Ahimsa paramo dharma essay in sanskrit

ahimsa paramo dharma essay in sanskrit

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The jains also built cave temples in rocks. The jain cave temples at Udaygiri and Ellora and the dilwara temple of mount Abu are beautiful specimens of jain architecture and sculpture. Junagadh, junar, Osmanabad are other places where jain art is preserved. The numerous jain places of pilgrimage such as the parsvanath Hills, pavapuri, rajgir, girnar and Palitana possess temples and other architectural monuments of different ages. The jain images include a long list of Indian divinities such as Sri-lakshmi, dikpalas, kubera, navagraha, saraswati etc. In the jain temples the images of Saraswati are not rare.

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Art and Architecture: jainism has played homework a greater role in essay the development of artistic tradition of the country. It is true that the jains did not believe in the existence of God. But at the same time it created a galaxy of deified men who were spiritually great. To pay reverence to these souls jains all over the country erected several stupas. These stupas created in the honour of their saints are valuable gems of Indian architecture. The accessories of stone railings, the decorated gateways, stone-umbrellas, elaborate carved pillars and numerous statues of the stupas evoke the appreciation of the observer for their artistic charm even today. Early specimens of jain stupas are found at Mathura whereas Bundelkhand is full of jain images of 11th and 12th century. The huge statue of Bahubalin, known as Gomatesvara at Shravanbelgola (120. Height) is a marvel by itself. The stone carvings of Kliandagiri and Udaygiri in Orissa give the impression of symbol-worship. The jain Ashtamangala or eight auspicious signs such as a swastik, a mirror, an urn, a cane seat shaped like an hour-glass, two fishes, a flower garland and a manuscript carved on the pedestal bear jain artistic taste.

Mahavir himself preached his teachings in a mixed dialect called Ardha-mugadhi so that people speaking Magcidhi and sauraseni languages could understand him properly. In the initial phase these two languages were very popular. Later on jain literature was composed in Prakrit language. Of late a rich treasure of literature produced by the jains has come to limelight. It is known as Apabhramsa literature which forms a link between the classical languages like sanskrit and Prakrit on the one hand and modern regional languages on the other. Even in early friend kannada and Tamil literature we find traces of jain influence. Further the jain texts of twelve angas, twelve upangas, Agama and Kalpasutra were written in Sanskrit. Thus jainism indirectly helped the growth of literature of different types in Indian languages.

ahimsa paramo dharma essay in sanskrit

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Language and Literature: jainism has played a very important role in the linguistic development of the country. Jain community was smaller in size but bigger was its contributions in the field of literature. Prior to the advent of jainism, book sanskrit was the medium of expression even during the same period the buddhists preferred listing Pali language. The jains deviated from this norm. They preferred the regional languages for better understanding among the common people. Thus they utilized the prevailing languages of different places for religious propaganda and sacred literature. In this way they gave an impetus to the development of Prakrit language. Even they gave a literary shape to some of the regional languages for the first time.

It affords an example of one of the most reformed rationalized religious faiths. In the 6th century. It had protested against the existing religious structure and brought into existence a comprehensive ideology including Indian religion, philosophy and culture. For this spirit of accommodation jainism has still survived in India today whereas Buddhism had to look for its shelter elsewhere. Contribution of jainism to Indian Culture: jainism like its twin sister Buddhism received royal patronage and the spread of jainism in different parts of the country seems to have taken place for quite some time. It took its deep roots in the soil of India through several ages. Even in the 21st century jainism has stood firm in the religious firmament of India. A religion with such remote antiquity and rich heritage had its natural influence on the culture of the sub-continent of India. Jainism has enriched the cultural tradition of India in many respects.

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ahimsa paramo dharma essay in sanskrit

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According to jain ideology, a layman cannot attain Nirvana. To attain Nirvana or salvation of the body one must abandon all wordily attachments, even ones own clothing; observing fasts, ascetic discipline and self-notification. Thus by severe austerity final liberation or Nirvana will come. Hence monastic life is essential for salvation. Stress on Morality: Though the jains didnt, deny the existence of God they simply ignored Him. The world for jains is not created, maintained or destroyed by god but functions through a universal or eternal law. Further, jainism wedding stresses the principle of equality.

To popularize this concept once lord Mahavira had declined the offer of a rich man of vaisali and had taken the meals prepared by a prostitute. Thus caste system, authority of the vedas and Vedic rituals were set aside by the jains. In addition, to make human life more disciplined and regulated jainism recommends the rejection of thirteen sins in the life of its followers. The Thirteen: The Thirteen sins are:. Speaking ill of others Thus jainism is more a moral code than a religion in modern sense of the term.

Dual Existence: The jain philosophy centres round the philosophy of dual existence of soul and matter. In other words human personality comprised of material and spiritual matter. Material things will perish. But spiritual things are eternal. These two things in a way cover the entire existence in the form of jiva or conscious and the Ajiva or unconscious.

The jiva corresponds to soul which itself is imperceptible, but its presence can be felt by the qualities of a material body. The Ajiva corresponds to matter whose essential characteristic is that of lack of consciousness. The link between jiva and Ajiva is the doctrine of Karma. It is the karma or action which decides the future of the soul, if man does not perform the right Karma in his life time, then he will face an unending cycle of rebirth. But through severe austerity and self-mortification one can reduce the influence of bondage and move towards liberation. The entire universe functions through interaction of living souls (jiva) and five categories of non-living (Ajiva) entities such as:. Dharma (Principle of Motion). Adharma (Principle of Rest). The ultimate aim of the jains is to achieve nirvana or Salvation.

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By following these five doctrines one can attain eternal bliss or Self-realization. Out of the guaranteed five doctrines Ahimsa or non-injury is the most important one. Mahavir emphasised the need of Ahimsa in every walk of human life. To develop the practice of non-violence one should try to give up thoughts of worldly attachment. Tri-ratna: The practice of the above five principles or Panchayama dharma depended to a great extent on a pure and spiritual life. So to make life more sanctified Mahavir prescribed ways to observe three qualities which are better known as Triratna or three jewels of jainism. They are: advertisements:. Practice of these three qualities purifies the heart. The practitioner becomes conscious of irrelevant worldly attachment.

ahimsa paramo dharma essay in sanskrit

His message endeared him to the heart of the people. Main Tenets of jainism: Many religious movements have contributed their different hues to the multi-coloured canvas of ancient Indian culture. Among those religious and philosophical streams jainism occupies a prominent position for its rational approach. The main tenets of jainism are as follows: Panchayama Dharma: Vardhaman Mahavir accepted the four doctrines of Parsvanath, the 23rd Tirthankara of jainism. Advertisements: They are:. Non-injury to living beings. Speaking the truth. Non-possession of property, advertisements:. To these four principles Mahavira added a fifth one, namely, nature celibacy.

mythology. The twenty-third Tirthankar Parsvanath seems to be a historical personage. He was the son of king Asvasena of Benares who had abandoned the royal life to be a sage. His teachings gave a formal shape to jainism. Image source: g, the twenty-fourth Tirtliankara of jainism, mahavir, followed his predecessor Parsvanath after 250 years. But he definitely placed the religion on a firm footing. He improved upon an already existing faith and made it very widespread and influential.

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This retains devanagari diacritics, which do not appear to be supported/displayed by most fonts. Have performed text-to-path conversion, to preserve the use the of the sarai font for those who do not have the font installed. In wikipedia, die vrye ensiklopedie, jump to navigation, jump to search. Oorspronklike lêer (svg-lêer, normaalweg piksels, lêergrootte: 10 KG). Lêergeskiedenis, klik op die datum/tyd om te sien hoe die lêer destyds gelyk het. huidig 10:59, (10 kg oldakquill, have performed text-to-path conversion, to preserve the use of the sarai font for those who do not have the font installed. Oldakquill, die volgende bladsy gebruik hierdie prent: Globale lêergebruik, die volgende ander wiki's gebruik hierdie lêer: Gebruik. Wikipedia.org, gebruik. Wys meer globale gebruik van die lêer.

Ahimsa paramo dharma essay in sanskrit
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  5. BeskrywingThe word ( Sanskrit ) in Sanskrit. English: The word Sanskrit written in Sanskrit. Essay on ahimsa paramo dharma. Easy essay for oral test. Fowles 15 appeals essay. Essays in sanskrit on diwali.Text und Sprachmaterialien, germany;": "Ijya acāra dama Ahimsa dāna svādhyāya karmanam, ayam tu paramo Dharma yad Yogena Atman Darshanam".

  6. Sanskrit ) in, sanskrit. Out of the five doctrines. Further the jain texts of twelve angas, twelve upangas, Agama and Kalpasutra were written in, sanskrit. Essay on ahimsa paramo dharma in hindi. Essay about tsunami in sinhala language. Essay on wrestling in hindi.

  7. English: The word, sanskrit written in, sanskrit. ahimsa, paramo, dharma ", ahimsa is the most meritorious deed. Non violence is an alternate name for Truth and love. First page of essay in mla style. Purchase dissertation results about ahimsa paramo dharma online.

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