Still i rise summary and analysis

still i rise summary and analysis

Still, i rise, summary and, analysis

Each climate tipping point may or is expected to further increase the rate of sea level rise. Tipping points: Tipping points Report source: A group of us, british and German climate scientists compiled a report the the national Academy of Sciences describing the problems associated with expected tipping points. The tipping points will affect major aspects of accelerated climate change as well as ecosystems. Source: m/id/23011346/ Highly sensitive, smallest uncertainty Greenland Ice Sheet (more than 300 years "Warming over the ice sheet accelerates ice loss from outlet glaciers and lowers ice altitude at the periphery, which further increases surface temperature. The exact tipping point for disintegration of the ice sheet is unknown, since current models cannot capture the observed dynamic deglaciation processes accurately. But in a worst case scenario local warming of more than three degrees Celsius could cause the ice sheet to disappear within 300 years.

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Gavin Schmidt: Is this a sign of increased sea level, increased storminess, increased river flow, or changes in river management policy? As report always, local factors in short records are important. Over the two and half decades of barrier operation, understanding of the Thames river hydrology has grown and models are now more accurate than they used to be, allowing for more precision in decisions essay to raise the barrier. The decisions depend on three main factors, the river flow at Teddington (which is where the first weir is the forecast high tide and the (more uncertain) accompanying surge. Thus if the river flow is strong, an unexceptional high tide could cause problems, while even an exceptional tide might not if the river is particularly low. In the data, closings are distinguished by whether they are due to tidal issues, or to the combined effect of tides and high river flow (fluvial but there is not necessarily a clean distinction. Source: real Climate - a barrier to Understanding ncdc (National Climate data center) mltemp The ghg (Greenhouse gas) Change rate The ghg change rate weighed against the natural cycle, as observed from the paleo record, is estimated at between 7,000 and 14,000 times the natural. We are in new territory. The ipcc estimates are the most conservative and do not include the non linear response mechanisms already perceptible in the observations, but not verifiable due to a lack of comparative data. This is due to the first problem above that we are in new territory and therefore can not compare existing changes with high validity, to the paleo record as understood. Ipcc ar4 Report summary for policy makers issued in november, 2007 The sea level rise rate has accelerated as expected.

But how often is it being raised? And does it give us any real insight into sea level rises on a wider basis? Looking into it, i was fortunate to get an exceptionally comprehensive set of data on the closings and reasons for them from Anthony hammond at the Environment Agency in the. The results are interesting, but complicated. Gavin Schmidt: It is clear there has been a strong upswing in closings over time. The last year alone there were almost 3 times as many closing as during the first 5 years of operation put together. The three-year running mean is possibly a little clearer, showing two definite periods of more frequent salon closings, 1992 to 19 to the present.

still i rise summary and analysis

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The Problem of Understanding Projections. Gavin Schmidt: people don't seem to embrace global measures of temperature rise (0.2C/decade) or sea level rise ( 3mm/yr) very strongly. They much prefer more iconic signs - the national Park formerly-known-as-Glacier, no-snows of Kilimanjaro, frost fairs on the Thames etc. As has been discussed here on many occasions, any single example often has any number of complicating factors, but seen as part of a pattern (Kilimanjaro as an example of the other receding tropical glaciers they can be shredder useful for making a general point. However, the use of an icon as an example of change runs into difficulty if it is then interpreted to be proof of that change. Gavin Schmidt: With respect to sea level, the Thames Barrier is a concrete example that has been frequently raised. Gavin Schmidt: The trends in its 'raising' have been linked to increasing sea levels and storm surges.

That which is unknown by science is not included, which tends to result in a potentially unrealistically conservative scientific view. Therefore the scientific analysis of slr may yield conservative estimates of mostly linear processes and a potentially more realistic projection 'may' be less scientific and more considerate of probabilities while containing a wider range of uncertainty. So reality, or what will happen, is not as well understood in certain areas of the analysis. Science measures and then estimates. In the case of realistically estimating slr, prescience is required in order to understand reasonably likely potentials. At the same time, guessing is not science. This is better understood in in risk analysis more like that used to model insurance actuary tables. Weighing the risk probability to economic loss potentials gives us a better way to consider relevance and  uncertainty regarding seal level rise.

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still i rise summary and analysis

And still i rise book summary

What affects sea level rise. Thermal expansion : It is estimated that up letters to half of the annotated sea level rise is attributable to thermal expansion. As the ocean warms, it expands, thus increasing sea level. Ocean temperature continuing to increase. In 2006 there was data suggesting that the oceans began to cool. It was later found the trend was continuing to warm ( view nasa review of the analysis ). Ice melt from Arctic and glacial sources are already contributing to about half of the sea level rise.

Antarctica is likely to begin contributing more in the future. But when is not yet strongly known. Recent infrared satellite imagery reveals winter break up of the wilkins Ice shelf ; an unexpected event. This indicates the possibility of acceleration beyond what has been expected up until now. Scientifically, scientifically, this question can not be answered with any strong degree of confidence beyond the empirical understanding. That does not mean the question can not be addressed with methods of reasoning based on evidence and understanding of climate forcings and dynamics. Surface topography from Space, problems The problem with realistically assessing slr is that key factors still need to be better understood.

Ipcc, 2007 tide gauges show little or no acceleration during the 20th century. Satellite measurements estimate that sea level has been rising at a rate of 9 to 15 inches per century (2.4-3.8 mm/yr) since 1993, more than 50 faster than the rate that tide gauges estimate over the last century. . Ipcc, 2007 summary, what we know. Sea level will rise (reasonable confidence on 1-2 meters by 2100). The most immediate ocean based risk is likely to derive from storm damage cased by stronger storms and related flooding.

Sea level will likely increase economic stressors in the coming century. The costs to coastal infrastructure will add to the overall economic stressors from other areas that are expected to be inter-dynamically connected to climate change. What we don't know. The speed of rise based on apparently accelerating positive feedbacks in the climate system. The amount of sea level rise by 2100 has reasonable potential to be higher than currently estimated in the ar4 report. The climate sensitivity may be higher than models currently indicate. Sea level Rise (SLR) Estimations, as scientific awareness increased regarding global warming in the 70's and 80's additional funds were committed to learning more about our environment, its functions, and what influences climate.

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Understanding influences on sea level Rise: Global sea-level rise is the estate average increase in the level of the worlds oceans that occurs due to a variety of factors, the most significant being thermal expansion of the oceans and the addition of water by melting. Relative sea-level rise refers to the change in sea level relative to the elevation of the adjacent land, which can also subside or rise due to natural and even some human-induced factors which may alter coastal deposition of land based silt. Relative sea-level changes include both global sea-level rise and changes in the vertical elevation of the land surface. Land Subsidence' refers to to land lowering in elevation due to subsurface water or oil extraction. Rebounding refers to land rising due to decreased pressure that can be caused by ice melt or glacial retreat. Tectonic activity refers to land rise or fall due to tectonic movement. Is the rate of sea level rise accelerating? The ipcc expresses high confidence that the rate of observed sea level rise increased from the mid 19th to the mid 20th century. During the 20th century, sea level rose at an average rate of.8.8 inches per century (1.2-2.2 mm/year).

still i rise summary and analysis

Related Links, exploring the submerged sonnet New World 2009. Exploring the submerged New World 2009: Early human Occupation. Noaa ocean Explorer Gallery, source: ml, sea level, data updated.08.10. This report addresses reasonable assumptions based on what is well understood and therefore addresses that which has a reasonable potential of occurrence. The response mechanisms are considered to be possibly non linear in nature and the paleo records indicate that hypothesized negative feedback mechanisms have not halted past warmings. A reasonable conclusion leans toward the likelihood of sea level rise above the ar4 estimations but also likely less than extreme scenarios of 5 meters slr by 2100. This paper is a summary of the science combined with reasonable potentials that may be derived from the current understanding of climate system response.

is a joy for ever". The poem, "Solitary reaper is a classic illustration of Romantic poetry with typical Wordsworth's style. We know Wordsworth for creating awe inspiring natural scenes that create everlasting impact on the readers' hearts and minds. The romantic appeal of the poem could not be ignored keeping in view the music, rhythm, allusions and inferences as well as the spontaneity of the emotions flowing from either from the lonely maiden that "cuts and binds the grain" while singing. The most extreme level of emotional and romantic appeal is the impact that is created by drawing the unseen yet visible lines between the sweetness of human emotions and its spontaneity by crossing the barriers of language and clime. Sea level rise since the last glacial episode. Image courtesy of Exploring the submerged New World 2009 Expedition, robert. Rohde, global Warming Art, noaa-oer.

The poet is careless as to the meaning of the song, what matters is the song. He was Wordsworth does not know what the song is about; a war, a calamity, love or else. He can never forget the beauty and spontaneity of the song: "the music in my heart I bore, long after it was heard no more". Beauty is an immortal object to all romantic poets. John keats says: "beauty is truth, truth is beauty. That's all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know". An objection may be raised for how Wordsworth could like the song without understanding.

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To wordsworth, "poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions". Wordsworth is a romantic poet. Once he passes a valley and listens to the song of a girl. The song is in some different language but Wordsworth likes this song very much. The girl, unaware of Wordsworth, keeps on singing spontaneously and continues cutting the grain. He declares it even london more beautiful than the song of nightingale and cuckoo bird. He listened "motionless and still". Wordsworth says that the "vale profound was overflowing with the sound". The poet says tha it seemed as if the whole valley was attentive to the maiden's song.

Still i rise summary and analysis
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  2. An introduction to maya angelou, includes a biography and text for her poems, analysis. Still, i rise by maya angelou. level change, analysis and modeling of iceberg calving dynamics of tidewater glaciers and ice streams, determination of the internal. Because, i am old and so are my friends, most people. I talk to are shocked to hear that there is such a thing as college esports teams. I 'm not going to go into too much detail here as we're still in the middle of gathering data and running analysis but here's a sneak.

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