Spousal abuse essay

spousal abuse essay

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A., 2007 p569) The second is paternal filicide which Jackson (2007) explains as "husbands killing the child's mother as well as the child, often followed by the husbands suicide." (Jackson,. A., 2007 p569) It is clear that a heartbreaking act, such as adultery, will push people over the edge and do things they normally would never. As a matter of fact, richard Worth and John. French (2008) claimed "among the oldest motives for murder are passion and jealousy." (Worth, r french,. L., 2008 p34) even though a spouse may commit murder against their spouse, their spouse's lover, or perhaps both, they still have a chance of only getting charged with voluntary manslaughter. This is by no means justifiable to take other peoples' lives; however, it only goes to show exactly how much adultery can damage someone's emotions, as well as their mental state. According to jim Silver (2008) "if a killing that would otherwise be murder is committed in response to sufficient provocation, it is voluntary manslaughter and is usually punished less severely than murder." (Silver,., 2008 p30) Silver (2008) also adds: "Over time, most jurisdictions developed.

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Furthermore, the behavior patterns of ongoing infidelity often parallel the well-documented stages in the cycle of domestic abuse. (Clanchy,., trotter,., 1999 para. 4) Unfortunately, adultery can go even further than just the dilapidation of lives. The most horrid outcome from adultery is book death. Adultery can, without a doubt, hurt people enough to resume take other people's lives. There is not one life that should be taken or lost over adultery; sadly enough, innocent lives are lost due to adultery every day. Death can occur by suicide, murder, or even murder/suicide cases. There are even instances were murder will involve the children of the family as well. Two of the more disturbing instances that involve the children are spousal revenge filicide and paternal filicide. Spousal filicide, according to jackson (2007) is "parents who murder their offspring in a deliberate attempt to make their spouses suffer. Infidelity, either proved or suspected, is a common precipitant for spousal-revenge filicide." (Jackson,.

Ptsd's symptoms include flashbacks, depression, anger, nightmares, and anxiety. This condition is strong enough to disrupt everyday life for someone, and can also last for years. The onset of ptsd can also cause people to turn to drugs and/or alcohol. Even if ptsd is not present, people who are the victims of adultery will most likely deal with severe emotional and psychological proposal stress. Michael Clanchy and Chris Trotter (1999) stated: In many instances, betrayal through infidelity can be very close to what we term domestic violence. Unfaithful parties are often insensitive to the pain they inflict, as are perpetrators of physical and psychological violence. Often the faithful party is as vulnerable and dependent as the victim of repeated bashing.

spousal abuse essay

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Fortunately, a lot of people don't find out about adultery from being diagnosed with a disease. Even with no disease present, the mental and emotional anguish people go through as a result of finding out their spouse has committed adultery is still the same. Someone finding out their spouse has been cheating on them will go through a plethora of negative emotions and feelings. Paul r peluso (2007) says "finding out that your spouse had an affair can be a devastating experience for the noninvolved partner. The revelation of an affair ushers in a host of emotions including rage, sorrow, shock, and shame." (Peulso,. R.,2007.63) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (ptsd) is unfortunately something else the victim of a cheating spouse can go through. Whisman and Tina. Wagers(2005) found that "major depressive episodes and post- traumatic stress disorder are the most common diagnoses found in noninvolved partners. P.,2005.61) It is horrific to think that people are going through so much trauma because of adultery, that they are actually catching a horrible psychological illness in return.

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spousal abuse essay

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Unfortunately, there are still many other things that adultery resume negatively impacts families with. Physical health is something else adultery affects. People who are in a marriage trust their spouse enough to have unprotected sex with them. The natural thought for married couples is the fact they don't have to worry about catching any kind of sexually transmitted diseases from them. Even if the adulterer is careful in using protection, it is still not 100 effective. Every day, an unsuspecting spouse takes a trip to the doctor's office because they haven't been feeling very well, or have a sudden rash appear on them. And every day, there is an unsuspecting spouse who receives the news that they have a disease.

Some even get told that the disease they have is incurable. Hirsch.(2009) even stated "for most women in the world, their biggest risk of hiv infection comes from having sex with their husbands." (Hirsch,. Et., 2009. Vii) Married men, who are the victims of adultery, are no doubt unknowingly catching these diseases as well. To find out you have a disease that you caught from the only person you have had sexual contact with, and to realize they had to catch it from most likely having sexual contact with someone else can be described as nothing less than devastating.

Children also tend to put most of their trust into their parents, trust adultery can easily break. Watching their parents go through the strains of adultery will most likely affect them and cause enormous amounts of strain on their own life. They will be in the front row seat watching the tension, stress, arguments, grief, sadness, loss and despair. The parent's could try and get the children to take sides, making them feel torn inside and also making their lives seem completely out of control. Some parents who commit adultery can even tell the secret of their actions to their children, making them promise not to tell the other spouse, causing the children to be filled with even more pain and despair as they don't know which direction to turn. The spouse isn't the only person to feel betrayed, as the children will feel it too once they find out about the adultery.

Children who are a product of adultery will, without a doubt, be negatively affected as well. In the worst circumstances, pregnancy due to adultery can even result in neonaticide. Jackson (2007) describes neonaticide as "the killing of a newborn within twenty-four hours of birth." (Jackson,. 568) Jackson also states "the most common reason for neonaticide among married women Is extramarital paternity." (Jackson,. 568) If these children are carried to term, they still have a chance of being born surrounded by controversy. They may immediately be given up for adoption or have their mother deny them information about their real father. The worst of these scenarios is having another man raise them, only to find out years later the man they knew their whole life as their father was never their real father. This can lead to emotional problems for the child, depression, feeling of rejection and difficulty having healthy relationships in their life, among many other things. Emotional abuse is definitely presented to the family, whether intentionally or not, from adultery.

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These were resilient young people and the divorce had occurred years earlier, but still they harbored painful feelings." (p.108 if children live with one parent full time, they also have a chance of having less and less contact with the other parent as time goes. This can also cause a great deal of strain on a child, as well as feelings of abandonment and possibly hate. As mentioned earlier, children will only have to deal with these issues if their parent's decide to get a divorce after the adultery is found out. Unfortunately, the effects of divorce on children are only part of the problem when adultery is involved. Adultery can cause some very summary serious effects to children without divorce even thesis being present. Children of all ages, even adult children, can be affected by adultery. Children, for the most part, look to their parents for guidance and as role models.

spousal abuse essay

Out of everyone adultery breaking effects, the spouse or spouses' who are having adultery committed against them as well as the children who are involved with the families will sadly take the brunt of the pain adultery has to offer. Westheimer and pierre a lehu (2007) proclaimed "adultery is probably the single-most cited grounds for divorce." (Westheimer,. 332s) Not only will the family have to deal with the tragic act of adultery once it is brought to the light, but they will also have to deal with the horrible divorce they may face if they choose to go through. Divorce in itself, for whatever reason, can cause enormous amounts of negative impact on the whole entire family, including the children. Alison Clarke-stewart and Cornelia brentano (2006) suggested that "compared with children in intact families, children from divorced families are more likely to have conduct problems and show signs of psychological maladjustment; they have lower academic achievement, more social difficulties, and poorer self-esteem. Clarke-stewart brentano2006.107) This can also stay with the children far beyond the point of reaching adulthood. Clarke-stewart brentano (2006) pointed out: "In one study of college students, researchers found that those who had experienced their parents' divorce reported distressing feelings, beliefs, and experiences.

blessed union. It can effect even the strongest of couples and literally tear families apart at the seams. Shackelford (1997) showed that "despite its destructive impact, infidelities are estimated conservatively to occur in about half of all marriages." (Buss. It can definitely be shocking and scary to hear that adultery can occur in almost half of all marriages. This can lead one to believe that marriages, as well as issues pertaining to adultery, are not being taken very seriously. With this being said, it's sad to see exactly how many peoples' lives are ruined over the blatant lack of respect the general population has for marriages and staying true to their partner. Adultery in itself can affect every single person that is exposed to it or around it, especially the children. The effects of adultery can even ripple to the non-immediate family and friends.

Adultery is a selfish and very cruel act that happens every day. It not only ruins marriages, but it can business literally destroy the lives of everyone around the adulterer. Someone who is a victim of adultery can be presented to large amounts of downfalls in their life. Emotional and mental abuses are two of the major things they will go through. If the case is bad enough, and the person can't take mentally and emotionally dealing with what their spouse has done, adultery can even lead to death. Its mind boggling that such a selfish act can bring so much pain to so many lives, but it does to thousands of people every day. Even more disturbing, the adulterer is rarely punished or held accountable for all the pain their actions inflicted on so many other lives. Adultery is nothing less than abuse, and should be treated as such in a court of law.

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Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, this essay is about adultery and some of the things that happens to people who are the victims. By victims, i not only mean the spouse(s) who was being cheated on, but i am also referring to the children who are in the family unit as well. I am focusing on the fact that adultery is a selfish and very horrible act that can literally destroy a family. Along with the family being destroyed, the lives of each individual person involved are destroyed as well. The victims of adultery will face many challenges, emotionally and mentally, that could result in some very long term effects. My argument is that adultery does so much damage to a person's emotional and mental well being, that it should be treated as an abusive crime. Adultery, to some, may not be that big of a deal, especially if they are the ones committing. But what happens when a spouse or a partner's whole entire world falls down around them after they learn their partner has committed adultery?

Spousal abuse essay
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