Nature is my friend essay in marathi

nature is my friend essay in marathi

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So how should the supramoral commandment of unification, go out and teach all nations, baptising them. That is to say, cleansing them from sin, the cause of death be expressed? In what way should this commandment differ outwardly (for in substance it is unalterable and eternal in this era when means of transport and communication make walking unnecessary, while the press removes the need for preaching? Without quite penetrating the profound yet simple meaning of this commandment, one has the impression that it does not adequately indicate the purpose of unification. It says, teach., but it does not say what is to be taught. However, bearing in mind that the commandment was given immediately after His Resurrection by the first risen from the dead and whose resurrection was to be followed by a succession of resurrections we come to understand that the command to teach implies universal compulsory education.

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Supramoralism is a natural and sacred problem for all sons, and especially for those who believe in the god of their fathers. Lastly, supramoralism is the most natural problem for rational beings, since death is caused by an irrational force. Therefore all the living, all sons and daughters, all rational beings, must take part in the solution of the problem, or the task of returning life. It is indeed a natural moral duty to transform the abstract Why does the existing exist? Into living knowledge and living art, not into dead reproductions but into living reality and a knowledge of the life of all the past, all that has existed. The project of a common action by the subject, in its totality, on monthly the object in its totality (that is, on the entire planet Earth and not just part of it, on the entire solar system and eventually the Universe) is as follows:. The transformation of the procreating force into a re-creating one and of the lethal into a vivifying one. The gathering of the scattered dust and its reconstitution into bodies, using radiation or outlines left by the waves caused by the vibration of molecules. The regulation of the earth, that is, the management of the earth as a cemetery, a management comprising the consecutive resuscitation or re-creation of numerous generations, and the extension through them novel of the regulation of all the uninhabited worlds. Such a project is the full expression of supramoralism, or the answer to the question, What has Man been created for?; it indicates that the human race, all the sons of man, through the regulation of the celestial worlds, will themselves become heavenly forces governing.

Questions vi and V counsel against the worship of women, an urban cult, and replace it with ancestor worship. For this it is necessary that all intellectuals, both believers and unbelievers, should unite for the education of the people, as explained in questions ii and iii, thus transforming the people into a nature-studying force, and thus solving the contradiction of the two reasons, the. This will unite the intelligentsia and the people, under the leadership of the autocrat, into one subject acting on the object indicated in the first paschal question. Thus the subject of the natural task, of the problem posed by nature itself, which through the human race comes to consciousness and feeling aroused by death, will be the totality of all those living and acting upon the lethal force in order to return. It will be the totality of the living, the sons and daughters of deceased parents or of parents destined to die, united by him who stands in the place of all the fathers, that is to say, all rational beings united in the study. Thus the tools of destruction will be transformed into instruments of salvation. The object of this action will be the procreating and death-bearing force, the ashes of the fathers or the molecules and atoms from the decomposition of their bodies, for these are blind and irrational forces which must be understood and controlled. Only supramoralism, involving a common natural task, that of the universal return of life, can eliminate the external (wealth and poverty) and the internal (learned and unlearned) discords and unite both internally (in feeling and in thought) and externally (in a common task of transforming. Supramoralism is a natural problem for all the living, a problem posed by nature itself reaching a state of consciousness and feeling; and this problem is posed not so much by love of life that life that we know only as poisoned by the constant.

nature is my friend essay in marathi

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When external regulation has been achieved, the inner psychophysiological force will tilt the balance away from sexual drive and lust towards love for the parents, and will even replace them, thus transforming the force of procreation into one of re-creation, the lethal into a vivifying. The antinomy of the two reasons will obviously be solved; the unbelievers joining with the believers in one task will become of one mind, unified in one faith; the problem of wealth and poverty will become irrelevant, because there has been poverty only so long. Summarising the above, it should be said that  the proposal to replace the problem of wealth and poverty by that of life and death, of the universal return of life, as stated in the first paschal question, points to  the object demanding action the force. The last paschal question speaks of the autocrat, the pacifier, the gatherer of all the forces of all humans for the understanding and control of the object indicated in the first question. The Xth question refers to minority and to schools, that is, institutions designed to make all minors into adults in other words, into people who understand and who are, therefore, capable of controlling the object designated in the first question. The Xth question makes sacred the knowledge of how to control and to return life sacred to the supreme degree: it makes it into easter, an act and a feast which is to say, the victory of that act. Questions ix and viii involve science and art in the task of studying and regulating with a view to the return of life, thereby deflecting science and art from serving industrialism and militarism. Question vii brings all those who have become alienated from their fathers back to their fathers' graves, to their dust; and this is the first step in the task of returning life.

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nature is my friend essay in marathi

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The people's practical reason will unite with the theoretical reason, the reason of the intelligentsia, the learned. In other words, the ideal of the latter will become a duty for practical reason, a duty demanding implementation, and man will become an instrument of the divine will in carrying out this duty. Thus will be solved the problem of the two reasons, their antinomy; then will be solved, too, the problem of the two feelings, two wills and two moralities, and the cult of woman will be replaced by that of the ancestors, in conformity with the. The transformation of all peoples, with the help homework of the intelligentsia, into a scientific force entails the union of all the abilities and energies of all humans in the common Task of transforming a procreating and death-bearing force into a re-creating and vivifying one, and. The union of all the abilities and energies of all nations can be achieved through the school: the school-church (in the name of the Trinity and the resurrection uniting for resuscitation the school-museum (the shrine of the ancestors) and the school-camp (serving the transition from. And all these schools will come together unity in kremlins, that is to say, citadels protecting the ashes of the fathers. As the nations come together in a peace conference, the representatives of all the peoples of the earth will not institute an arbitration court but will accept universal compulsory military service and universal compulsory education that is, the study of the force that promotes hostility.

Governing the procreating and destroying force will not only eliminate the causes of war but will return life to the victims of war. The autocrat, as godfather to all who are horn, takes upon himself the duty to provide universal education with the help of all scholars and intellectuals, and he can then introduce, via this education, the common Task, which he directs as the executor of all. Thus the autocrat carries into effect the commandment of the first risen from the dead the commandment to teach and acts as his successor in the task of resuscitation. The russian Autocrat who at his coronation, receives the akakia (the dust destined to be revived) will transform the temporary paschal movement from the city to the countryside, as happens in the west and also in Russia in initiation of the west, into a permanent. At the same time, because military service and study have become universal and obligatory the celestial energy arising from thunderstorms will become available to any village or hamlet, enabling crafts and cottage industries to supersede and displace urban manufacturing industry.

In the 1970s the most productive branch of essay writing has been that of literary criticism. The English Essay and Essayists. Essayists, past and Present. Pour une Esthétique de lessai. Muravev essay a short literary composition dealing with a subject analytically or speculatively.

Ways of solving the paschal questions, or the course of a natural task. Go and teach all nations, baptising. The proposal to replace the problem of poverty and wealth by that of death and life (the problem of luxury by that of essentials) is addressed to both believers and unbelievers. The believers must give up their resistance to god's will, which is manifested in our continuing worship of other gods and our constantly breaking all commandments, particularly the first five which form together but one the supreme commandment. What is required from the believers is to replace our present enslavement to the blind force by its regulation and control. Incidentally, the demand to control and subjugate the irrational blind force to reason is directed not only to the unbelievers but also to believers, as a divine command for all to unite in one task, even though in thought initially they disagreed. Such control of the blind force and its subjugation to the rational will of all the sons of man would be tantamount to the subordination of all the sons of man to the will of the god of the fathers, and would render them. Unification must begin with the intelligentsia becoming a united educational force; the intelligentsia will unite all nations in the task of governing blind, irrational nature. It will transmute all nations into a single scientific force and thus, through the educational power of the intelligentsia, everyone will become a naturalist-experimenter.

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The essay has flourished in the 20th century; prominent prose writers, poets, and philosophers have turned to this genre in order to popularize the achievements of dates the natural sciences and humanities and to reach various types of readers. Among such writers are. The essay is not a characteristic genre of Russian or soviet literature; nevertheless, examples of essayistic writing can be found. Pushkin (a journey from Moscow. From the Other Shore and. The diary of a writer ). In the early 20th century paper the essay form was employed. Soviet writers who have produced work in this genre include.

nature is my friend essay in marathi

Important contributions to its repository development were made. Johnson, diderot, voltaire, lessing, and Herder. The essay was the predominant form used by the romantics—specifically, by heine, emerson, and Thoreau—in their polemical writings on philosophy and aesthetics. It was in English literature that the essay sank its deepest roots, as exemplified in the work. Arnold in the 19th century and. Chesterton in the 20th. In the best of their work, they improvise a covert dialogue with the general reader.

with essayistic elements. The first English essayist was the metaphysical poet. Cowley (161867 author. Several Discourses by way of Essays. The essays. Dryden marked the beginning of English literary criticism. In the 18th and 19th centuries the essay was one of the leading genres in French and English journalism.

In the latter half of the 20th cent. The formal essay has become more diversified in subject and less stately in tone and language, and the sharp division between the two forms has tended to disappear. Bibliography, see studies. Essay a prose work of moderate length and unconstrained style expressing the authors personal impressions and observations on a specific topic or question, without claiming to be a definitive or exhaustive treatment of the subject. As a rule the essay proposes a novel and subjective view of something—whether it is an essay in philosophy, history, biography, current affairs, literary criticism, database or popular science or whether it is of a purely literary nature. Stylistically, the essays distinctive features are its descriptive imagery, its aphoristic quality, and its conversational tone and vocabulary. The essay style has long been used in works where the authors personality is in the foreground; for example, it was used by Plato, by the followers of Isocrates, and by Origen, tertullian, meister Eckhart, and Luther. A genre analogous to the european essay was developed in the east by such writers as Han yü (eighth to ninth centuries, China) and Kamo Chomei (13th century, japan).

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Essay, relatively short literary composition in prose, in which a writer discusses a topic, usually restricted in scope, or tries to persuade the reader to accept a particular point of view. Although such classical authors as Theophrastus, cicero, marcus Aurelius, and Plutarch wrote essays, the term essai was first applied to the form in 1580 by montaigne, one of the greatest essayists of all time, to his pieces on friendship, love, death, and morality. In England the term was inaugurated in 1597 by Francis Bacon, who wrote shrewd meditations on civil and moral wisdom. Montaigne and Bacon, in fact, illustrate the two distinct kinds of essay—the informal and the formal. The informal essay is personal, intimate, relaxed, conversational, and frequently humorous. Some of the greatest exponents of the informal essay are jonathan Swift, Charles Lamb, william hazlitt, Thomas de quincey, mark Twain, james Thurber, and. The formal essay is dogmatic, impersonal, systematic, and expository. Significant writers of this summary type include joseph Addison, samuel Johnson, matthew Arnold, john Stuart Mill,. Newman, walter Pater, ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry david Thoreau.

Nature is my friend essay in marathi
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