bulleted list of achievements, which can come from any of the positions company name, 4/11 to present, queen of payroll, 7/14 to present.

Accounting Acolyte, 2/12 to 7/14, amateur Operator, 4/11 to 2/12. You want no more than six to seven bullet points per position, even if youve been at the job for a long time. Did you help increase revenue 10 percent? Did you limit expenses? An estimate is okay here. Compare your resume to the job description. You should probably tweak your resume every time you apply for a job.

The progression of your skills and experiences show where youre going. If youre still listing your address at the top, delete it, especially if youre looking for work outside your locale. If hiring managers think the commute might be too long, youre out of the running before you begin. Well say just four words and leave it at that (but we will use all caps)—proofread and spell check. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile (with custom url and your Twitter and skype handles, especially if youre in tech. For you creative types, include Instagram or Flickr.

Make all hyperlinks live for easy online reading. Its helpful if you hyperlink the companies youve worked for, too. Save and send your resume as a pdf so the formatting doesnt get wonky. We knew one applicant who, when sitting in the interview, noticed her resume had rolled onto three pages instead of the requisite two! She never made the mistake of sending out a word version again. An old marketing trick: read your resume out loud. It highlights awkward sentence structure and poor flow. Drop your resume into a word cloud generator (like m) to see which words pop. If they arent the words you want, go back and edit.

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If youre not a recent grad, move education below experience. And delete anything about high school unless it absolutely has to be there. Is long your formatting consistent? Sometimes when you copy and paste, another font or font size can slip in, unbeknownst to you. Relevance: That One time It Was All About you. "References Upon about Request" and resume objectives are things of the past. If you make it to round two, theyll ask for references.

10 minute resume

Cue the 10-minute resume language hack, the working woman's answer to a looming deadline. Lets break it down into four easy categories. Layout: Oh heyy, you look good. Make sure your resume looks as current as you are. Sans-serif fonts are clean and modern—Helvetica or Arial are sure bets. Name the file with your first and last name, like this: Kelly_Kapoor_Resume. The hiring manager will thank you for.

path has become more of a dirt trail. Its time to start marketing yourself again and that means polishing the resume. Under normal circumstances, we'd recommend carving out a weekend to go through the process of updating and sprucing your resume. But what if the inspiration to update comes from seeing your ideal job listed, and you need to apply asap?

Get past gatekeepers and land interviews. Structure your resume with information recruiters want to see. Create an achievement-driven resume that stands out. Get your free "10-Minute resume Cheat Sheet" right away. Featured In, hi, i'm Lisa rangel, executive resume writer and founder of Chameleon Resumes. We know that the perfect 6-figure career won't be handed to us on a silver platter — and they're definitely not listed on any job boards. That's why my team and I have helped hundreds list of people just like you get the 6-figure position they deserve. If you've got time to scroll Instagram, you've got time to update your prior work experience and references.

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Enter your business email address below to subscribe to our newsletter and receive actionable job search tactics and advice from, lisa rangel, a 13-year recruiter and moderator of LinkedIn's Premium Career Group, and get instant access to our. Learn The Insider Tactics, you will receive over 13 years of Recruiter experience in this quick reference guide! Start landing more interviews with the 10-Minute resume Cheat Sheet - chameleon Resumes. Did you know that on average, a resume gets just 6 seconds of initial attention? Whether youre trying to land a position at a prestigious startup or a fortune 500 company, your resume needs to make your achievements stand out as quickly as possible. Thats why i put together the 10-Minute resume Cheat Sheet, based on my experience running a forbes Top 100 Career Websiteas well as the 13 years I spent as a professional Recruiter. Inside you will learn how.

10 minute resume
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  2. Children and prepared them for a 10-minute holiday program performance. Sometimes that job opportunity won t wait for a resume overhaul. Cu e the 10-minute resume hack, the working woman s answer to a looming deadline. 10 minute resume cheat sheet. License: cc attribution- nonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

  3. Yes, somewhere deep in Dante s inferno is a special space just for resume. So, if you have 10 minutes, grab a red pen and let s get your resume up to speed! You re eight minutes away from a better resume. For those with fewer than 10 years, you re likely better off with a 1-page resume, for those. It s deceptively easy to make mistakes on your resume and exceptionally diffic ult.

  4. 10 -minute resume Cheat Sheet. Inside you will learn how. Do you want to learn how to create a great resume fast? Whether you re startin g from scratch or updating an existing document, creating a great resume does. Using the below cheat sheet as a guide, you can turn a bleary resume into a robust, purposeful, powerful document.

  5. The Original Online resume builder, letter builder and Exclusive interview Tips. G et the job you want with Pongo s Easy to Use tools! That s why i put together the 10-Minute resume Cheat Sheet, based on my experi ence running a forbes Top 100 Career Websiteas well as the 13 years. Supercharge your Resume, and. Land More Interviews With Chameleon Resumes.

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