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Also, low self-esteem is a trait wherein victims could feel that they are not good enough and can not do better to have better relationships. This kind of mentality prevents them from moving on and distract them to be contented with what they have which is frequently of lower standards than the norm (MentalHealth. Net, 2005, Why do adults stay in abusive relationships? Domestic violence is an epidemic condition of the society that have victimized men and women. Abuse of womans rights, a man once approached me and asked, could you describe a woman in three words? I than asked A woman from which century, the 15th or the 20th? He than said Both!

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According to a research, an average of 5 times is the frequency of 50 of women return to their phd relationships after an abuse (News-Medical. Net, 2007, Why people stay in violent relationships). Victims stay for various reasons depending on the kind of relationship. Mostly people stay because of practicality, cycle of abuse, low self-esteem and dependence. Practicality and dependence are interrelated because victims of domestic of violence are dependent economically and emotionally to their abusive partners. Moving out of the relationship would create even more despair on the part of the victim and it would force the victim to adapt to changes which is more often than not strenuous. In a family situation, kids are the most often the main reason for staying in the relationship. They believe in the need for both parents to be present to effectively nurture their children. With one parental authority missing, it can cause emotional and psychological trauma to the children. Another reason would be the cyclical nature of domestic violence. After an incident of abuse, naturally the victim would feel bad at the abuser but when essay the abuser apologizes, there is a tendency that the abuse would be forgiven and forgotten thus the never ending repetitive pattern of domestic violence.

More so, most of the time men don't report this kind of abuse because of fear of what people might say. It may hurt their ego if others would know that were beaten up by a woman (Oregoncounseling. Org, 2007, About Domestic violence Against database Men). Though it is not as high as the violence against women, it is a fact that domestic violence is not a gender-specific problem and that all genders suffer from this dismaying situation. Domestic violence results to physical, emotional, psychological and social trauma. However, despite the negative effects, many victims of this kind of violence still choose to stay with their partners. The puzzling question of why people stay in abusive relationship linger on everyone's mind.

women abuse essay

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For only.90/page, order Now, according to statistics, in every three women at least one has experienced domestic violence including physical beating, using force for sexual intercourse, and other forms of abuse. In a year, there are about 960, 000 cases against male and female in relationships wherein 3 million women are physically night abused by their partners (Family violence Prevention Fund, 2008, domestic violence is a serious, widespread Social Problem in America: The facts). More so, women are more prone to this kind of violence because of historical relations of inequivalent power and the fact that they are physically inferior to men. However, there are also some instances that men are susceptible to this kind of violence. According to a british Crime survey, there are about 122, 000 cases of abuse against men from a total of 635, 000 (Crimereduction. Com, 2008, domestic violence). Domestic abuse of men remained unrecognized because there were only few cases that have been reported. Also, incidents of men being abused are sometimes hard to believe because of the fact that they are physically stronger than women and the fact that violence against women can not be solved, the chances of resolving violence against men are also slim.

Also provided us with a correlate between alcohol abusers having higher rates of abuse on their wives, and also commit more. Women who are abused are much more likely to be killed by their current of former partner than women who are not abused. Sometimes there is an increase of threats and violence before a homicide, but not always, so there is never a way to know when the violence is going to be taken to far. Helping the victim realize that the best predictor of future violence is past violence is very important. When there is even one happening of violence a critical line has been passed in a relationship. It must be assumed that the abuse will continue, and that any abuse will not be permitted. We will writustom essay sample. Domestic Abuse Against Men and Women.

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women abuse essay

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Shame, confusion, and embarrassment, are only part of the obstacle facing women who may want to get help, but feel unable to. Some people see marriage counseling as a solution, but according to most experts, it may worsen essay the problem. Clinical phycology st, and director for the domestic violence institute says that entering into counseling to deal with abuse suggests that both partners have contributed to the problem, when in most cases that isn t true. Counseling may actually lead to the abuser feeling validated in his thinking that the abuse was the partner s fault. It is also likely that the abuser will be so angered by the idea of counseling, that while he will act nice for the councilor, will take out his aggression on the victim once they parts get home.

Experts also say that men may use counseling as a way to lure the women back, saying they will change. The wife may be taken by her husband s charm, and sincere effort to change, and the cycle will begin all over again. Perhaps most importantly, domestic abuse makes for high risk of homicide. words, the term Paper on Woman Abuse violence Against Women. Feminists argue that woman abuse refers to anything a male has done or not done to his partner that is perceived. There were six attitudes about violence measured including witnessing violence in childhood, name-calling and put-downs, sexual.

Did you ever look around and wonder why a woman will chose another man over you? Maybe you are more handsome, intelligent. Unrealistic expectations- abusive people expect their partners to full fill all their needs. They want the perfect person. Isolation- The abusive person tries to prevent the victim from seeing friends and family. Hypersensitivity- abusers are easily insulted.

Rather than admit anger, they claim their feelings are hurt, and see everything as a personal attack. Past battering- Abusers frequently claim that past violence was the victims fault, this is almost never true. Most women who stay in abusive relationships do so because they feel trapped. After entering a relationship that seems normal, a woman may eventually be faced with a partner who exhibits jealousy and criticism. The woman will begin to question herself, and wonder if it s her fault. When physical abuse takes place, the woman doesn t want to leave the house, because she doesn t want anyone to see her bruises and know, so she becomes isolated and depressed.

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But regardless of cultural diary and social groupings, cretin signs are evident in almost all abusive relationships. The national naval medical center has made a checklist of signs to look for in an abusive personality: jealousy- the abuser will insist that the jealousy is a sign of love, but it is a sign of possessiveness, and lack of trust. Controlling behavior- The abuser will frequently insist that a need to control is based on a concern for the safety of the victim. Quick involvement- many battered women dated or knew their abuser for less than six months before they married or lived together. 2 pages, 722 words. The Essay on What do women Want From diary Men., terrific looks or money coming out your st women love a man who loves them and knows how to treat them. Lol men and women think, feel and act differently. Have you read, "Men Are From Mars, women Are From Venus".

women abuse essay

mugging, and auto accidents combined. Domestic violence doesn t only involve men abusing women though, almost five percent of reported cases are filed by men. Sociological reattach suggests that despite men displaying more aggressive tendencies outside of domestic relationships, women are just as likely to initiate physically abusive acts with in the household. One view on the abuse issue, and why it continues, is that our society has ignored the problem, or blamed the victim, leaving no room for an easy escape. So what keeps an abused person in the abusive relationship Greg Clayton, a professor at Brown University says it is important to focus on the family background and cultural factors when looking at domestic abuse. Society and culture have a lot to do with why a woman would stay in an abusive relationship, as well as why the men are abusive. Men don t have a lot of recourses for handling their anger in most societies, causing them to take out their anger in the home. Also, men that witness their fathers being abusive towards their mothers are one thousand times more likely to be abusive towards their partners, and women who witnessed their mothers being abused are more likely to be victims. Also, black women are more likely to seek help than white women, and black women are more likely to kill their partner, and Jewish women are more likely to stay in an abusive relationship than non-Jewish women are.

The typical male abuser is not normally violent. He is normally insecure and jealous, and uses the abuse to make himself feel in control, more powerful, and is prone to adictiveness. words, the term Paper on Drug Abuse in Africa. Implementation of legislation, there is an informal system of drug abuse control operating through the family, church, school, neighbourhood and work environment. styles of the Africans have drastically changed over the past years under the influence of industrial and urban developments. The number of women that get taken by these men is outstanding. Husbands, literature ex-husbands, and boyfriends kill about 1, 400 women every year, and three to four million women are battered by their partners. Statistics say that one in every three women will be abused in their adult lifetimes, and violence will occur at least once in two-thirds of all marriages.

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Words domestic abuse, for Margaret, fourteen years of abuse came to an end one night when her husband finally got too drunk to completely control his actions, he hit his daughter. This is what it took for the police to take her husband to jail, and give her the restraining order she had so desperately wanted for years. Her husband had no prior criminal record, was a twenty four year Marine, had a good job, and a lot of friends. After his arrest, he said the reason he did it was because margaret had hid his alcohol. Why do people abuse their partners, and why do the abused partners stay in the relationships Abuse and violence are mostly about control, the abuser controlling the abused, either emotionally, physically, verbally, or mentally. Many physiologists agree that there is a cycle of abuse. A man will abuse a woman, then show remorse, then becomes even more violent. Most women in these relationships believe that the abuse is because they are doing something wrong, so they try to please the man, but nothing will please him, and then they mistake his possessiveness thesis for love, and allow the cycle to repeat itself.

Women abuse essay
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Sexual Abuse Of Slave women Essay. Essay about Child Abuse and revictimization. Women with a childhood abuse history are around.4.7 times more likely.

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  1. Ask our experts to get writing help. Submit your essay for analysis. Sometimes, women suffer from abuse for decades, without being able to break up with their tormentors; and although it may seem. Abuse because i am constantly reminded on a daily basis. The abuses rendered to infants, children, and teens. That they are not; females are also abusers!

  2. The essay shall examine the transtheoretical model of addiction and the biological. Of Men And Women In Essays Shopping In The 21st Century Essay student Life Essays. Drug Abuse Essay examples. Tip: Use our Essay rewriter to automatically rewrite any essay and remove. Here are essays on Drug Abuse of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any drug abuse essay as per your need and interest.

  3. Quick involvement- many battered women dated or knew their abuser for less than six months before they married or lived together. The Essay on Older Woman Sexual Abuse. Feminists argue that woman abuse refers to anything a male has done or not done to his partner that is perceived as psychologically, socially, economically, or physically harmful. Domestic Abuse Against Men and Women. Comparison of two perspectives on substance abuse.

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